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MYSTERY HOST!! Joining Steve this week is Dan the MovieRevolt! We sit down to discuss the Top 100, GCRN Christmas Bash, Listener Feedback and Questions! The primary questions are to do with TV Shows, Books, Tech, and Comedians.  The guys go on a few tangents before dropping the latest questions. We hope you continue to enjoy the episodes and please feel free to respond to any and all feedback methods. We will read and reply on the show. Topic suggestions also welcome. So get Altered, Get Geeky with the Altered Geeks.



  1. Are any of you Stand-up comedy fans? If so who are your favorites?
  2. What CG Series has made an impression on you? What about it made you love it?
  3. What is your dream job (can be non-geeky or super-geeky)?



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  1. Speaking of geek comics I love Brian Posehn and love his work on the Deadpool comic.

    The only CG series I have watched were Green Lantern, Beast Wars, and Reboot. Of all of those I would say Beasts Wars is overall the best.

    My dream job would be a comic book writer. Being able to actually tell my own Batman or Spider-Man story for Marvel or DC would be an amazing experience.

    1. Good choice. Posehn is awesome. That dude,and all the Comedians of Comedy are some of the best comics out there. Also agreed his run on Deadpool has been killer.

      1. Agreed. The Comedians of Comedy are all great. That documentary about their tour is one thing that gave me a new found respect for standup today. I used to be a ‘today’s comics suck’ kind of guy. They proved me wrong.

        1. I always wished I would be able to catch that tour. When you look at it that tour really launched us into this new comedy boom.

  2. No mention of Chris Rock?!?! I love him amongst many others. Also Eddie Murphy was great in his day.

    For CG series I have been all about Beware the Batman. It has surprised me a great amount so far. I thought it would suck, but it has hit that character right.

    My dream job would be a video game tester or programer. Playing video games all day and get paid for it? Can’t get much better.

    1. Wow totally forgot about those guys. Honestly never seen ’em do stand up but I know they did it. Just slipped the mind. I had a list in my head and forgot all of them .
      I myself love Beware the Batman. Great show and best Batman toon since 1992’s The Animated Series in my opinion.
      That would be awesome on the games.

      1. To be fair the ENTIRE DCAU of BRuce/Batman was awesome!!!!! Not just BTAS, but EVERYTHING!!!! JL/JLU has some of the best Bat lines ever.

  3. Tig Notaro is my favorite comic. She gets to some real issues and talks about some tough issues without being hoity toity about it.

    1. I just started getting into her. Her stuff is pretty amazing. That set she did after learning about her breast cancer may be in my Top 5 specials of all time.

  4. Patton Oswalt is a great stand up that you all mentioned. If you haven’t checked out this Star Wars filibuster you must do so now. Also Pete Holmes is hilarious. His new show after Conan is going to be epic.

    The only CG Series worth anything in my book is Beast Wars and Reboot.

    My dream job would something that lets me watch tv, movie, and play video games for money lol. Critic I guess, testing, don’t care which.

  5. To take the opposite angle one comic I hate that you mentioned is Jeff Dunam. He is a basic novelty act that jokes are simplistic and rely heavily on racial stereotypes.

    Those that I love are Richard Prior, George Carlin, Don Rickles, Louie CK, and Jerry Seinfeld.

    My dream job would be to college professor, I know its not the most glamour but being able to teach history on a college level is my lives goal.

    1. BUT it’s the puppets personalities that everyone loves! I’m a die hard Dunham fan, saw him in 2008 and it was awesome.

      As far as other comedians… I love Robin Williams, Bill Cosby, Bill Engvall, Tim Allen, for NERD comedy stand up Chris Hardwick is the best I’d say.

      1. But those personalities are attached to characters that play to the lowest common form of comedy. A dumb redneck who loves nascar, a middle eastern ‘terrorist, and lazy mexican puppet. He is akin to Carrot Top or other novelty acts. Their material is broad so it appeals to the masses. While comedians who are far more talented are sequestered to cult followings.

