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AGU-PODThis week Steve Megatron, TFG1 Mike and Mike the Birdman Dodd start by discussing sports, late night TV, film, tv and other interesting tid bits. So Thank you again to all who responded last week and we hope you join in the conversation this week as well. All this and more on this week’s AGU! We hope you continue to enjoy the episodes and please feel free to respond to any and all feedback methods. We will read and reply on the show. Topic suggestions also welcome. So get Altered, Get Geeky with the Altered Geeks.


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  • What comics are you reading NOT from the big publishers?


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  1. Took me about five minutes before I had to turn this off. You guys actually think Barack Obama is not a smart person because of a semantics statement about George Washington living in the White House. Ohhh… he said White House instead of President’s house we got him this time! God no wonder the conservative movement is full of small minded bigots. The guy went to Columbia and Harvard, and unlike G.W. couldn’t relay on daddy to get him in. I’d rather say George Washington lives in the White House than Saddam Hussein WMD’s, which statement really shows more ignorance.

    1. You realize one of us is canadian and the other two are Americans who don’t like him. Also that was a short statement and we went on to other things to discuss. That was the only remark made. If you’re offended by that then I’m sorry but I can definitely see what side of the political spectrum you reside based on your comment. Wasn’t saying Obama wasn’t BOOK smart. He’s a functional idiot like all politicians.

      I’d make fun of GWB too, he just isn’t in office at present. He’s the same one who choked on a dorito. So I’m not singling out Obama, all politicians are ass pirates. He just is the main one f***ing us in the ass right now. In 2 years it will be a new one doing it to us too. Also your comment on the Saddam is in reference to an intended lie, not an ignorant comment made by a wishy washy POTUS.

      Anyhow sorry to hear you disliked the comments and got offended. If you’re looking to not be offended then don’t listen to the GCRN as most of our content is our opinion and everything is fair game for praise or attack.

      1. You could guess the party I’m in but you’d be wrong because it’s pathetic ingrates you like that are making the party I busted my ass for looked like a bunch of backwater yokels. They are so consumed with Obama they can’t see our party is being controlled from the inside. The ‘all politicians are
        screwing’ statements that tend to come from people who blame everyone else for their lack of success at life instead of themselves. My life is hard because of the president not because I lack any drive to better myself. If you are going to attack at least be intelligent about it. Oh he said that George Washington lived in the White House are statements low brow people latch onto because they can’t argue real issue unless they can copy and paste what cable news tells them to believe. If that’s how you share your opinion the only thing you are doing is show how ill-informed and easily controlled you are.

  2. The best comic right now hands down that also is not from DC or Marvel is Saga. The best storytelling and art combo in years. Every issue is a 9 or 10. Wytches by Image is also great. More proof of Scott Synder’s genius. Same thing for Annihilator and Grant Morrison. That’s put out by Legendary Comics.

    1. I have yet to get into Saga. I’m burnt out on Synder with Batman. Dunno if I’ll try Wytches eventually. I’m slowly finding new stuff from the big four that I’m enjoying.

      1. Have you read his American Vampire stuff? That’s when he first broke out. The first few volumes of that are really good. The Wake is also a tight read. He has a lot of great stuff outside of Batman

        1. Not yet I haven’t. I have too many comics already. LOL

          Sex Criminals
          IDW’s TMNT

          Plus a bunch of new stuff I wanna check out

          1. Sex Criminals and Chew are good books. Not read He-Man, TMNT. or Cowl.

          2. Try TMNT and C.O.W.L. With TMNT a hardcover is coming collecting the first 12 issues and first 4 microseries issues in reading order. It comes out next month I think.

  3. One of my favorite Dark Horse books is Mind MGMT. The art takes some time to get used to but it really fits the story.

  4. I like a lot of Valiant comic stuff like Quantum and Woody. X-O Man of War, and The Valiant.

  5. Some of my favorite books right now are East of West, Deadly Class, and Southern Bastards. I would second the mention below on Saga. Great book. Also highly recommend Hit from Boon Studios along with their other series like Suicide Risk, Irredeemable, and its partner book Incorruptible, They are basically are like what would happen if Superman went evil and Lex Luthor was the only person who can stop him.

    1. I picked up the first issue of East of West and just couldn’t get into it.

    1. The ones I listed are all good reading (not that the others aren’t) but I haven’t dropped anything from Image Comics yet.

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