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408 – AUTOBOTLY APRIL 2021 – IDW Publishing – Transformers: Beast Wars #3!

In episode 408 of The Pull Bag we continue on our beastly adventure as we terrorize #AUTOBOTLYAPRIL 2021! Join TFG1Mike and Steve/Megatron as they take a look at TRANSFORMERS: BEAST WARS #3 from IDW!! So jump inside TPB as we UNLEASH THE BEAST IN YOU only on All Things Transformers!! We give our spoiler filled review of this 3rd issue of the new ongoing BEAST WARS comic! As always remember to MAKE YOUR GREAT ESCAPE into Comics!!!!

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Megatron’s RED Eyes!

Dinobot Throws Skold!


Mike “TFG1” Blanchard

Steve “Megatron” Phillips


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