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This week Steve is slightly sick but is joined by an unsick TFG1 Mike replacing another sick host of Mike Boothninja. Don’t worry no news but a list of sorts. We also get into what makes a good and or bad sequel to a film. They also sit down and answer some questions. All this and more on this week’s AGU! We hope you continue to enjoy the episodes and please feel free to respond to any and all feedback methods. We will read and reply on the show. Topic suggestions also welcome. So get Altered, Get Geeky with the Altered Geeks.



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  1. I started using Reddit a few months ago and I think I’m finally getting a hold of it. Honestly prefer it now to Facebook or Twitter. Although wouldn’t really consider it a Social Network per say. It is like an old school message board where all content is user produced and voting it on. And with things like Subreddits its actually more organized then you may realize.

    If you are going to read Civil War I’d start with Nick Fury’s Secret War. That lays the groundwork for the Civil War. Explains why Nick Fury leaves SHIELD and Maria Hill takes over. Iron Man becomes Director of SHIELD shortly after the Civil War. After Secret Invasion Norman Osborn actually took over and disbanded SHIELD and turned it into HAMMER during Dark Reign. I stopped reading around then but I believe Steve Rogers became director of SHIELD as well after he returned from being dead.

    There is a Civil War graphic novel but I would also read the prologue , The Road to the Civil War that sets the stage. Not to mention a lot of the side stories were given there own books. Captain America, Iron Man, and War Crimes are probably the best ones of the lot. Also the Fallen Son Cap books is really the ending of Civil War.

    Secret Invasion is even more expansive because it built itself over a few years, beginning with New Avengers number one. Don’t know if you need to read the entire New Avengers line to really get into it but it won’t hurt. Also I really love that line so I do recommend it. Secret Invasion as a whole is kind of meh. It was built up brilliantly but fizzled out in the end, which is Bendis’s normal style.

    1. Having bad endings is much more than just Bendis’s thing, its Marvel’s style as well. The ending of Civil War was somewhat of a letdown at first. Like you mentioned the real ending came after the final issue. I also disliked the ending of World War Hulk. Again just another big let down. Avengers vs X-Men was similar although I did like the way Age of Ultron went.

  2. When it comes to sequels I think the key question is why is it being made. Is it a movie studio looking for a quick buck by cashing in on name or is someone trying to make a legit movie. Look at something like Color of Money. A sequel to The Hustler done like thirty years after the original. It works though because it has good script and good director with Scorsese. So the time between the movies didn’t matter. I’m not against a sequel as long as the people behind it actually care about what they are doing.

  3. So are you guys not touching on news
    at all anymore, because I did enjoy hearing your takes on the different news
    stories going on.

    1. Hey Andre! No we do plan to get back to it, just coming up with a way to do it and not make the show completely news based. Plus giving people a break from it.

      I do have things this week I want to bring up and discuss along other content on AGU.

    2. It’s all coming back. We just wanted to strip the show down to the studs and start over:)

  4. I have watched Silicon Valley and it’s great. If you are a coder or not you’ll find enjoyment out of it. Mike Judge is so much more than Beavis and Butthead and King of the Hill. I do love both of those though. Office Space and the criminally underrated Idiocracy. Silicon Valley is like The Office Space for a new Tech Age. I do like a lot of the characters as well.

      1. The first episode was very good. The second went downhill slightly. Still good but hope it gets better.

  5. I feel like I’ve been a negative Nancy lately with my comments so I want to fix that cause I really enjoyed this episode. I would love to hear my favorites of different categories, like the Talking in Circles podcast had some fun episodes of favorite TV shows and Movies which were cool, especially with all the clips that were entered. Also the Off the Cuff episodes were fun to listen to during the ‘off season’.

    For sequels I agree with Mike and Steve that we don’t need sequels for everything. I don’t know what makes a good sequel or not. With Marvel it works because comics are always a continuous stories. I’d like to see less movie sequels and instead do things like TV Anthologies with things like True Detective, American Horror Story, and now Fargo which is awesome by the way.

    1. Well soon I will be letting the listeners decide what TV shows I should keep watching and which I should stop watching, so there will be that to look forward. and thank for the OTC love:)

      1. That’s a lot of power you are giving to us. Have you checked out Fargo? I remember you saying you like shows like America Horror Story.

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