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THE COMICS TECH SELECTION is here! We join our Dynamic Duo once more covering some Cars, Tech, TV, Film and Arkham Origins. All this and more on this week’s AGU! We hope you continue to enjoy the episodes and please feel free to respond to any and all feedback methods. We will read and reply on the show. Topic suggestions also welcome. So get Altered, Get Geeky with the Altered Geeks. GCR-UNLIMITED




  1. If you had the option of writing a new tv show, either original or based on something what would it be? How would you go about it?
  2. What are your thoughts of Arkham Origins? Or the Arkham Trilogy so far?


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  1. The Marvel TV shows on Netflix are going to be awesome. Damien Lewis as Daredevil please!

  2. So that car app thing you were talking about sounds interesting, but I didn’t catch what exactly it was called?

    No idea what I would do for a TV show. I feel like everything I could have ever wanted is being made or in production.

      1. Thanks for the heads up on that. I’ve had a check engine light on forever now I don’t have to spend a trillion dollars just to get it checked.

  3. I am scared for the Man of Steel sequel Nightwing, Wonder Woman and now i hearing Batgirl i having a bad feeling about this i feel there are cramming too many superheroes in a superman movie

    1. they are only rumors at this point, I won’t believe anything until I see reports from Snyder himself as far as casting. Plus it’s called Batman Vs Superman or Vice Versa….. so it’s NOT just a Superman flick! LOL

      1. yeah Luthor will be the villain, but as far as anyone else I’m waiting for actual confirmation from the studio, director, casting people…. etc.

        1. Well they stated there will be a big conflict between Batman and Superman so Luthor may not be as big here as you’d like to think. I can see name dropping hints of Arrow, Flash, Wonder Woman and Nightwing but I hope they never actually use them in this or it should just be Justice League.

  4. Please god don’t have Night Wing in the Batman-Superman movie. There’s no way to make that work in my opinion.

    If I was going to make a TV show, no idea what it would be, but it would have to be on Cable or Netflix. Maybe the Sherlock route where you only have a few rather long episodes.

    1. Well the only way NW will ever get his own film, is if he appears in a Batman film first. I’m kinda with you though… the Bat V Supes film seems to have wayyy tooo much going on. Just based on the rumors I’ve seen. I’ve kinda stayed away from talking about it, because I need to at least see a teser, trailer, whatever… before I really go in depth with my thoughts.

      1. Please don’t make a Nightwing movie, the world does not need that at all. Nightwing cartoon, tv show, and direct to dvd animated cartoon–fine. I’d raise hell if we get a Nightwing movie before a Justice League movie.

        1. well now I’m NOT saying I want a NW film BEFORE JL… I’m just saying in ORDER for any NW live action stuff solo… he HAS to appear in a Bat film first.

  5. So is the Defenders Netflix TV series supposed to be different characters than Iron Fist and such, because the Defenders are usually cosmic characters like Silver Surfer from what I can remember.

    I’ll say it again. HBO Punisher series starring Tom Jane. Get IT DONE!

  6. I’d go TV movie or TV mini series over a normal show. After the disappointing Ender’s Game movie I’d love to see a Ender’s Game mini series that can do the story correctly.

    Origins has been a lot of fun so far. Not too far in, but my initial issues have gone away and I’m buying in big time.

  7. I’ll preface this by saying I’m not a reality TV show fan at all, but I think there’s a way to do reality TV and make it work. I’d love to see a reality show that goes across the globe to highlight real geeks and how they absorb geek culture.

  8. Yes I did change my username lol. Regarding creating a TV show I would love to see a TV show similar to game of Thrones that takes place during classic Greek times. You can incorporate all the Geek politics and mythology of the time.

    I’m only a little bit into origins but I like it so far.

  9. If could make any TV show I’d make Season 2 of Firefly. Yep, I’m that guy! Someone was bound to say it eventually.

    1. Man people can’t let that die can they? Firefly is great. It’s never coming back. By this point would you want it to? The actors are way too old to play those roles convincingly .

  10. I don’t know what TV show I would make, I don’t have that kind of talent. What I would do is hire smart and talented people and get out of their way.

  11. I’m surprised no one mentioned a new Star Trek TV show yet. I would love to see one done in the current JJ Abramverse. Just with a different ship and characters.

    1. I would like to see a Trek series take place more so in the future. Further beyond anything we have seen so far.

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