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We tell you 2 hours but Steve was edit crazy. This week Mike Powers is lost to the Phantom Zone and his replacement comes from the cybernet space cube, TFG1 Mike. Again we apologize for the lack of an episode last week but it was a last minute decision.  We chat on films, tv, and DC Castings. All this and more on this week’s AGU! We hope you continue to enjoy the episodes and please feel free to respond to any and all feedback methods. We will read and reply on the show. Topic suggestions also welcome. So get Altered, Get Geeky with the Altered Geeks. GCR-UNLIMITED









  1. So what do you think on the latest details featuring the JL and Wonder Woman for Batman vs Superman?


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  1. I think too much is being made of the Wonder Woman casting. We don’t even know how big or small the role will be.

    Also I believe they have already stated pretty clearly Arrow and that world won’t crossover to DC cinematic universe.

    1. yeah when I heard about the WW casting… I was like ok SHOW ME BATFLECK IN THE BATSUIT FIRST DAMNIT!!!! lol

  2. Forever I’ve been hearing complaints by DC fans that they weren’t making a Wonder Woman movie, then when she is finally cast now all I hear is, “why cast Wonder Woman”. Yes they may run the risk of overcrowding, but lets see how it goes first. It could actually end up working out.

    She’s not the person I would first go to, but I don’t have an issue with the casting.

  3. Batman vs Superman sounds like a mess. They really didn’t get Superman right and now they want add even more characters? I hope they are small roles but who knows at this point. Maybe this is a Justice League movie in disguise.

    1. For a reboot to restart the Supes franchise… I loved what they did with Man of Steel…. sure there are a number of issues with it, but just watching it I had a lot of fun, and liked the new take on previous story elements. I really loved how the history of clark was told in flashbacks.

      As far as BVS being JL in Disguise…. most likely… but if it is that… It’ll be the biggest misdirection hollywood has ever done.

  4. I’m iffy about the Wonder Woman movie. DC and Warner Bros. are trying to play catch up, and instead of taking their time they are taking short cuts. They don’t want to copy what Marvel did exactly fine, so either go all the way or don’t do it at all.

    I’d rather see another Superman movie to let that character grow first before all this. Man of Steel 2 has the same issues of Iron Man 2 and Spider-Man 3 written all over it.

    1. outside of when she was on TV played by Lynda Cater, or with the JL in the DCAU… I’ve NEVER cared enough about Wonder Woman to want a live action film for her. NOW if they made a Hawkgirl movie based off the version that was in the DCAU… I’d watch that over and over!!!

      I agree with you DC is jumping the gun. AND you are right we need a SUPERMAN stand alone film sequel to let the character breathe from the first MOS! Batman had a trilogy of films with no mention of JL at all….. Superman needs at least 1 sequel! Before then shove the League down our throats!

  5. I’m fine if DC just rushes with the Justice League movie. Go big or go home right.

    1. the problem is that this next 1 is supposed to be a MOS sequel plus Bat/Supes, plus WW… tooo much!!!

      1. Ehh, you never know. How big a role is and such. Plus you don’t really need to do origins for Batman or Superman. Wonder Woman I doubt will be a big part.

        1. While I agree about the BS origins….. still events from MOS 1 need to be explored in aftermath before any other characters are really introduced … at least in my opinion.

          1. I agree, but can’t you explore those actions with the use of Batman. Bringing him in can give a perspective of how those actions were portrayed by others outside of the issue. And Batman can became a mentor of sorts for the green Superman.

          2. That would be awesome! I guess my whole point is with all the “news” for this next film…. it seems they are over crowding characters…. if it’s JUST gonna be Bats Vs Supey…. then there is no need for Superman’s woman to be in it.

            I think what they are trying to do is copy the comics…. instead of Lois being his main squeeze Wonder Woman will be…. and frankly I hate that. That to me is like Batman dating Batgirl…. no wayyyyyy!

          3. I doesn’t seem like there will be any form of love triangle. At least based on what Amy Adams said.

          4. I don’t think Wonder Woman will be a love interest at all. Don’t know where that is coming from. You can introduce a female character and not have to make her someone’s love interest.

  6. The Wonder Woman casting caught me off guard. I was hoping they would get a good actress and I don’t see the girl from Fast and Furious a good actress. Like you all mentioned it is trying to do much so I’m worried that it will be a mess.

