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MIKE RETURNS! Steve and Mike sit down and discuss a little more the network news, the tv/film news in the works and of course your feedback. We delve a little deeper into some of the subjects going on all kinds of fun tangents. After all of that we talk the games we’re currently playing and how console to pc is played differently for the same games. We hope you continue to enjoy the episodes and please feel free to respond to any and all feedback methods. We will read and reply on the show. Topic suggestions also welcome. So get Altered, Get Geeky with the Altered Geeks. GCR-UNLIMITED



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  1. There’s so many TV shows Marvel could do. I would love to see a Ghost Rider cartoon like the HBO Spawn series. I don’t think it will happy. I don’t see Disney letting them do anything like that anytime soon. How do you all feel about Disney owning Marvel? I know its given Marvel some good things, like money, but I also think it slows them down from doing more mature content. Also what Disney characters would you like to see in the Marvel would or vice versa. LIke I would love to see a Fantastic Four-Incredibles cross over cartoon.

    1. I see a lot of people saying Disney won’t let Marvel do something, but is that actually true. Does anyone really know how much power Disney holds over Marvel. If anything with Marvel’s success movie wise and Disney’s recent failures they should be listening to Marvel. I know people are worried Marvel won’t have any R rated content anymore because of Disney. I think they won’t have any R rated content anymore because every time they tried its failed. How many Punisher movies have there been? All have failed.

      Now I do agree a Ghost Rider show could be cool. Speaking of Ghost Rider that’s another Marvel property that has been given a R rating and not produced. For some reason the general public does not like R rated super heroes.

      1. Lots of people seem to forget that Disney owns Touchstone pictures and they can do R rated movies. Lots of people also seem to forget quickly how violent PG13 movies have gotten in the last 5 or so years:)

        As for Disney not letting Marvel make R rated movies. Disney does own Marvel and I see them protecting the “brand” that way they can sell toys to kids with out getting back lash from parents for making toys for an R rated film. But see as how Marvel/Disney now has 3 of their more “violent” characters back with out a wink or a nod as to what’s being done, I can see how it could be disconcerting to fans that Disney isn’t “allowing” Marvel to make the movies.

        I think after The Dark Knight, The Wolverine and I’m going to throw the last 2 twilight movies in here, that if Marvel wanted to make a Blade, Punisher or Ghost Rider movie that they could make them under the PG13 rating. Also Marvel introduced Blade to kids in the Ultimate Spider-man cartoon, so to release and R rated Blade now would probably be a bad idea now that the character has been exposed to children.

        Will elaborate more on the next show, but I agree with your comment about “allowing” Marvel to do something:)

  2. Fill in the blank question. I like it! Hmm…what to ask. Well…what made you become ‘geeks’. What brought you into the vacuum that is geek culture. Don’t know if you covered that already or not.

    I checked out The Tomorrow People as well. I agree. A million times better than SHIELD. Do any of you watch arrow before it?

    1. I thought Arrow was awful the first few episodes so I gave up on it. Have not seen the Tomorrow People yet though.

      1. Arrow…was not good. Haven’t watched season 2 yet. I couldn’t get passed half way through season 1. Too cheesy, an too trying to be Batman the TV show and not Arrow the TV show.

      2. Arrow I agree was bad in Season 1 but I think Season 2 is redeeming it. I quit about 6 episodes into Season 1. But picked up with Season 2 and like it so far. Green Arrow, hints for Red Arrow, and Deadshot to come there. Could be a cluster but who knows.

  3. I would love to see a Marvel TV show like Punisher. As long as its on cable or a paid network like HBO. What ever happened to that Powers show that was supposed to happen. That seemed like a good idea.

      1. you are? That must hurt all that poking and prodding from directors, producers and stuff. LOL

    1. Marvel did try something similar with the Blade TV show on Spike, that didn’t work. Punisher I could see it working if done right.

      Powers would be cool, I do wonder if it will exist in the same universe as SHIELD. I would assume not.

  4. Thank yoiu, thank you, thank you. I 100% agree that Diablo III is much better on the 360. I got in some epic arguments with my PC gamer friends who refuse toe accept the reality. Are they fan or groups of fans that tend to annoy you? Like the crazy Twilight fans who or obnoxious sports fans. I enjoy PC Game but some of the people that do it are so full of themselves, and make it sound like its SOOOO much better than the consoles. They annoy me a great deal.

  5. That Dark Glass project looks like it could be awesome. Any idea when that might be released?

    1. Thanks! Yeah the Dark Glass time was actually started in 2009. The guys brought me onboard in 2010. I ran the voice casting and auditions. Our own OptimusSolo here is DepthCharge and I am Megatron. I don’t know if you saw the video yet from the but it details some of it. The goal is to be out by 2016 sometime. Unless we get enough donations to get others in on it, or other collaborators. But once all the preliminary characters, maps, etc are done it should go smoothly. We do have a followup planned too.

  6. I do have a question about the not liking when people yell in their standup. Is that all of standup and comedy? Like if someone yells right away you are out of it? I mean I know there are people who over do it or can be annoying. There are those who are effective with it though. Someone like Lewis Black or Eddie Pepitone use that angry yelling persona well. As most of their comedy comes from a angry place it represents their frustration. So I wasn’t sure if I was understanding you right.

    1. No. I enjoy Lewis Black quite a bit. His yelling comes more from anger and frustration.

      1. Ok cool. I love Lewis Black. I can see how some might not be a fan though.

  7. I don’t have my own web comic. Mainly because I have no artistic
    ability. I’ve thought about some digital books and what not, but I’ve mostly resorting to message boards. I haven’t done it in quite a while, as time is limited recently. But maybe one day I’ll write something and put it out to be digitally published.

    1. Based on many webcomics I’ve seen artistic ability is not required. lol. Not to be mean, but there are some that are better than others.

  8. As podcasters do you all listen to any other podcasts, and if so which ones?

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