        I enjoy Chris Hardwick, but he isn’t close to the best that touches on nerd comedy. Patton Oswalt, Woody Allen, or Brian Posehn have better sets then him. I think Chris Hardwick would say so himself.

        1. But see Dunham is the every person comic… he hits on all types of culture, sure there are stereotypical things that his puppets do. But specifically for Walter and Peanut they’ll go after any joke.

          To each their own though.

    2. I am right there with you. I am not a fan of Jeff Dunam. He tends to appeal to the ‘blue collar’ crowd. Mainly because his jokes are basic and racially offensive. He plays to their ignorance.

    3. I was wondering how long it would take until someone brought up Jeff Dunam. I see the novelty act criticism and I don’t disagree. I do think you can be a novelty and still be good. Sure his gimmick may be puppet, he still makes those puppets work.

      1. I just don’t get why everyone here has been saying he plays to the blue collar crowd… hello that’s what the blue collar comedy group was for.

        Sure Dunham does stereotypical characters with Sweeet Daddy D, Bubba J, and Achmed, but in this effed up world these days…. people just need a laugh. Comedy is supposed to be funny, not serious. Sorry SFF98 not lashing out at you, but was the best place to reply lol

        1. The question is what are you adding to the conversation. Are
          you just pandering to a bunch of people who agree with your close minded beliefs or are you expanding minds? I wouldn’t call Duhman a racist, like many, but I would say his characters add nothing to the conversation. You can talk about taboo subjects like race, religion, and/or gender but it’s all about the execution. Duhman is like the kid who plays video games with cheat codes, he can’t lose. He makes jokes that have been done countless times before, often in better ways, but they are coming out of the heads of puppets so people are more forgiving.

          I don’t dislike the Blue Collar guys except for Larry the Cable Guy. He too is nothing but a generic character. There is no honestly to his comedy, he doesn’t bring anything to the table that is new or interesting.

          If you look at the greatest comics of all time Bill Hicks,
          Richard Pryor, Louie CK, George Carlin, Bill Cosby, Chris Rock, and many more their material has a personal element. They can deconstruct society and cultures in new and interesting ways. They are not just fart jokes. They are people that make standup comedy an artform. People like Duhman or Larry the Cable Guy make it into a sideshow.

          1. before like 3 years ago I NEVER even heard of Louie CK, and I have never checked out any of his stuff. I’m to the point where I’ll have to, because I’m sick of the overhype people give him. I’ll need to judge for myself if I would enjoy him.

            When I think of comedy greats no one even my love for Dunham can say that there are comedy greats in the last 13 years. SURE there are a lot of awesome comics that have come out in the last 13 years, but GREATNESS… I dunno. Greatness to me is Cosby, Robin Williams, Pryor, Carson, etc etc….

          2. How can you call Louie CK overhyped when you haven’t see any of his stuff? That makes no sense. You may not have heard of Louie CK until 3 years ago, but he has been a mainstay in comedy for the last 15 years or more. In the last 5-10 years he’s been unarguably the guy on top. If you stick to garbage like Jeff Dunham I can see why you would miss him.

            Robin Williams wasn’t ever a stand up. His done sketches
            and a few specials, but he’s never really done standup comedy.So how you include him in the great stand up conversation is odd.

            There hasn’t been any great comics in the last 13 years? That is a theory not based in fact or reality. Plus how can you say that we you HAVEN’T SEEN most of the great comics. Chris Rock, Louie CK, Lewis Black, Dave Chappelle, Patton Oswalt, Paul F. Tompkins, Jim Gaffigan, Bill Burr, Daivd Cross, Mike Birbiglia, The Skar Brothers, Jerry Seinfeld, Mark Maron, Brian Posehn, Dave Attel, Sarah Silverman, Norm MacDonald, Ron White, Mitch Hedberg, and so many more.

