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Steve and Mike return to talk some TV news, Batman Superman casting finals and Arkham Origins. All this and more on this week’s AGU! We hope you continue to enjoy the episodes and please feel free to respond to any and all feedback methods. We will read and reply on the show. Topic suggestions also welcome. So get Altered, Get Geeky with the Altered Geeks. GCR-UNLIMITED




  1. What is some jobs you’ve had that you hate?
  2. What is your thoughts on the Arkham Franchise or Arkham Origins so far?


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  1. I have only played the first two Arkham games and they are two of the best Batman, maybe best overall superhero games ever made.

    Jobs I hate? So many to choose from. LOL. I think the job I hated most was one of my first jobs as a dish washer at this hole in the wall restaurant. It was dirty all the time, and just a bore. So glad I don’t do it anymore.

  2. The Arkham games have been great. Finally we actually have a good Batman game. Now if they could only get Superman right.

  3. What I dig about the Arkham series is how every game is a little bit different. Never do they come off as carbon copies of one another. Even Origins, which I don’t like as much, at least tried to do something different.

  4. I worked as a garbage man one summer. The hours were great, but going home and smelling awful every day was not ideal.

  5. Jobs that I hate huh? Well how much time you got? I worked at a local amusement park once. Sounds fun huh? Well doing the same thing for 8 straight hours while listening to the same 45 seconds of annoying song can drive anyone crazy. Not to mention the amount of horrible families and they annoying kids that they couldn’t control

    1. the sad thing about that is the only thing I can picture in my mind is this scene from Despicable Me…

  6. My worst job is working on a dog shelter most of the dogs would bite at my pants it sucks!!!

  7. i can’t get enough of the Arkham universe my 2nd favorite version of batman next to Batman the animated series

  8. I love the Arkham series, and I don’t see the casting of Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamil as fan service at all. People wouldn’t have the issue with how their tone doesn’t fit the games if it wasn’t for their past work. People automatically them with the kids cartoon, but if you remove that association I think you can see they both have the gritty voice that fits the game.

    1. My opinion on the voices still stands. I’m not alone in this either. For the record I don’t see Batman the Animated series as a “kids” only cartoon. The tone of the show was pretty dark and some the character designs fairly risqué. Don’t get wrong. I love Conroy as Batman, it just doesn’t fit the Arkham aesthetic.

      I see it as fan service because I’m not sure people would’ve given it it’s fair shake if it didn’t have the voice acting chops it brought to the table. Sure it would’ve been a sleeper hit and probably picked up steam if they used different voice actors, but not the home run that it was using the legendary voices.

      Again, these are my opinions. I love the Arkham series, I. Just tune out Batmans voice in Asylum and City:)

      1. as I tuned out the Bat voice in Origins when I saw you play it lol That aint no Batman Voice, I’d rather have had George Clooney as the Origins voice lol

        In general I think that Conroy is NOT a good fit for EVERY SINGLE Bat project, but with Paul Dini writing the first two Arkham games I definitely liked hearing Conroy there.

        There have been several of the DC Animated Direct to DVD films, where I felt Conroy didn’t fit the animation style of the film. So while I love him being attached a lot of the post DCAU stuff….He sometimes isn’t the best choice for everything.

        1. Agreed, and in my opinion Arkham is one of those Batmans that his voice doesn’t work with. I really enjoyed the new guy. It’s a good mix between Conroys Batman and Bales Batman. Then again another unpopular opinion I have is that I was ok with Bales Batman, lol.

          Conroy just doesn’t seem to have the voice for an “armored” Batman.

          1. Conroy felt out of place in the games to me……they should have gotten Adam West.

      2. I don’t think the voice actors had the huge of an impact on it as much as you think. I agree sales wise yes it doesn’t hurt, but its not like they haven’t been in a video game before. I mean how much love did Batman Vengeance get when that came out.