    1. IF they were going for a DCAU Bats WW love story I could DEF see that working though

  7. Batman-Superman has me scratching my head. I don’t know if it’ll be good or not, they just aren’t making decisions that make sense all that much. Casting, storywise, and with Nolan gone I have a feeling we have a long road ahead.

  8. I’m holding off judgement until we hear more. Its too soon to get excited or worried at this point. A lot of fluff at this point. Nothing solid really. Let’s see the Batman suit! That’ll give me a good idea on how this thing will go.

  9. Based on what I’m hearing it sounds like Wonder Woman may just be Bruce Wayne’s girlfriend in the first movie, and the Wonder Woman stuff will come later. So I’m happy for the news.They can treat it like Marvel treated Black Widow in the Iron Man movie

  10. Everyone whats to be like Marvel, but no one wants to do the work they did. This all COULD work. Honestly one big reason I am apprehensive is because Zack Snyder is the person steering the ship. I do not trust him at all.

  11. I was hoping Jaimie Alexander would be cast as Wonder Woman. She has the look and acting talent for the role.

  12. Just heard the rumor that Jason Momoa will be joining the cast as well as possibly Martian Manhunter. That leads me to the theory that we find out the Justice League already existed in the world. After seeing Super-man they try to recruit him for their team, but like the military he declines. It would require some retconning for sure. Still it would stop the need for a bunch of origin stories.

    1. I like that theory. The Jason Momoa casting as Martian Manhunter comes out of left field though.

  13. I’m glad they are giving us what looks like a Justice League movie, and I prefer not having 5 more origin movies. I’m tired of origin stories and if they are going to skip those and get to the point they have my money.

  14. My feeling is Wonder Woman will play a very minute role in this. Maybe just a background character or as Bruce Wayne’s bodyguard or something as a secret weapon.

  15. After the Man of Steel Warner Bros and DC will need to do a lot to win me over. The Wonder Woman won’t mean anything if they can’t get Superman right.

  16. Mike, you are so right. Thanksgiving this year felt to me like the forgotten holiday too. Everyone was so excited for the damn sales that it eclipsed Thanksgiving. So many members of my family now have to work on Thanksgiving that we had to have two gatherings, one on Friday and one on Sunday. Thanksgiving was my favorite holiday. Stores were closed and everyone was off work so we just gathered with family and spent the day together watching visiting, eating, watching football and playing games. That was the tradition. I’m sad to see it go, as I think this is the end. Next year I expect sales to be even bigger, stores opening earlier, etc.. This year the holiday shopping season is short a few days since Thanksgiving came later this year, which is another reason stores wanted to get the jump on the big sales to get consumers money.

    1. It’s called “Black Friday” because that is when stores go in the black, making up a huge percentage of their overall sales for the year. I’ve heard that Thanksgiving is now “Brown Thursday” or “Gray Thursday.” As you said, Mike, it’s Thanksgiving. I’m sick of this trend already. But there are people who just love the chaos of Black Friday and every other day that goes with that weekend. I’m not one of those people. I’ll gladly pay more to not deal with the crowds. It’s not worth it to me. I did Wal-mart years ago at 4am and I didn’t get a damn thing I wanted, and I never did it again. It’s too crazy for me. I do shop online some and I’ve gotten some great deals on big ticket items: Batman Beyond the Complete Series, for example. I think I got it for 50-60% off last year.

  17. I wish you luck with the Pull Bag. Having been into comics a few times I don’t want to jump back into it again, especially given how expensive of a hobby it is. It starts out harmless enough, but it soon grows into a behemoth. It is great that you can buy digital comics now, as I have little interest in collecting and storing comics; I have two and a half long boxes taking up space in my closet now.

    But I think the big issue you have to fight with your podcast is that there are SO many other comic book discussion podcasts out there. So you almost have to have a niche to break out. And I imagine it might take a while to gain a sizable audience. Perhaps not. Before listening to a lot of GCRN content I was listening to mostly comic book discussion podcasts. There are so many. If you love doing it, hopefully you gain the audience you want.

    1. did you mean to write this for the TPB 50 post? lol I’m enjoying it, reading and reviewing, plus the origins eps are unique, and the UPCOMING After Dark eps will be general discussions, something someone had asked for outside of the reviews.

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