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Returning this week is Mike “Boothninja” Powers with Steve “Megatron”. We talk Altered body tech, TV Shows, and some Film Deaths. Followed by Steve interviewing Brad Leo Lyon with his show, “Roommates” the TV Series. All this and more on this week’s AGU! We hope you continue to enjoy the episodes and please feel free to respond to any and all feedback methods. We will read and reply on the show. Topic suggestions also welcome. So get Altered, Get Geeky with the Altered Geeks.





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  • (NEW) Question of the Night:
    • When was the last big movie to kill of a main character during a franchise?


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  1. I have to call BS on those people who say that instead of changing Thor into a women or making Falcon Captain America they should just make new characters and build up current ones. People flipped their lid when Cyborg was made a founding member of the Justice League in the New 52. Even though that character was well established for years. And creating a new character isn’t that easy. Its rather hard to introduce a new character into
    Marvel or DC that has no connection to anything else. And Marvel has been trying to build up current characters. Luke Cage was nothing but a joke. Over the years they have made him into a more important character. The entire female team of X-Men was a huge success with tons of classic characters.

    I think Mike makes a great point that this shouldn’t be news. It’s a flash in the pan. Nothing more that people will forget about quickly. I also think they’ll call Thor Thunderbolt as a throwback to the 90’s series when he had the ax hammer.

    1. People are acting like Thor is an original Marvel character. He isn’t. So why make a big deal about it. I love the Cap move personally. I was hoping when Steve Rogers died after Civil War Falcon or Hawkeye would become Capt. Like to see that his happening now.

  2. Mike: what I moreso meant when I asked about recording… was sending in recorded feedback on previous episode like a voicemail moreso then a full on clip show.

    Great ep guys!

  3. Skyfall ended with a major character death. That we know will stick. I was surprised by it at least. Also Casino Royale ended in somewhat of a cliffhanger.

    If you talk about cliffhanger endies indies now a days are full of them. If anything too film of them. Another Earth and Martha Marcy May Marlene both had ambitious endings that ended RIGHT when things were getting good.

  4. Yep sky fall, big one for me is tron legacy, killing off Kevin Flynn, tron and clu. Still hoping for a sequel so some of it may be explained but it’s not a planned out trilogy.
    Simba’s fathers death in the lion king
    Channing Tatum in retaliation. He was the main character in rise of cobra

      1. If they could of re written script before movie came out the death wouldn’t of stuck, and now there’s talk of him returning for the gi joe / transformers cross over movie. Sigh

    1. I loved Tron Legacy however the death left me feeling empty. However it is the GRID so who knows, he could be regenerated. And Clu was destroyed with him. Tron fell into the blue water and regained his color so he’s alive and healing in the stuff. Just was MIA at the end of the fight.

      Channing Tatum’s death was cheap in Retaliation. Just was there to say he was in it and kill him off unfortunately.

      1. Agreed Steve, and although Disney might of had plans for a new franchise in 2010 legacy can still be a stand alone fine, which is one of its benefits. We see redone redemption, Flynn saves his son by taking out clu and Sam takes the company back.
        I’m happy to hear they are still planning Tron3, one day maybe

  5. Prisoners had a pretty big cliffhanger ending, and you can go to any horror movie for a cliffhanger ending. That might be a cheat though. You have the ending of Cabin in the Woods, which I won’t spoil, but is epic and hits both the cliffhanger and major character deaths.

    1. Having watched both of those, the thoughts never occurred to me that Horror is a good one for that, but most of the cast ends up being throw away as well by the end. If not that, then they are a whose first of deaths. But totally agree with your choices there.

    2. Cabin in the Woods has one of my favorite all time endings. So off the wall that I loved it

    3. I liked the idea for Cabin in the Woods ending. The execution left me cold though. It just felt awkward.

  6. Would Dark Knight Rises count as a cliffhanger? I surely left things open ended. Pacific Rim also killed off a major character. He wasn’t the main character, though you could argue he was the biggest star of the movie.

    1. I think that’s the type of character that tends to die in movies like Pacific Rim. Not a huge surprise in my book.

    2. I wouldn’t call DKR a cliffhanger really. Maybe open ended is a better way to put it.

    3. Yeah if we didn’t see Bruce Wayne after the bomb goes off I’d call it open ended. But it’s BATMAN!!

  7. The last Hobbit movie ended on a cliffhanger. That tends to happen when you make three movies out of one small book. Harry Potter’s second to last movie ended on a Cliffhanger and the most recent Hunger Games.

  8. When I think about a movie that kills off characters the one that comes to my mind is The Grey. If you want to talk about killing people off you can’t get more than that.

  9. I just watched Snowpiercer, which is awesome by the way, but that is a movie that is willing to kill some major characters.

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