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AGU-POD-3This week Steve and Mike are joined by Dan from Talking in Circles! The guys sit down and discuss Daredevil, Online Purchases, Daredevil compared to Flash/Agents of SHIELD/Arrow/Gotham, Star Wars and Batman v Superman Trailers. Hope everyone listened to the last episode and enjoys this weeks as well. Thank you again to all who responded last week and we hope you join in the conversation this week as well. All this and more on this week’s AGU! We hope you continue to enjoy the episodes and please feel free to respond to any and all feedback methods. We will read and reply on the show. Topic suggestions also welcome. So get Altered, Get Geeky with the Altered Geeks.

Star Wars Trailer

Batman v Superman – Teaser

Batman v Superman “Leaked” Trailer

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  • What did you think about the trailers?
  • What do you think about the Daredevil series compared to the other Comic Shows?


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  1. You guys were really harsh on Arrow and FLash. Just cause a new show comes along like Daredevil now the old shows aren’t good anymore. If Arrow didn’t succeed we would have never of gotten Daredevil in the first place.

    1. I wasn’t saying that when I was jumping in. I am totally a DC Comics fanboy so I will continue to support and love those shows. I dislike how Arrow keeps creating spin-offs. I really love The Flash. Gotham I wasn’t too impressed from the start. Arrow to me has seemed to come and go with their quality. I love the cast and premise.

      Daredevil seems to combine the aspects of a good 13 episode run and not put too much filler in it. Also it seems to be more cohesive with the overall plot whereas the others seem too episodic and have elements of story in the filler. I love Arrow’s Flashbacks and The Flash with it’s as well as the story there. Daredevil just seems to add the 13 episode quality season aspect and cinematic filming style that gravitates to the fans of shows with that HBO/AMC quality level. That’s all I was saying. I am by no means a real fan of Daredevil. I just said the show quality seemed higher than the others despite being overtly dark.

      That is true on Arrow and it’s success however, we did have shows like the Walking Dead and others which were comic related prior to Arrow. So there is that too. Arrow just seems to be the more public jumping on point as it too spawned The Flash.

      In addition with Disney’s acquiring of Marvel this would have happened anyhow with their creating Agents of SHIELD among their lineup.

      My overall point is while Daredevil is a higher grade than all the others out in filming quality and story, I enjoy my Arrow/Flash shows more. Gotham is hit or miss for me and Agents is good but depends on what they’re enemy is.

    2. I don’t think we were that harsh. We still really enjoy Flash and Arrow is well, I can’t defend Arrow right now. What Daredevil did was show that comic based TV series can be good and smart. They don’t need to play to necessarily play to the mass for mass appeal, or do cool shit for the sake of something being cool. Do I personally think Daredevil is the best live comic TV series going right now? Yes. Followed closely by Flash and then distantly by Arrow and Agents of Shield.

      This is what happens. Just because a show is older doesn’t mean a new show can’t be better then an established one. Or that new show can’t make an established show look bad by comparison. If anything maybe Arrow can figure it’s crap out and learn from Daredevil now that CW has seen the success that Daredevil has had.

      Arrow was at its best in season 2 when its scope was the same size as the one viewed in Daredevil. Street level crime busting. It would be nice to see Arrow return to that.

      I also concur with @SCP21 reply. We responded at the same time, lol

    3. I’m a fan of DC, Marvel, and have enjoyed Arrow’s first two seasons a lot. This last season though is a mess. Not to mention their big storyline this season is a blatant rip off of Batman.

    4. To be honest I’ve never thought Arrow was that great of a show. Even in Season 2 I have major issues with a lot of the characters development and its story telling. I’ve enjoyed it enough to keep watching but it was always flawed. Season 3 has been unwatchable at times for a lot of reasons. Mostly the fact that it lacks real human characters, they are limited to the same exact conflicts, and the flashback storytelling has been really weak this season. Its been more of a hindrance than a help.

  2. I buy stuff off of Ebay all the time and never have an issue. I do use precautions though. I use PayPal that comes from an account I solely use for online purchases and only buy from people who have nearly perfect positive sell history. The only issues of have come across are with shipping.

  3. God that Star Wars trailer was drool inducing. It looks freaking amazing! I was worried when JJ Abrams came aboard but I am loving what he is doing. God December is far too far away.

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