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  1. So Conan, Jimmy Fallon, and today’s late night hosts aren’t funny but Rush Hour, Beverly Hills Cop 3, and Police Academy 3 are funny? Interesting. That’s all I can say. I tried to watch the first episode of Girl Meets World and I couldn’t get through it. It’s clearly meant for 12 year olds, which is fine. The first season of Boy Meets World was the same way. I just can’t watch a TV show meant for Pre-Teens without feeling creepy.

    1. HEY now I NEVER said the Rush Hour Films or PA 3 was funny! I said Ratner had done the RH films… so as far as action… I think he’ll fit nicely with BHC 4……cmon now Axel as the hokey was awesome, might be the only good thing about BHCIII

      See I’m not watching GMW because of the NEW kids… I’m watching it for the evolution of Cory and Topanga. As far as it being pre teen that’s what Disney does best, and as we said they’ll have the show evolve as the Seasons continue, but to each their own. Thanks for listening!

    2. Mike is not know for his great taste in late night hosts or stand up comedians ;) – I’m not watching GMW either but that’s most likely because I really didn’t watch BMW that much either. However, I will say that there is no reason you should find watching any show or movie that is more geared towards another demographic as ‘creepy’. That’s just not right.

      1. I guess I just don’t understand what I can get out of a show meant for 12 year olds. If I walked into someone’s house and saw a grown man watching a Disney Channel drama like i-Carely by himself I’d be a little creeped out. Mostly there is nothing for me. If it was more of a family approach like the later seasons of BMW I’d give it a shot. This is 100% geared to a much
        younger crowd than I and the occasional nods to the previous show aren’t enough to keep my interest.

        1. but it will move towards what you liked about BMW in it’s later seasons. So maybe check it out then?

          1. Maybe, There’s just so much better TV out there why waste time with something just because it is somehow related to something I watched as a kid.

          2. Because everyone (maybe not you) at some point wants to relive their childhood. At least GMW isn’t a crappy reboot of a previous series. I will always LOVE Sequel series in TV no matter the cost!

        2. See you are missing my point. The idea of judging anyone based on a show they are watching is what I was referring to as just plain wrong. Walking into a room and seeing a grown man watching a disney program and automatically thinking ‘creepy’ is exactly what’s wrong with our society. We have all been trained and brainwashed to judge people based on societal norms without even a thought that there are a hundred different valid reasons for why he might be watching the show. Maybe he is a tv historian, maybe he is doing research on shows aimed towards the teen/pre-teen crowd. Maybe he really likes one of the actors. Maybe one of the actors/writers is a family member. Maybe he too does writing for that genre of television programs, and on and on and on. But no, instead its, ‘that’s creepy’, or ‘i wouldn’t trust him around my kids’ etc etc – sad just sad

          1. Sure and maybe the guy who shows up to children’s swim meets
            is just a big fan of aquatic competition. But I’m going to play the cards that are dealt and assume otherwise. Societal norms or not, being really into a show meant solely for preteens makes me question your taste a great deal.

          2. I refuse to assume things, judge people unfairly or reinforce stereotypes. You can questions people’s tastes but to label them as creepy or something like that is unfair in my opinion

          3. Well said. But I assume your exception to that rule is when people indicate they like 2001?

          4. See that’s just it, I don’t agree with yours or the general love for that film, but I don’t label you as a snob etc plus I still value your movie opinions more than 99% of the population. I believe he was writing someone off and their opinions or values based on one show etc

          5. Oh yes, that’s crazy. I mean I don’t get that at all. How can you expect honest opinions if we write someone off based upon a view point. I have far more respect for someone who disagrees with me honestly than agrees with me dishonestly. I’ll fight for my opinion and challenge yours, but I find that’s the point in all of this.

          6. Agree 100% – Did you get that quote from somewhere or is that a MovieRevolt Original? I may have to borrow that one from time to time!

          7. I doubt its an original. I’m steeling it from someone I’m sure. Maybe Gandhi or Mike Tyson. One of those two or someone in-between.

          8. that is definitely one of the funniest things I have read in a long time!

          9. so because I like ALF I’m a creepy guy, or because I liked the suite life series I’m a guy who has tastes that are creepy? People enjoy what they want to enjoy. We watch things to make us forget about real life. If it’s Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel hamming it up on a sequel series I’m fine with that. I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree on tastes lol

          10. So I just found this

            an interview with Michael Jacobs the creator, and he’s talking about that boy and girl meets world are family shows more than pre teen shows.

            Not trying to kick this argument off again, but just though you might like to see the creator’s vision of the new show.

          11. or maybe that guy watching is a parent, but his child is asleep next to him. Great point @optimussolo:disqus

      2. hey I LOVED watching Johnny Carson as a kid, so there! The current day late night hosts outside of Ferguson and letterman all suck as far as being funny to me.

        1. Watch Carson’s stuff now. Most of it doesn’t hold up. Just
          people clinging to the past andover-romanticizing it like they love to do. They say the late night hosts of today SUCK is

          1. hey that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it. I will say I’m more excited about Colbert’s version of the late show than any other new late night host. And as far as saying late night now sucks… HAVE you seen late night with Seth Meyers? that guy sucks all to hell…. he’s better in makeup doing impressions.

        2. Carson is great and actually a lot of his stuff DOES hold up. Of course some stuff is dated etc, but a lot of comedy stands the test of time. I will agree with Andre though that you are silly Mike. Jimmy Fallon and Conan are the two funniest late night hosts of our generation.

          1. THIS isn’t OUR generation though…. conan is a great writer, but a poor executer in my opinion I can’t stand his “in your face” camera crap that he does and I just find him annoying. Fallon should have stuck to films.

          2. Fallon is probably my all-time favorite late night host, he is perfect in that role.

    3. I do Enjoy Conan from time to time depending on the jokes. I really like Fallon but I grew up watching him. I love BHC and Police Academy but those are films not standup.

      Girl Meets World albeit a pre-teen girl’s show now was a pre-teen boy show back in the day. I did notice the similarities in plot from 2x different episodes of BMW but I loved the nods to the past in it. I watched all of BMW so the nostalgia there for me is a lot higher.

  2. Sorry but the Tardis is a trillion times better than the Delorean.I love Back to the Future and all but the Tardis does a lot more than the Delorean ever could. It could make a Delorean if it really wanted. I get you guys aren’t who fans but you gotta respect the Tardis. Lol

    1. While I am not a “Who-vian” or whatever it’s called to be polite, I do agree with you that it does much more than the Delorean. I just prefer the Delorean. :) The Tardis is a cool tool though for what all it has the ability to do.

  3. I’d love to see the Dragon Balls in real life. Dragons that can grant wishes. Can’t get much better than that

  4. I can think of many more things I would like to see NOT come true that have happened in geeky shows. I feel like most geeky shows are based on many bad things happening and many people dieing. I love Firefly but I’d never want to live in that world. Buffy is fun, but please let’s not have demons roaming the Earth. Maybe Knight Rider? Mr. Feeny (BMW Connection) as the voice of a car. I’d get behind that.

    1. they have many KITT GPS voice modulator’s these days so that has been one awesome thing to come true.

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