It’s All About That Deadpool!

So what makes Deadpool such a welcome addition to the comic to film universe? His uncanny ability to poke fun at the whole thing. For the last fifteen to twenty years we’ve had some fun comic films but not to this degree. The character of Deadpool is able to do what the other films have I think lacked and that is truly talk to us. Whether you’re a DC Cinematic Universe, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Fox or Sony Comic Universe fan, you’ve got to admit that things have gotten entirely too washed out and dark. The latest slate of Marvel films seem to be on replay of gimmicks and styles used when it was first created in Iron Man. What I mean by that is that as the company introduces new characters, while they maybe great films, it still pales after what we’ve already seen. Same token to Fox’s X-Men films, I find with each new film I like the universe less. Not to say that I don’t like the films themselves, but I think the Universe seems to have hit that wall of how do we make another and connect it?

So why Deadpool? For a DC Comics Fan growing up, I’d heard of him however never known that much about him. While I enjoy Batman, Flash, Iron Man, Wolverine and Spiderman the most out of the many films or series we’ve seen so far (Yes I know I mixed Comic Company characters there), I think Deadpool is a breath of fresh air.

My interest was piqued at Comic-Con 2014 when the teaser dropped:

I saw this trailer and instantly was interested in the film. Ryan Reynolds is flawless in this despite it being all CGI. This Comic-Con tease release is what spawned this. And nearly a year later we get this:

Another hilarious poke at the fans with the teaser, to a trailer of Deadpool. The gimmicks don’t stop there however as at the end of the Fantastic 4 trailer we get yet another bag of goodness from Deadpool himself.

And finally today we get the official Trailer, although there are a few differences I noticed from the Comic-Con 2015 leaked footage and the officially released one. The joke changes in the Green Band trailer are funny but sadly noticeable.

 Green Band Trailer

Red Band Trailer

Comic-Con 2015 Leaked Footage in Full

This has the alternate takes with the old lady and Colossus and Nega Sonic Teenage Warhead.

So I think with all we’ve seen, the merc with the mouth is in good hands with Ryan Reynolds and this production crew. I believe this in addition to the other Super hero films coming next year will be the one to watch. Although it may not hit the levels of box office dollars as Captain America Civil War or Batman v Superman, or even Suicide Squad, this film will be an enjoyable and fun ride that I think we’ve been missing in recent years.

Deadpool maybe campy and talks to the fourth wall but when he says something you remember it. This is another great casting for a Marvel-ish character and yet it seems like this will be the most openly true to comics and fun film we’ve seen in years. I cannot wait for the next trailer to drop and I hope it shows even more of the Deadpool-y goodness to us.

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