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DragonFruit Launches Dating App to Help Geeks Find Their “Player 2”

9302b0bb-8a74-4584-8c3c-1efc6772fb9eDragonFruit Launches Dating App to Help Geeks Find Their “Player 2”

What: Geek dating app, codename Project DragonFruit.
When: Launches on iOS and Android today.
Superpower: Dating app developed by geeks, for geeks in the dating game.

New York, NY – April 12, 2016 – Project DragonFruit, a new dating community developed by geeks for geeks, today announced the launch of their new iOS and Android apps, DragonFruit, making it easier than ever before for new members to join a growing community of likeminded individuals and bring geeks together.

“With the proliferation of online dating apps and services, we’ve found that many geeks feel the need to put on a secret identity just to impress their matches,” said Geek-in-Chief & DragonFruit founder, Orie Enav. “We believe you should not have to disguise yourself as Clark Kent just to find a date. Instead, we want folks to feel comfortable in their own skin and be themselves on DragonFruit. Be Superman.”

The free dating app, which launches today on the iTunes and Google Play for iOS and Android devices boasts complex matching and prioritizing algorithms to ensure the best possible matches for each member in the geek community. The algorithm, entirely unique to DragonFruit, pairs users with their best, most compatible match first based off their interests and “geekdoms” as well as a variety of other inputs selected by the user during the account creation process. The DragonFruit dating app was built from the ground up by a team of geeks who consider themselves part of this unique community, to create the best possible experience for users. No pre-existing code was used to create DragonFruit; instead, the service was built from scratch with special attention paid to every line of coding with the good of the community always at front of mind.

“Part of what sets DragonFruit apart from the other dating apps out there is knowing that when you create an account, you know you’re starting within a developed geek community,” continued Enav. “The DragonFruit environment is one where users can let their geek flag fly and be proud of their geekdoms. Users can feel confident that their matches on the DragonFruit app will be from a like-minded community that shares their interests and passions.”

The app is available today on the iTunes store and on the Google Play app store and will always remain free to download and use. DragonFruit promises to cultivate an authentic community that supports geeks of all kinds and helps them find love and friendship.

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For more information, please visit or, follow DragonFruit on Facebook and Twitter.


About DragonFruit 

Founded in 2015, DragonFruit is the passion project of Orie Enav, a lawyer and self-proclaimed geek based in New York City. DragonFruit was born from the idea that the geek community was underserved in the online dating market and deserved an authentic tool to connect with likeminded people. The DragonFruit app is based on a unique matching algorithm that factors interests in a qualitative way, pairing up people with the same and related interests to remove the awkwardness of the first meeting.  The app is free and available on both iOS and Android devices.

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