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This week the guys sit down and discuss many different topics. They also jump aboard some intro to gaming for the hosts as well as listener questions. Sorry it’s a little random, shorter and messy this week. We wanted to get an episode to you all during the PS4 launch this week. So here to speak for it is AGU Episode 16! All this and more on this week’s AGU! We hope you continue to enjoy the episodes and please feel free to respond to any and all feedback methods. We will read and reply on the show. Topic suggestions also welcome. So get Altered, Get Geeky with the Altered Geeks. GCR-UNLIMITED




  1. What are your tech woes? Can be Console, PC, Handheld, MISC, ETC.


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  1. Right now I am having major PC tech woes. Not sure how, but got some wicked virus that is wreaking havoc.

    Will there be a special Off the Cuff for the PS4 launch? I didn’t see an episode this week.

  2. My current Tech woe is my current crappy Nokia Windows phone. I don’t even have an issue with the operating system, but the phone itself. Buttons will stick or not work. The voice command will pop up for no reason. Not to mention the phantom button touching when I don’t even touch the phone but it thinks I hit the search button. Seriously impossible to watch videos. Can’t wait to trade it in, in a few weeks

  3. I don’t think people are growing tired of Super Heroes at all. I mean look how much money the movies are making and how well the TV shows are doing.

    A Batman TV show could be cool, I’d rather see Batman on the big screen though or in animated form. If Arrow is anything like what a Batman TV show would be I wouldn’t want it.

    My biggest tech woe is nothing with tech itself but people not being able to stop using it. Going out to dinner or whatever with friends is pointless anymore. All anyone does is stare at their Cell phone screens.

  4. The only tech woe I have is that I want more of it. With holidays approaching all I can think of is how big my list is going to be. Of course I can’t get any of it, a boy can dream can’t he.

  5. The Crazy Eight’s sounds like an fun name for a SuperHero team, and a strip about the life at a movie theater is something I’m super interested in. Are they still available anywhere?

  6. I have to disagree that making a TV show or Movie about lesser known characters is grasping at straws. Sometimes making a movie about a lesser know character can make for a better product. Look at Blade, no one cared about that character at all before the movies.

    I hope we get more movies like Guardians of the Galaxy, or if the news of the potential new Sandman TV are true that would be amazing.

    I’m knocking on would hardly as I write this. I have currently no tech woes. Things appear to be working just fine. Wait, What’s that. Oh all my TV’s decided to explode to spite me? Darn.

  7. My biggest tech woe right now is an issue I am having with photoshop. (Part of the issue is that its too expensive) Trying other means and not having much luck.

  8. I’m surprised to hear you say you wish television would be smart again. I think its the smartest its been in a long time. Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, American Horror Story, and so many other smart and equally fun TV shows.

  9. Do you think you’ll be talking about TV again anytime soon? I enjoyed those conversations. I’d be interested to hear what fall tv shows you are still watching and if you think Agents of Shield got any better.

      1. I agree I would like to hear more of that as well. Did anyone catch Almost Human? I enjoyed it a great deal.

  10. Batman should have a live action TV show. There’s no reason not to.

  11. Anyone having issues with the PS4? Haven’t gotten one yet but I hear all over crashes abound. Guess that’s typical for the early launch.

  12. Crazy how timing works. I drop my phone on Monday, majorly crack the screen and then I see the tech woes question. Ya adding fuel to my fire! ;)

  13. Just wanted to say that I enjoyed the show. I’m not so keen on the gaming discussions unless you talk more broadly about the industry or the consoles, but I don’t really find discussions about the games of interest, but that’s just me.

    Batman is probably being reserved for the big screen. DC is pushing Bats in animated form, and has been for years. It seems that soon after one series ends another one is on TV relatively quickly; look at Brave and the Bold and Beware the Batman. With Brave and the Bold being on Netflix I’ve now seen all of the episodes…well, all that Netflix has the rights to show…I hope they get the final ones. It’s actually a fun and entertaining series. I admit I didn’t immediately like it, but it definitely won me over.

    Tech woes? My wife just dropped her iPhone, so we had to deal with replacing that. It was going to be over $100 to repair the screen so she decided to upgrade. Now she has a phone that is newer and faster than mine. How is that fair? :)

    For those commenting about Agents of SHIELD, let me know if it got better. I stopped watching it after about the third episode. I just don’t care for the characters and the stories aren’t compelling to me. I liked the first episode though, but after that it got away from what I thought the direction of the series was going to be.

  14. I’m surprised that you all would want a Batman TV show because you both appear overloaded with superhero stuff. But I agree we need another Star Trek series.

    But I disagree we don’t have smart TV anyone. TV is the best its ever been.

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