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Altered Geek Unlimited – Weekend Update

Steve, Mike and Mike sit down and talk about the randoms this week. More traditional show next week but also included the lost segment of Episode 42. All this and more on this week’s AGU! We hope you continue to enjoy the episodes and please feel free to respond to any and all feedback methods. We will read and reply on the show. Topic suggestions also welcome. So get Altered, Get Geeky with the Altered Geeks.




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  1. I was surprised to hear Steve say Silicon Valley was boring. I don’t know if I would categorized it as dry humor exactly. Maybe quieter comedy at times but there are some rather raunchy moments as well. The last episode of the season had one of the best dirty jokes I’ve heard in a very long time, not to mention how smart it was also.

    1. It was boring to me, not that I see it as bad. I just don’t get into those style shows. Plus not really a fan of HBO content. I know surprising considering it’s tech but it just didn’t grab me. I will say I did try watching a few episodes.

    2. Thanks to Amazon Prime I’m started to watch some HBO series I’ve never. Saw Band of Brothers and that was awesome. The praise it received was well deserved. Also got into Deadwood, good so far and once that is done I want to start The Sopranos.

      1. Those 3 I may check out only because I believe they’re done and it maybe better to hit it when all the episodes are available to watch knowing there’s an over arching story going on. I’ve heard good things on those 3.

  2. I was surprised with all the bashing of Comcast no one brought up the entire Net Neutrality debacle. If you thought your internet was bad before just wait if that goes through.

    1. I know right! Like we needed another reason to hate Cable companies. They are the worst. I’ve never really had an issue getting what I wanted, just the attitude and the way they treat their customers is awful. Big reason why I went to satellite.

      1. John Oliver had an amazing take on it on his show. Such an epic take down of Comcast and the FCC. Its such a huge mess and I doubt it will work out in the end for us. Corporations always beat people.

        1. I feel like this whole net neutrality is a gigantic scare tactic my mind. What we should be talking about is a program for universal Internet so we can have city wide wife in the same ways broadcast TV works. We are probably decades away from that but the potential is there

          1. I don’t think this is a scare tactic at all, as people have already been reporting a slow down of internet speeds nation wide. Considering the amount of organizations that rely on the internet. This gives way too much power to people like Comcast, and we have already seen what Comcast has done with the power they already.

          2. Not only that but companies like Comcast are enabling the “Hotspots” using our paid internet to more or less allow others to use what we pay for. So it in turn slows it down.

            Comcast is a terrible company and truthfully they already have way more power than they should.

          3. I hate Comcast as well. But its not just them. Really it was Verizon who got this ball rolling again when they sued the FCC and won. The biggest issue is our laws aren’t able to update as fast as the times are, and the complete deregulation of everything that brought down the economy in the first place.

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