          3. Robin Williams had done plenty of stand up since the 70s!

            AS far as Louie CK and him being overhyped to me is nearly every podcast I listen to mentions him. That to me is over hyped. I never said I was making an opinion on him. Just stating what I’d heard.

            Chris Rock yeah I’ve seen his stuff, just don’t care for it. Lewis Black is great, again never cared for Chapelle unless he was in a film. Ron White is great, Sarah Silverman is gross as hell, unless she’s voice acting lol. Seinfeld I like the show, and his act in the show, but haven’t cared for him in awhile. Norm is great at physical comedy.

          4. So because people talk about how great he is, he is over hyped. And you are basing this off of never seeing any of this stuff. Got it. That doesn’t compute. If you did a podcast on basketball in the 90’s the chances are you would talk about Michael Jordan a lot. So would that make him over hyped? People talk about both Louie CK, Michael Jordan, and people like them so much because they are great. In their prime they are at the top of their field. Not to mention you can’t call some one over hyped and then say I’m not giving an opinion of him. You are contradicting your own statement. By saying he is over hyped you are giving an opinion of him. A very uneducated opinion mind you.

            Yes Robin Williams did comedy special, but they weren’t really stand up. More one man shows or sketch comedy.Which is fine, but not stand up.

          5. I NEVER said I was bashing louie CK… .I said I’ve heard his name so many times… that it makes me want to seek out other comedians. Hence why I used the term overhyped and not overrated. I’m not judging him, I’m judging others talking about him too damn much. It’s like if you see a movie trailer sooo many damn times on TV you might avoid seeing the film until media release.

          6. The connotation with over hyped and over rated is pretty much the same thing. It indicates someone or something is getting praise that is more than what they deserve. Here’s an idea, why not seek it out instead blindly saying I’m not going to see it. He has specials online, youtube, Netflix, among others.

        2. I’m confused about what you are saying, because I was explaining why I don’t mind Dunham. He’s fine. He does his thing, and he’s good at his thing.

  6. I know people will make fun of me for this but I am a Dane Cook fan. I don’t know why there are so many haters out there. For whatever reason when a comic gets popular the haters come out.

    My dream job would be to work with ILM or on the upcoming Star Wars films.

    1. I don’t hate Dane Cook, I just he’s an average comic with an above average fanbase. He is more energy than jokes.

  7. I know people will make fun of me for this but I am a Dane Cook fan. I don’t know why there are so many haters out there. For whatever reason when a comic gets popular the haters come out.

    My dream job would be to work with ILM or on the upcoming Star Wars films. Along those same lines I’m a huge fan of the Star Wars Clone Wars series.

  8. My pick for favorite comic would have to be Bill Hicks. That guy has been ripped off more so than any other. Similar is Mitch Hedberg. When he came out there was nothing like him. Now so many people copy his style.

  9. I am really looking forward to the Top 100 Animated countdown. That does sound like a lot of fun.

    I enjoy the Clone Wars TV series recently. So much better story telling then the actual movie. Reboot is also a past personal favorite.

    Oh, and thanks for using my question. My favorite Stand Ups are Cosbey and Seinfeld. I’m a fan of clean comedy for the most part. People who can be family friendly and still be funny is impressive.

  10. The only stand-up comics I like are the Whose Line Is It guys.

    One CG series I really like that no one seems to know about is Storm Hawks, but my all time favorite can only be Beast Wars. I like those series for the characters and it doesn’t hurt that Scott McNeil does voices for both.

    My dream job is being a voice actor for cartoons and video games.

  11. Can’t get enough talk about standup comedy. To pick my favorite is asking an impossible task. Depending on mood or time of day it could change. I love Dave Attell and his unique storytelling and delivery. I really miss his show Insomniac as well. Very underrated. Speaking of unique you can’t get more unique then Stephen Wright. One person who got me into stand up is Greg Giraldo. Man I really miss him.

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