GCRN and the Ice Bucket Challenge

a_787_20140819074352Well since this is flying around the web, we felt it was important to highlight and display information on this unfortunate disease. However it’s been glossed over the true meaning despite the fact it’s been a viral video campaign of dumping “Ice” on ones own head accepting the call to action and nominating 2-4 more people. The fact in the video no one has besides as far as we’ve seen a few people have actually mentioned HOW to donate or where to get more information on this.

We’ve seen various comments like these:

I hope all these people pouring ice on their heads for likes are actually donating money as well. The ice water bath is supposed to be a punishment for NOT donating, not a requirement. A lot of people are pouring water on themselves and challenging other people, yet not donating a cent. Without donations , these videos still in a small way bring awareness to ALS , but serve as more of a testament of how “crazy” or brave the person is to get doused with freezing cold water, instead of actually raising money for the cause. Don’t lose sight of the reason this whole thing started! Donate $


So in the area below we will be providing the various links to the information that should be up front with everyone.

Also in addition to this some of the GCRN staff will be partaking in this event of dumping water on ones head. I can’t speak for those who may or may not have donated but the simple spreading of the information helps even if the individuals cannot afford to donate at present time.

SO without further ado, we have the ones who’ve done it thus far or will be challenged. This post will be updated with the videos as they become available.



(Steve “Megatron”)

(Michael “PecanCt” Wilson”)

(Jeremy Fein)



Quick Facts –

Donate –

About ALS –

Ice Bucket Challenge –


The Best One So Far is this:

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