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AGU-PODThis week we talk Star Wars, Simpsons, CW’s The Flash, Google Wireless, Terminator 5 and more! So join Steve, Mike Boothninja and TFG1 Mike as we talk various Geeky topics! All this and more on this week’s AGU! We hope you continue to enjoy the episodes and please feel free to respond to any and all feedback methods. We will read and reply on the show. Topic suggestions also welcome. So get Altered, Get Geeky with the Altered Geeks.





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(NEW) Question of the Night:

  1. What’s an item you’ve kept for ages that isn’t a toy?


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  1. I would hate to see The Simpsons end with a grown up episode. They have already traveled that ground enough. I like the present idea cause it is not as stereotypical as the we’re are they now concept. Simpsons may not be what it once was but when it was on there was nothing better

  2. One item I’ve kept for years is my first ever book purchase. It was my first year in school and we had a school book sale. I picked up Where the Sidewalk Ends. It is beat to shit but I still use it from time to time.

  3. Don’t know if I’m completely in on the idea that all Marvel movies will be mini Avengers from now on. From what I read Ant-Man seems to be their own thing and I wonder how much of a role Iron Man will play in Cap 3. Is he going to be a co-star or a cameo. I just hope they don’t abandoned Bucky’s storyline completely.

    1. Well Winter Soldier’s storyline and Civil War can go hand in hand so Iron Man can play a big role. I have a strong feeling Iron Man will end up leading SHIELD by the end of Avengers 2. That would make his involvement in Cap 3 make a lot of sense.

    2. RDJ is getting 40 million dollars, plus a a box office cut AND another bonus if Cap 3 out performs Cap 2 (the thinking being it did better BECAUSE RDJ was in the film). This make him a major part of the film, not just a cameo.

      As for Ant-Man, I did mean ALL Marvel movies were heading this direction. I think the first movie in a new “series” would be a singular affair, after that all bets are off:) What I was really getting at is that the individual titles really don’t mean all that much any more to those familiar with how comic work. To the main stream sure, Cap 3 still means Cap 3 but when they sit down and see a 50/50 split between Cap and Iron Man, it’ll be like getting Cap 3 AND Iron Man 4! Not to mention who else may show up in it, RDJ is just the first announced:)

      At the end of the day this is just my personal opinion, and I don’t think this is a bad thing either, I LOVE this stuff in movies, TV, comics and games.

      1. Funny this discussion happens and the Phase 3 news drops. It appears Captain America will be a mini Avengers of some sort.

  4. I have actually kept a lot of my Halloween costumes throughout the years. Especially the ones that took me a long time to make. Like one year I went as a Redbox, to the point I used the iPad and a Redbox app to sweeten the costume. Another year made our own Ghostbuster uniforms.

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