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The guys return to round out the Arkham Origins, Some DC News, Some Arrow / Flash news and more! All this and more on this week’s AGU! We hope you continue to enjoy the episodes and please feel free to respond to any and all feedback methods. We will read and reply on the show. Topic suggestions also welcome. So get Altered, Get Geeky with the Altered Geeks. GCR-UNLIMITED



  • What is your New Years Resolution?
  • What are different topics you’d like to hear in 2014 for AGU?
  • What’s YOUR Biggest Tech Blunder?



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Steve "Megatron"

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  1. I’d to see more tech talk next year. I like the episode where you talk a lot of about different TVs and love hearing about random gadgets.

  2. Not sure if this counts as a tech blunder like you are speaking by I once washed my iPhone and put it in the dryer as well. That was a bad day.

    For topics for next year I don’t know, but while I love the show the one thing I would like to see more is possible more debate. I know with the format that is a little hard. It seems you both agree on most things. Still I’m a big fan of hearing two people who disagree on something going back and forth on their opinions.

    1. The disagreements is something I am hoping for eventually. I thought we would have it with Arkham Origins after Steven’s initial twitter reactions to the game, but alas that did not happen:/

      1. I agree that more debate would be good, but it’s hard to plan that stuff. What about picking topics you know you disagree on? Or doing stuff about your favorites in different categories.

  3. My New Year’s resolution is to possibly start my own podcast and/or blog. If I have the time I’d like to give it a try myself.

    1. I’ve attempted to start that myself. A blog about politics but I end up just not having enough time.

  4. I’m still working my way through the past episodes so it is hard to say what you should do in the future as I’m not fully informed on the past. II would recommend maybe you go beyond the norm of the geek world to discuss some of the more highly debatable topics of the day. Whatever is blowing up in social media on that given day. You could bring a even headed approach to the issues people are not able to discuss without screaming at one another.

  5. So I’m curious about what you guys don’t like about
    Joaquin Phoenix. He’s an odd choice for sure, but the guy is one of the best actors working today. His work in The Master, Gladiator, Walk the Line is pretty legit. And for what I hear about Her he’s pretty amazing in that as well. If you look at his character in The Master you could easily unhinge that further and you have yourself a pretty insane villain. Though we know it won’t be a Batman villain he could make a really good Joker.

    1. I don’t have a problem with him, at least I don’t think I do. Until some one can tell me what light to see him in, i.e. who he is cast as, I won’t have an opinion, at least not a clear one. Won’t have that until I see the final product.

  6. My New Year’s Resolution is to finish up my Masters. Hopefully if I take enough classes I’ll be done by this time next year!

  7. My biggest tech blunder was crashing my friend’s family computer. Let’s just say we were crashing one night and on some questionable websites and caught one nasty bug that took the computer down for the count.

  8. Too early to think New Years Resolution lol. I guess the norm. Eat better, exercise more, all that good stuff.

    You talk a lot about movie news, TV, and video games so maybe in 2014 you can expand to things like books or other random new stories in the geek world.

    Biggest tech blunder? Taking so long to go Mac. Was hesitant, but have not looked back

    1. Yea, the barrier to entry or Apple products is steep, but totally worth it in the long run.

  9. The dog mind reading headset is cool, but my dog as seen too much. IF he could talk he would have so much blackmail on me I’d be taking him to the park for days.

  10. My only suggestion for next year is perhaps moving away from Batman-Superman stuff. At this point people are just talking in circles with it. Batman is a great character and al but there are many more out there as well. Expanded the scope to new brands and characters would be a welcome change of pace.

    1. We will work on this. I would love to talk more about tech toys, but I worry about coming across as too much of an elitist ass, which I am mind you, but I don’t want it to turn people away from the show and alienate listeners:)

  11. I will say, I will try not to bring up Batman so much. I just have a deep love of the character so it’s hard not to gush lol. I will also try to incorporate more topics and things that I brought up in the short lived Altered Geek Video Series. I will probably revive that as more of my News Soapbox so the podcast is more free of the Batman gushing.

    You all have been heard so let the floodgates of 2014 open with new stuff. :)

    I’d love to talk more tech and gadgets as well as not so much “Superhero” genre.

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