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348 – Comic Book Downfall

And Just Plain Bad Writing Skills

Join Steve is joined by TFG1Mike to sit down and discuss the Good, Bad and Ugly of the current state of comics with the added bonus of being surrounded by COVID-19 shutdowns. We discuss a few other topics as well such as bad writing and research skills for articles online. All this and more on Altered Geek!


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Steve "Megatron"

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  1. Comics are fun. I was into comics off and on again over the years. Most recently, back in the early 2000’s. It was only after the Green Lantern Darkest Night storyline that I got out again. You mentioned crossovers. That has been going on for a while. Before I left comics, everyone was talking about “event fatigue” and the ongoing crossovers, or even writing for the trade.

    For example, I would buy Detective Comics and Batman. But every now and then there were these event crossovers that would run through the “Bat” books, and I would either need to read those other books, or skip buying those issues for lack of knowing what was going on. And with big event books, you’d buy the event book, but there would be all of these other books that tied into the event. Then that event would build into the next year’s event. And this went on and on.

    With prices going up and finally tipping the $4/issue mark, I bailed. I love the medium, but it’s just too expensive a form of entertainment for me. I can get a lot more for my dollars elsewhere. And it shouldn’t be just about the money, but it is a big factor when you pay $4 for a book you read in 10-15 minutes and then put it away never to be read again. No offense to anyone who enjoys comics. I am just telling you my story and why I decided to stop reading them.

    As for TV, I wouldn’t say there is a lot of garbage. I actually feel like there is a lot of very good high-quality content out there. Production values rival movies and they have top-tier talent behind and in front of the camera. I often hear we are in the “golden age” of TV. With all of the streaming options and original content out there, we have so many great options as the services allow creators to create content in abundance. To me, we win. Now, are there stinkers? Sure. But there is still a lot of good content out there. So much so that it’s hard to find the time to watch everything of interest. It’s hard to say what will have a lasting impact. That can only really be judged with time.

    1. I 100% agree with you on the comics side of things. I had to get out because of cost and the big events that caused me to have to spend more.

      As for TV, I think the best TV is in series not necessarily tied to a franchise that’s ages old. There is a lot of good content but I find myself watching less and less TV as time goes on or as series end because I just don’t want to waste the added time or pickup another show.

    2. Okay Tim let me ask you a question… Were you just reading DC and Marvel? Because there are plenty of IDW and other publishers stuff that you could read that you don’t have to know a hundred years of comics, or break your bank because of a big crossover. I’m pretty sure you’re a physical media kind of guy, but if you ever want to try comixology you should. They always have Transformers sales on trades and things like that and it’s really easy to catch up on everything. Also IDW TMNT run is amazing. Maybe give it another shot by trying comixology is unlimited for a month I think they give out free trials to that.

      I do agree though that the the big two always do those crossovers. But that’s their formula oh, who knows what their new formula might be if they even change it now that we live in this whole new world. Thank you so much for listening to me it means a lot!

      1. If I decide to get back into comics, I will go digital. I’m more into films and TV right now. I was reading mostly DC and Marvel, but I started off reading the new Transformers comic back then, actually. There were several 80s toon related comics that came along, like GI Joe, ThunderCats and Battle of the Planets. All of which, I read. I still have them. I’ve head you rave about the TMNT series and I would like to eventually check that one out. Thanks for the recommendations, Mike.

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