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AGU-PODThis episode is definitely EXPLICIT, but the discussions are great. The Birdman joins Steve Megatron this week. We talk the Breaking Bad Toy debacle, (SNL) Saturday Night Live and Jim Carrey, Censorship in Old Cartoons and the Marvel vs DC Film War! All this and more on this week’s AGU! We hope you continue to enjoy the episodes and please feel free to respond to any and all feedback methods. We will read and reply on the show. Topic suggestions also welcome. So get Altered, Get Geeky with the Altered Geeks.





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(NEW) Question of the Night:

  1. Art Danner – Twitter – So the Avengers trailer was cool……but it really seemed like something was missing. Also anyone else been waiting diligently for the Red Skull to be vomited out of the Tesseract since the end of the first Cap movie?
  2. So what do you think will win overall in the Marvel vs DC Film Universe War?
  3. So what are you dressing as for Halloween if you still do?


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  1. When did this entire Breaking Bad toy thing happen? I missed that completely. I bought a lot of toys from adult programming at Toys R Us so I don’t get the issue.

    1. It happened within the last 2 weeks I think. I don’t see an issue if you’re an adult collector. Same time parents don’t want their kids to have it then don’t let her watch or buy it. Be parents. As adults we have the income most the time to buy stuff like this that we like.

      1. Yea it’s not like the toys look offensive or have offensive language. So I don’t get what those Florida moms were up in arms about.

  2. I vote for Marvel when it comes to whose movies I am the most excited for. The are going all out bringing a wide range of characters to the big screen. DC is doing some cool stuff too. I kind of have the feeling their universe will stay Batman Superman centric. I like those characters I just don’t get all that excited for them. We have seen both a ton already.

    1. in 36 years 1978-2014 we have seen Superman 6 times on the big screen. Not counting films yet to be released. In 25 years from 1989-2014 we have seen Batman on the big screen 7 times. :-) As I’ve stated online and on podcasts… at this point I just WANT to see the NEW DC films!!!! Marvel edges them out by a lot when it comes to the silver screen, because Marvel I feel is more active in what they are doing.

  3. I wonder if DC should just do the opposite to marvel and concentrate on making one off movie franchises with batman, super man and green lantern and add a new charactor here or there. Once they have some success, then think about justice league etc. yes marvel is leaping ahead, but what happens in 15 years when they have told the current universes stories. Even now apart from his appearance in the avengers iron man will no longer get his own movie. And if the amazing Spider-Man shows anything it’s fans don’t want a soft reboot with a different origin and actor. We talked last year about over satiation of comic book movies, what will happen when DC and marvel go head to head with there team up films

      1. Ha ha ha thanks mike always good for a laugh. No seriously I think my shit is turning to gold

    1. I think Marvel see’s the possible issue with over saturation and that is why they have moved away from making superhero movies and are now making movies with Superheroes in them. Guardians of the Galaxy has more in common with Star Wars than it does Batman. And Captain America: Winter Solider was a spy thriller with great action.

      1. Agreed, the “comic book style” is changing, away from the batman and robins and towards cap 2. Note I haven’t seen guardians yet, went to see tmnt instead, I was familure with the charactors

  4. Here’s the thing with the DC vs Marvel comparison. Marvel right now is so far ahead it’s really hard to compare them. Marvel is entering Phase 3 and DC is just trying to establish its universe. Not to mention Marvel is having one of its best years yet with Cap 2 and Guardians. DC on the other hand is still trying to get out of the shadow of Man of Steel. So how could you not point to Marvel and give them the edge. Let’s not sleep on DC though. They have freaking Batman going against freaking Superman. The two biggest superheroes of all time in one movie. If it ends up being good it can change the entire conversation. People will start looking at DC with more optimism.

    1. The movie I see as the key for DC’s success is Suicide Squad. Can they finally make movie that is successful that does not star Batman or Superman. At this point I am not holding my breath.

      1. I have faith in Suicide Squad because they pegged David Ayer to direct. He did an awesome job with Fury and End of Watch so I’m thinking Suicide Squad will be good.

  5. This is the difference between DC and Warner Bros. and Marvel to me. Warner Bros announced its universe plans for the DC cinematic universe at a investors meeting. Marvel
    invited fans (and media) to make an event out of it. Marvel is making these movies because they want to. DC is making these movies because they feel they have too.

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