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Steve Megatron is joined by Mike Boothninja and Art Danner. We begin talking kids, housing, cars and life before discussing the new Ninja Turtles trailer. We resume asking questions again and restore the show back to basics. All this and more on this week’s AGU! We hope you continue to enjoy the episodes and please feel free to respond to any and all feedback methods. We will read and reply on the show. Topic suggestions also welcome. So get Altered, Get Geeky with the Altered Geeks.



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  1. One thing to consider with BBC shows is that it is run by the government so they less money to work with but don’t have to worry about advertising or watering things down for ad executives. Not that everything have is great. I do think the episode structure leads to less fuller episode. That’s what impressing me about the UK and Europe in general they realize how important a role art is, and are willing to spend tax dollars in cultivating it. I know it’s a hot button topic and I don’t want to get into politics cause they can ignite a firestorm I just wonder why you think the US is less interested in promoting art culture than Europe or even Canada.

  2. I defend X3! damnit! BEAST was awesome in that!!! Also loved this ep…. great chemistry between the three of you… Danner needs to be on more AGU!

    And no Danner I’m not foolish by judging films based on trailers… a Trailer is meant to advertise the film… and if it doesn’t impress me… I will not see it until much later after it’s out of theaters.

    I posted this on FB after seeing the TMNT trailer….

    let me be clear here! I have no problem with Shredder creating the Turtles… hell he did that in the 87 cartoon series with the mutagen down the sewer…. my initial fears for the TMNT live action film is the CGI….. I would like updated REAL Turtle suits. But I get it… that most likely isn’t cost effective. My other negative thought with this new TMNT film is megan fux as April… she is a very bad actress and April deserves better.

    Those are my only real negatives towards the Jonathan Liebesman DIRECTED Michael Bay PRODUCED film.

    In the positive for it both Eastman and Laird have character writing credits, As they should, and it seems like outside of the core human cast they are going with unknowns for the voices of the Turtles….. While I wish they’d go with people whom have voiced them before, I understand that this is TURTLES FOR A NEW GENERATION. As I stated before… I’ll still see it opening day, but until I see a FULL trailer outside of the teaser that was released, I’m neither super excited or mad as hell.

    1. I could see why someone who’s love of X-men (I’m predicting) derives from the 90’s cartoon would love the casting of Kelsey Grammar as Beast. I think it was a decent casting choice. I also love Ben Foster and I like to toot his horn as much as possible and he was cast as Angel in the movie. I also am a huge fan of Juggernaut and Jamie Maddrox the Multiple Man. The movie did offer lots of new characters which would act as fan service to most but also act as the shinny object that distracts people from realizing the plot of the movie was something shallow and poorly flushed out.
      Ben Foster was wasted in the Angel role as was the role of Angel himself. It actually hurt me to see one of the original 5 X-men handled so carelessly. Juggernaut being in the movie pissed me off do to the fact that they ignored the fact that he is Xaviers Step-Brother. And don’t get me started on the whole “I’m the Juggernaut Bitch” shlock. I’m a hollywood writer and I’m going to steal funny lines from YoutTube videos……..BAH!!!!!

      Anyone who has read X-Factor or especially the X-Factor investigations arch where Multiple Man was running X-factor should understand how much of a bummer his role was in the movie.

      And as far as Beast goes……….congrats. Every turd has a nugget of corn somewhere…..

      (I could keep going but i’d have to pop the movie in and make notes and it would be quicker to just do a podcast about whats wrong with X3 and why I don’t like it and what I would have done to improve it.)

      1. The studio already did that last part for you. The writers apologize for how the movie turned out and actually tell you how it was supposed to have played out in the commentary track. If there’s anything good that came out of X3, it’s the brutally honest commentary. It’s excellent.

      2. yeah I grew up watching the cartoon series…. moreso than the comics, but with The Pull Bag I’m willing to try some of the old comics…I say this now and realize if it’s stuff before 1999 … no thanks lol Marvelous March was a learning experience. Don’t much care for the older art styles and colorings.

  3. The issue I had with the TMNT trailer is it appears its going to be April’s story with the Turtles in it like with the Transformers. I know that could be wrong but based on those involved and past history I need t be won over that this point. That has yet to happen.

    1. hey who knows they might pull an IDW outta their asses! Oh wait no one cares about canons and continuity lol

      in the IDW ongoing currently…. it might be the best turtles storytelling EVER!

  4. With so much X-Men talk I was wondering who’d you recast as Wolverine if Hugh Jackman left. They said they are doing another Wolverine movie after Apocalypse and do you think by that time it’ll be time for another reboot? These actors are getting older and expensive.

    1. yes they are getting older, but I’m not sure if I’d enjoy a “young” logan film. Hugh Jackman really brought it to life!!! He will always be my live action wolverine, but I’ll keep an open mind about the future.

  5. With Mike getting the Volt do you guys have buying bad car stories? I once bought a car and two days after it was smash by a Drunk Driver while it was parked. Of course the guy didn’t have insurance and ran off at first. He didn’t get far and left his car behind so it wasn’t hard to find him.

  6. I get what you are saying about getting overly excited about mjust 90 seconds of a trailer. How can you judge two hours based on a teaser. But it does give you a feel for the movie. Let you know what direction they are going. I just hate the fact it has to be another over the top big gigantic action movie. I was hoping for a more straightforward martial arts movie. Now I won’t say it’ll be horrible. Maybe it’ll be good, maybe it’ll best the best movie ever. There’s just not one thing about TMNT so far that I liked.

  7. I’ve debated about going Hybrid or electric myself, but I drive too much to make it work. At the end of the day I wouldn’t save all that much on gas considering everything. I tend to go high MPG and it works out for me.

    1. I drive a lot myself as well. Even once the Volts battery is depleted, around 40 miles or so, it switches to a gas generator to power the car for another 300ish miles on a 10 gallon tank. If you aren’t a speed demon, between the regenerative breaking and coasting, you can eek out north of 40mpg going full bore fossil fuel.

      IMO, after only owning the car for about a month, the Volt seems to be the best of both worlds being both Full Electric, and then a hybrid as back up. Theres something about being able to drive for 3 weeks and never have to gas up. My energy bill has only gone up about $30 a month or so. Versus the more then $200 I was spending a month on fossil fuel:)

      1. Impressive. That does sound pretty good. I should mention I’m a carpenter so on a practical sense those cars don’t suite my needs. I’ve looked into some Hybrid trucks but I haven’t been impressed. If I do get an everyday car I might have to look into the Volt. Based on what you are saying I am intrigued.

  8. It was great to hear Art on this episode I’d love to hear him on this more often. Loved hearing the kid stuff as I can relate lol.

  9. Well congrats to Mike on his car and Steve on his house. With that and the kid talk you could have name this podcasters of a certain age. As I approach that part of my life to I wonder if you guys have the same questions I do. Do you ever fear that you’ll have to give some of this stuff up. I worry with kids and a family that geek things will be a needless distraction. Maybe I’m wrong but I have little time as it is with work adding more responsibility on top of that makes my head hurt.

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