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We return on time and chat various topics. From the new gaming console generation to tech, to tv and film we get it all this week.  So here to speak for it is AGU Episode 16! All this and more on this week’s AGU! We hope you continue to enjoy the episodes and please feel free to respond to any and all feedback methods. We will read and reply on the show. Topic suggestions also welcome. So get Altered, Get Geeky with the Altered Geeks. GCR-UNLIMITED






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  1. What are your Black Friday Traditions and Strategies?


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  1. Regarding my phone, I guess there aren’t button buttons, Not sure what you call them but on the screen dedicated area for voice command, search, and back. They either don’t work or work at random times. I have a Nokia 900 if that helps.

    So Steve you cut out all the bad jokes no one got? I guess that means I won’t be on the episode at all. ;)

  2. I find it harder and harder to keep with Black Friday traditions, Especially with stores opening on Thursday now its almost pointless.

  3. My friends and I tend to hit up best buy. I have even got paid to stand in line for people and pick things up for them. Most people spend money, I make it on that day. Taking advantage of other people’s laziness pays off!

  4. I don’t always go out on Black Friday. Depends on my money situation. If I do I go all out.. Waiting in line at 1AM to 2AM at whatever store I have targeted. Interesting enough if you are looking to get a computer I have found stores like Office Max are great to hit up. They aren’t very busy because no one thinks about them, but their deals are usually really good.

  5. I’ve been more of a Cyber Monday than Black Friday lately. Not having to wake up early and stand in line in the cold has been a plus. I still go out but later in the day.

  6. I too will be working on the dreaded Black Friday, hopefully enjoying some shopping after my shift.

  7. Don’t have a specific black Friday tradition, but this year we are going all out. I’m started off at my local comic book store. It’s having amazing deals on graphic novels and back issues. Have a list ready to go in hopes of picking up what I need the most.

    This might sound selfish but I tend to use Black Friday as more of a chance to buy stuff for myself rather than other people. Unless its some big ticket item my family is all getting together

  8. Black Friday? Dear god, I stay away has far as possible. Too many trampled to death stories for my liking.

    1. I love to go to Wal-Mart late at night just to see the craziness. Excellent people watching opportunities.

      1. Wal-Mart on Black Friday has to be in the top 5 of reasons why so many countries hate America.

  9. I heard someone on the news this morning call Thursday, brown Thursday. I thought it was in reference to the by product of all the food we will be eating. I guess its regarding the sales lol. I don’t have any traditions for Black Friday. Depends on the day or the year. This year I might hit up a few stores, but I don’t see myself waking up before dawn to stand in line. I’m just too old for that sh*t anymore. :)

    1. This year is a little different for me. I have a kid now so there’s that and it also appears the ‘deals’ aren’t nearly as good as previous years. I will be running out during Thanksgiving for the early deals and games but I am done with the mess of the Friday morning. I’d do online but what I want either isn’t online or it is a complete crap shoot for a deal.

  10. I stopped going to stores a long time ago. It’s all online shipping for me so I don’t do Black Friday. Too many crazy people in this world.

  11. Why would you shop on Black Friday for Christmas? Isn’t that Santa’s job? lol

    I knock out all my shopping on Black Friday. I have my lists set to go, a plan of action, what stores to hit first and when, even have written in times for bathroom breaks. Seriously this stuff is not for the novice. In the end I end up getting more for myself then anyone else, but hey I got to love me first right?

  12. My Black Friday Tradition is simple…….wake up at 6am jump on amazon and play video games until the lighting deals I want pop up. This year however I will be going to Brown Wednesday at my comic store. 25% off all comics for subscribers and on black friday they have a sweet deal on Settlers of Cattan that I might have to take advantage off.

    1. I love it when comic book stores have amazing sales. My local CBS so rarely has specials so you have to take advantage of when they happen.

  13. I have my list all set for Friday. I’m one of those craziness that darts for the electronic isle right when the store opens. Its often the only exercise I get all year. Got to make it last.

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