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AGU-POD-3This week the guys sit down and discuss their week. Nintendo Amiibo’s, Aliens, Kickstarted Films (Supertroopers and Star Trek Renegades), DC and Marvel Universe Films and TV Shows and more! Hope everyone listened to the last episode and enjoys this weeks as well. Thank you again to all who responded last week and we hope you join in the conversation this week as well. All this and more on this week’s AGU! We hope you continue to enjoy the episodes and please feel free to respond to any and all feedback methods. We will read and reply on the show. Topic suggestions also welcome. So get Altered, Get Geeky with the Altered Geeks.

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  1. My personal theory is that Nintendo is milking this Amiibo craze just for the attention it is getting them. For the first time since the Wii U has debuted people are actually actively talking about it. They are doing the beanie baby model creating a craze for their product, even when that product is by all means not that great. Of course we all know how it turned out for beanie babies. If Nintendo doesn’t up their supply soon I see fans just getting overly frustrated and just stop caring about the entire thing.

    1. There’s no wrong theory when it comes to Nintendo. Everything’s valid cause no one knows what they are doing. I can’t wait for them to release “The NEW Amiibos” and force people to buy the NX, lol.

  2. The Sci Fi or Syfy channel has actually been kicking but lately. 12 Monkeys is an awesome show and Helix is bizarrely entertaining. They have been trying to get back to their routes. Now and then they will still spill out Sharknado 3 or whatever, but they aren’t the laughing stock they once were. I’d love to see them pick up a new Star Trek series.

    1. I wish SyFy would’ve turned it around before the dropped Alphas, Eureka and Warehouse 13.

  3. Regarding the entire movies on Kickstarter or whatever. Why not have movies on there? It’s not like people are forcing you to give your money if you don’t want to. Who says the people making the movie aren’t using money from their own pocket? It’s not like the Broken Lizard guys are millionaires. Considering distribution, marketing, and other costs they’ll still be putting on their own money even with the money they raised. A lot of the crowd funding stuff is just to show studios there’s interest enough to invest. Another reason you don’t just give an offer for a $15 movie ticket is because who knows if theaters will be playing it in people’s area. People are located overseas, remote areas, and the costs of tickets vary widely based on location, time of day, etc.. And a digital download and movie ticket for like $35 dollars is pretty fair.

    1. I had my head up my ass during that discussion. I agree with everything you said, except the $35 for a digital copy and a ticket. Where I live, $35 can get me an IMAX ticket AND BD/DVD/Digital Copy combo pack when the movie is released. So $35 for a ticket and a digital copy, too much.

      Personally, I just can’t kickstart a movie. Totally understand that some people can, want to and do, but I can’t.

      1. Well a ticket where I live is usually around 18$ and a digital download of a movie is like $10 so I’m not spending that much more. I’m willing to donate the other $7 or $8 if its something I’m willing to see. I also trust giving money to bigger projects like this because I’ve been burned with smaller ones before where it takes years upon years to get any return on my investment, or nothing really ever comes of it at all because they under estimated how much it would really take them.

        1. Totally understand getting behind bigger projects due to reasons you mentioned.

          For the record I don’t even use eBay out of fear of getting scammed. And I’ll rarely purchase anything from Amazon that isn’t fullfilled by Amazon. It’s not just Kickstarter I am weary of, it’s really an money transaction on the Internet.

          1. haha so you are the epitome of paranoia? I’m just teasing – never a bad thing to be safe.

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