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AGU-POD Steve and Mike jump right into some of their week events, conventions, super heroes, tv and answer your questions. All this and more on this week’s AGU! We hope you continue to enjoy the episodes and please feel free to respond to any and all feedback methods. We will read and reply on the show. Topic suggestions also welcome. So get Altered, Get Geeky with the Altered Geeks.





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  • (NEW) Question of the Night:
    • What is your favorite method of watching any media?
    • What superhero news makes you most interested?


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  1. I think the supergirl show should be fox that way Batman and Superman universes are on FOX! LOL

    1. But the Batman universe is already on CW with Arrow. lol Super Girl crossing over with Arrow makes more sense than her teaming up with a boy Bruce Wayne or Detective Jim Gordon.

      1. Why not just do a super cross over with all of them. It’s only a matter of time.

  2. I didn’t realize that Black Adam was outside the Batman V Superman stuff. That makes no sense to me. Why would they do that. That goes against their MO. Not saying it’s a bad idea, just shocking.

    1. It is weird but I am okay with it. BVS was already
      overloaded. Adding Black Adam to the mix would only make things messier. Who
      knows they can still team up later down the line.

    2. From what I read it is still up in the air if he’ll be in it at all. In a way it sounds like Black Adam will have his own movie.

  3. My question with Netflix buying Gotham before it airs is what are the details of the deal. Are they promised so many episodes for how much they paid? Fox has already cancelled a new Fall show before it even aired, and shows after a few episodes. If Netflix is promised so many episodes but the ratings are awful is Fox stuck making more? I would be curious to see what happens in that situation.

  4. Those who sanctioned Man of Steel with the ‘9/11 imagery’ mantra were doing it for more than just the fact buildings fell over. There were a lot of shots that were direct homages from James Hanlon’s 9/11 documentary. As towers fall in the foreground and background, sending great plumes of smoke through the crowded corridors of Metropolis, citizens race toward us in low-angle shots that are almost shot for shot recreations Zod using a video similar to the tactics of the Taliban. Characters trapped underneath a pile of rubble and decimated girders that recall Ground Zero. The biggest thing though is the tone of the entire event. Pacific Rim isn’t categorized as 9/11 because its imagery and tone are cartoonish. Man of Steel is super serious and more of a real world setting. No idea if Zach Snyder made an intentional choice to evoke 9/11. He would not have been the first to use 9/11 to add meat the bone of his summer blockbuster. Spielberg did it just a few years after 9/11. Hell, even James Bond did it. For whatever reason it became a big issue last year again.

    1. I personally never saw the connection as more than coincidence.
      How do you avoid those types of images if you are having a disaster in a major
      city? It is just one of those arguments people jumped on and wouldn’t let go.

  5. I do not get the hype behind the new iPhone. Apple has long lost is crown for having the best smartphone. It is nothing but image at this point. Nothing about the new iPhone is all that enticing. Just a waste of money and time IMO.

    1. Yea I work at AT&T and most people that buy iPhones just buy them because they are the phone to buy. Nothing but name recognition. There are clearly benefits to Apple products and they always have a visual appeal. I personally prefer HTC or Samsung. Currently rocking a Galaxy S5 and loving it.

      1. I’ve not had good luck with the HTC line but I do almost always enjoy Samsung, Motorola and LG. I have the Galaxy S5 and while there are things that are bothersome to me, I still like this phone a lot. Battery has a lot to do with it.

  6. So is it safe to assume you will be talking about the new Batmobile images on the next episode? lol

    1. I’m not liking the design. Looks too much like a sports car or a roadster. I’d rather see something that could put up a better defense.

      1. I didn’t care for the tumbler as much. I liked it but still didn’t say Batman to me. This speaks more to that. It’s like his comics roadster mixed with the tumbler and the Arkham Knight batmobile. So I could see this.

        1. I could see that. I like the Tumbler a lot. Closest thing we’ve got to the Batmobile in Dark Knight Returns.

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