Marvel Superheroes as People in Your Neighborhood

You’ve always considered your neighbors to be…unusual, but what if your neighbors were actual Marvel Superheroes?

Steve Rogers is definitely your nicest neighbor. He shovels the neighborhood’s driveways in the winter, rakes leaves for the elderly in the fall, and he’s always ready with an extra pair of hands no matter what you’re working on at home. Captain America throws one heck of a Fourth of July party and dang is he good at grilling, but he also makes sure everyone gets home safely at the end of the night.

Tony Stark is hardly ever at home; he’s some sort of business executive and his house is much nicer to look at than yours is, but he lets everyone use his infinity pool so there isn’t much to complain about. With a 4-car garage, Iron Man can’t resist driving his sports car significantly faster than the posted neighborhood speed limit of 25 mph. It’s terrifying honestly, but you don’t say anything in hopes that he’ll take you to his yacht one day.

Natasha Romanoff only leaves her home under the cover of night, so you don’t actually know anything about her. When the other neighbors mention Black Widow, it’s with furtive glances and whispered voices. Your curiosity got the better of you one time, but when you stepped onto her lawn, a pair of growling Dobermans greeted you with their teeth bared. She’s a strong proponent of self-defense, so it’s probably best to not think of her often.

The Hulk has a zen garden in his front yard. You’re hesitant to speak to him at parties because Bruce always asks if you’ve tried his homemade hummus, or if you want to sample his essential oils because “if you order through me you’ll get a discount.” He seems calmer now that his pockets are weighed down by healing crystals; you have a feeling you wouldn’t like Bruce Banner when he’s angry.

Thor Odinson is your party neighbor: he stocks his basement with beer kegs for game day, but he prefers drinking from bottles because he can smash them in moments of excitement. Try not to get on his bad side though, he keeps threatening to “unleash the power of the sky”…whatever that’s supposed to mean.

Black Panther is your politically active neighbor. T’Challa always knows when an election is coming, and he shows up at your door to remind you to vote and perhaps mildly threaten you into volunteering for the community.


Featured image source: IGN

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