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It is now 2014, and the duo return with a new improved Altered Geek Unlimited! We cover a diverse area of Geeky subjects and news, ranging all over the place and NOT talking about Justice League…I mean Batman vs Superman! All this and more on this week’s AGU! We hope you continue to enjoy the episodes and please feel free to respond to any and all feedback methods. We will read and reply on the show. Topic suggestions also welcome. So get Altered, Get Geeky with the Altered Geeks. GCR-UNLIMITED



  • Did you make any Geek specific New Years Resolution?
  • What is your thoughts on the curved aspect of TV’s or Phones?
  • Would you like to hear short sketched skits / segments in the show?
  • Would you like a content specific Altered Geek Video show?


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  1. Part of My New Years Resolution was to get my wife to watch the extended versions of the Lord of the Rings.

    1. My wife got me into the original trilogy but she can’t sit still long enough to watch them now. I can’t tell the last time we watched those. Good luck!

      1. YES, very good luck with that one. I advise not doing it in a day. It may be the last thing you do. I speak from experience.

        1. I love marathoning the LotRs movies. It helps that my wife enjoys them too.

  2. That mos pirated article is interesting. Who pirates Big Bang Theory? That show is on ALL THE TIME.

    Skits would be cool, as long as they are funny. I’ve listened to a lot of podcast attempt them and they can be very bad and forced.

    1. Yeah I know haha. BBT I myself may obtain for reasons of missing the latest episodes but I never go back. I’ve seen them all to this point.

      As for the skits, I want to do them, just not sure how I want to go about it right now. I know Just Us Geeks does them and it works. I would have to figure it out more. I can do a lot of impersonations and animated character voices so going to attempt them soon.

      1. I love watching the TBS reruns of BBT, because sometimes there’s nothing better on… LOL This weeks NEW ep was heart wrenchingly good.

  3. Video should would be interesting. I would check that out for sure. One of my New Years resolutions is to cut back on comics. It is getting very pricey.

    I think segments would be interesting. I like the show but segments could allow for more fluid conversation. Sometimes you can tell you are searching for something to say which is to be expected. I like that format but having a specific segment would be a welcome change.

    1. I think either segments or a shorter show so things are a little tighter. Appreciate the input!

    2. Yeah as Mike said below, I agree either one can be helpful in a more tight nit show. I think I may start inserting clips between but nothing too distracting to differentiate between things a little.
      As for comics, I agree it is getting waay too costly and the comics are too many, too convoluted and lacking at this point.
      Thanks for the input!

  4. I didn’t have any geek New Year’s Resolution but now that you ask I should get some. Maybe I’ll start writing some of my own fan fiction. I’m thinking Star Wars.

    I’d also want to start getting into video editing. Maybe do my own YouTube channel.

  5. The skit thing I would be for, or any types of segments really. Some structure within a free flowing show does streamline things a bit.

    I can never catch up with TV or phone technology. Everything I think I have the latest and greatest something very different comes out. The curved aspect could be interesting though it does feel like they are just fishing for new ideas at this point.

  6. Wow. There are shows in here I wouldn’t consider in the Top 50
    of TV shows today, and a few I would put on the worst of TV today. Revenge is
    god awful. It’s a glorified Soap Opera with even worse acting and plotting. The
    reboot of Dallas? As if the first time wasn’t bad enough. IF this is your best
    of TV today there is a great deal of great shows you are not watching.

    1. Sorry posted that in the wrong tab. It won’t let me delete it. Too many windows open. My bad!

  7. After I heard they were talking about a Sandman movie getting made I decided I will make a resolution to finally read those graphic novels. I have heard amazing things about them so it is about time. They have been sitting on my shelf collecting dust for some time now.

  8. Don’t know if this is 100% geek related. I am going to try to read more books. I find I have cut back way too much.

  9. The BBC version of Being Human is so much better, acting, stories, and so lessy cheesy. The American version treats the audience with a little less respect and is very dumbed down.

    1. I like both series for different reasons. The longer I watch the BBC series the more annoyed I get with it. I’ve got one episode left though so it’s all good.

  10. So many of those shows that are on the most downloaded shows how odd people are. Arrow, Big Ban Theory, and a few others you can watch for free on Hulu or their websites. I’m surprised there weren’t more HBO series on there or BBC shows like Dr. Who.

    Also Vikings is actually a drama series not a doc. Its like a poor mans Game of Thrones without dragons or nudity. So basically pointless.

  11. I understand the concept of curved TV’s much more than curved phones. Just trying to keep a curved phone in your pocket feels like an issue waiting to happen.

    Also I must say I appreciate the no Superman vs Batman talk. I don’t have any issues if people talk about it when there is actual news and not just noise.

  12. I am going try to get into Dr. Who finally. So my friends will stop bugging me to do so.

      1. How much have you seen? I’ve only watched the first episode at this point, when it was rebooted back in the day.

        1. Truth be told, not much. But i just don’t get the hype. I prefer other Sci-Fi properties. Plus not a fan of UK TV/Films. Just don’t like them similar to my choices in my Top 100’s. I don’t dislike UK people just their media.

          1. I find I’m the opposite. I barely watch any American TV anymore.

          2. Sherlock, you won’t be disappointed. I have yet to show it to someone that DOESN’T like it.

        2. The first season of the reboot is rough, but it pays off once Tenant takes over. I am sure we will be talking about this on the next episode of Altered Geek!

  13. My geek New Year resolution is to write 100 movie reviews for GCRN. Last year I did 78 so hoping to top that. I plan on groining through a few more directors filmographies, starting with Martin Scorsese like I did with Spielberg. It was fun watching that evolution.

  14. I want to be more tech savy. Looking to get a new phone and TV this year and I want to do some research so I get the right one this time.

  15. I was just looking at the curve phones news that came out earlier this week, and now I really want one. I see a lot of potential there.

    I personally have contributed to the most pirated list, not ashamed to say, because I’m cheap and not going to spend money on HBO or Showtime.

  16. What is interesting about the most pirated TV is that it shows a lot of geeks don’t bother with cable or TV. How many of those shows are geared towards a geek audience or at least mostly made up of geeks. I think that’s why networks like G4 failed and why the Syfy network has to do things like Sharknado. Having support from the Geek community does not mean commercial success. We are a smaller group than we realize and more importantly many of us are cheap. If there is a free way to get something we’ll find it.

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