        If you see the tone of the Batman Series as a dark tone that is risque how does that not mix with the aesthetic of Arkham? Plus, at least Hammel, brought it to another level in Arkham with the more adult overtones to better match that aesthetic.

        Was it fan serrice to cast them? Sure, the same way it was fan service to cast them in the Justice League cartoon.

        1. I don’t have a problem with Hamills Joker. Never have. Didn’t say I had an issue with his performance in the Arkham series. I he brought it to next level. Conroy didn’t, IMO.

          Also the Justice League cartoon is an extension of BTAS and STAS. It wouldn’t make sense to change the voice actors.

          1. True, but you can argue making it an extension is nothing more than fan service as well.

            I still don’t really understand what about the voice actors didn’t fit the tone? I understand you don’t have an issue with the performances, but what about them doesn’t fit with the game. As you pointed out Conroy has already portrayed a dark version of Batman, what more did you want that he wasn’t giving?

          2. While I find BTAS to not be a kids only cartoon it is certainly lighter fair then the Arkham games. Right from the get go when I loaded up Arkham in 2009 Conroys voice didn’t match Arkhams specific design for Batman. Conroys voice fits the cape/cowl/tights version of Batman. Not the cape/helmet/armor wearing Batman designs that were introduced to the mainstream by Nolan.

            I’m the first to admit, I was extremely worried about Origins after they announced that Conroy and Hamill weren’t returning, and the Rocksteady wasn’t involved. I didn’t have high hopes for Origins after how bad (IMO) Arkham City was. But Origins really surprised me. Troy Baker took an amazing turn as Joker and Roger Craig Smith finally brought a voice that I felt fit the character design of the Arkham Batman.

          3. Makes sense. I find it interesting because I feel Roger Craig Smith is very Conroy esc at times.

            To each their own. :)

          4. Conroy esq, I agree, but he displayed a range for the character that wasn’t in Asylum or City. There were shades of Bales Batman in there as well (when he would get angry) which I think worked nicely given that Bats is younger, more unrefined in Origins.

            Regardless all 3 games where good. My personal order is Asylum > Origins > City.

          5. I’d go Asylum>City>Origins but I agree City gets a tad overrated, because of the sandbox world. Honestly think the Spider-Man 2 game handle it better han Arkham did.

          6. I agree with a lot of what Mike says. A lot of the reason Arkham even got off the ground was because of Rocksteady approaching Paul Dini. Rocksteady’s development team were huge fans of the BTAS. Paul Dini added legitimacy to the project and brought both Conroy and Hamill into the fold. Adding all those people to the creative process added to selling the idea of the project to WB games. Hell Paul Dini was the first major annoucement when they first introduced it to the public. They didn’t announce voice actors until months later.

            I worked at Gamestop when the game was announced and pre-orders for the games didn’t pick up and gather steam until the voice actors were announced.

            I like all the games in the series in their own way despite the fact that City suffers from the worst case of A.D.H.D that I’ve ever seen. And i’m still waiting for my Batman: HUSH game after the major tease in City.

            Also my worst job was working at a gay strip club. I hated working for just the tip…..(mic drop)

  9. Steve and Mike i have a question for the next record Who would want to play Ra’s al ghul in Arrow?

  10. The job I hated the most was working on one of my friends farms. One of my biggest jobs was to help clean out the barn with all the cows. It was literally the shitiest job I ever had, and the pay was not all that good either.

  11. The only job I hated wasn’t because of the job itself but because of my boss. She was this old hag going through a midlife crisis who I think had a thing for me or something because she would be super uncomfortable all time time. Giving us all way too much info on her personal life and her ‘freaky’ love style. I’m talking HBO Late Night weird type of stuff. *Shivers*

  12. I love the Arkham series. Best version of Batman for video games ever. Nothing comes close.

  13. I never had a job I hated. School on the other hand…don’t get me started.

    My opinion on the Arkham series is that I love City, really like Asylum, and Origins is growing on me.

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