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Steve Megatron and TFG1 Mike delve into the Awards Reasoning, Year 5, Media, Film, Transformers, Star Wars, Gotham and MORE! We resume the questions again as well as discuss NEW 2014 shows. All this and more on this week’s AGU! We hope you continue to enjoy the episodes and please feel free to respond to any and all feedback methods. We will read and reply on the show. Topic suggestions also welcome. So get Altered, Get Geeky with the Altered Geeks.


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  1. I must preface this by saying I am not trying to be a troll or purposely cause you to get angry but I have disliked the direction this podcast has gone sine Mike (not boothninja) has come on board. It has become 45 minutes of bitching with twenty minutes of news. I get being critical about things but this is like the fourth week in a row you complained about the Oscars. I get it. You don’t like them. Now move please. Honestly Mike sounds like he is bored half the time and not really interested. It got better near the end when you talked about 2014 shows. I don’t know much more listen to if it stays like this.

    1. we’re you not listening when I expressed my interest and hopes for the new TF cartoon and Gotham? Sorry that you don’t like my negative opinion on hollywood in general. I just roll with the punches when discussing the news stories, and most of them just make me turn away from stuff.

      1. Yes for ten minutes out of the 90 you sounded enthused. Otherwise you sounded like you were bored or disinterested.

    2. I’ve got to greatly disagree with Justin. I’ve loved the dynamic of Steve and Mike. Thought it has been just as good with you two.

      1. Well thank you sir! No I do agree we did harp on the Oscars a bit much and to be fair to Mike I almost kicked him off last week due to a head cold which he overcame enough to join in. So there is that too,

        1. ha! that’s not exactly accurate. I sniffled my way through TPB 73… and got better by the time we did AGU.. there was a point where I said I might bow out… so it’s not like you said #GTFO of my show! lol

  2. You statement regarding the Academy voters not watching the movies they voted on is a little inaccurate. Two academy voters (out of hundreds I think even thousands) indicated they didn’t watch 12 Years a Slave because they thought it would be too disturbing of an experience. However, they voted for it anyways. While I agree that is bogus that they didn’t see it and inexcusable `12 Years a Slave won and deservingly so. I usually don’t agree with the Academy choices like when King’s Speech beat The Social Network or Crash beating Brokeback Mountain but this year they were quite spot on. No glaring mistakes or headscratchers. Not really getting why you are hating on them so much when this year has been one of their best years. Last year was good too. Although Argo should not have won, but its still a good movie. Ever since they started to do voting online we have seen a switch.

    For new 2014 TV shows I am not really sure. Have new ones been announced. I have seen True Detective and dug it a great deal. Enlisted on Fox has been funny as well. 24 coming back is exciting to see. Better Call Saul sounds like it could be good, and Gotham and Flash might have potential. I assume once pilot season hits in a few months we will find out more about the new shows in the fall.

    1. Gotham, and 24’s return are what I’m most excited for NEW 2014 shows, but you are right the fall lineup hasn’t even been announced yet lol I’m still stuck on the NEW shows that premiered last year.

    2. Yeah we’re done on the whole awards tirade.

      As for TV, I was trying to find more to discuss but had a difficult time. Missing 24 was my fault. I’ve seen the press on that.

      Can’t wait to check out the new lineup though.

      1. I was not sure if that counted as a ‘new’ show because its really a returning show. I also forgot about Greg Kinnear’s Rake. It is pretty good as well.

  3. As much as I hate to admit it I’m intrigued by the 100 show on the CW. Don’t have high hopes but it could be good.

  4. I must say I think we are in a late night tv high point. Jimmy Fallon has made the Tonight Show watchable again, which it hadn’t been since Conan took it over. Speaking of
    Conan he’s great (he is also a SNL alum), Jimmy Kimmel has great bits, Seth Myers is ideal for that role, Craig Ferguson is still highly underrated. Not to mention things like @Midnight, The Daily Show, Colbert Report, and The Pete Holmes show.

    I love that Fallon doesn’t ask people like James Spader pointed questions about The Blacklist. Who cares? What revelations are they going to reveal about some crap show in a five minute interview. Stars get ask about stuff they are promoting all the time and give the same exact answers. I’m glad we are getting interviews with real conversations that are funny.

    1. The Pete Holmes Show is amazing. The stuff he did with the Street Fighter sketches are legendary.

  5. I was excited for Girl Meets World until I heard it was a Disney Show. That is disappointing. They are taking something I love and turning it into iCarley. BOOOO!

    1. BMW was an ABC show so I’m not surprised that Disney grabbed it. I’m excited for it because it will remain true to the original series, and has Corey and Topanga’s daughter.

    2. Isn’t iCarly just a distilled ABC sitcom from the 90’s? I mean early BMW isn’t even all that different from todays Disney series. BMW wasn’t good until it started growing with its audience which was great, but the early stuff? Woof.

      GMW might be perfect for Disney Channel as would BMW these days. It would be too wholesome for even ABC to air I think. One issue I forsee being an issue with GMW is the series inability to tackle the hard life lessons its predecessor did when it aired in prime time. Disney maybe to sterile and wholesome for anything meaningful/impactful to come out of it.

      1. Oh come on now. The 90’s sitcoms weren’t iCarly bad. Perfect Strangers, Step By Step, and Family Matters are high class entertainment if you ask me.

          1. When I see someone associate something with iCarly I can only assume they are calling it garbage. The way I read it was the 90’s ABC stuff was just older versions of iCarly

          2. Nope. The 90’s ABC stuff had weight, and messages/morales along with teenage characters and cheesy comedic elements. iCarly and the other Disney channel sitcoms are DISTILLED versions of the 90’s sitcoms, with no message to deliver and no weight. Just cheesy teenage elements and teenage characters. I am HOPING that GMW doesn’t fall into that whole and carries the same weight that its predecessor does, but I doubt it will given its sibling programming and target market.

          3. too be fair iCarly is Nick… and yeah Disney doesn’t tackle a lot of heavy stuff… just look at wizards of waverly place or good luck charlie… I enjoyed the latter, but the comedy got old fast.

          4. I thought iCarly was Nick. My point still stands, both networks have pretty much the same image regarding kid/teen live action programming. Nick in the 90’s was crazy, today, it is very safe by comparison. Disney Channel has always been safe while ABC allowed Disney to have more impactful TV series. We shall see how GMW turns out though, I hope I am wrong and they can catch lightening in a bottle twice:)

            I wonder how much of the series will revolve around its star being a girl and how much it will just be Corey Matthews reacting to his daughter dating. The former could be very interesting, the later will get old very quickly;)

          5. I just hope they solve the mystery of what happened to Mr. Turner.

  6. I wish I had HBO cause I want to see True Detective and Silicon Valley that is coming out soon.

      1. I love True Detective. Its one of the best TV shows I’ve seen in quite a long time. With that said, based on your taste Steve, I don’t think you will enjoy it at all.

        1. I do actually like some styles of detective shows so who knows. I do prefer to go towards the larger stars and the sci-fi element more often than not but I am not opposed to trying it.

  7. I see what you guys are saying regarding Kickstarter. Rich celebs asking for money does come off as a tad bit ridiculous. But we tend to over estimate how much money celebrities really have. Even they may not have the money needed to make a movie (depending on budget of course). What I loved about the Veronica Mars Kickstarter is it gives fans the option. I’m probably going to buy the dvd anyways, if buying it early before it comes out lets it be made I’m all for it. Its giving power to the fans and letting us put our money where our mouths are.

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