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Steve is joined by Mike and Mike for this adventure into the Geeky Realms of Altered Geek. This week we talk some Gotham, Arrow, Flash, BvS Cowl at the SDCC, Tech and Lego. All this and more on this week’s AGU! We hope you continue to enjoy the episodes and please feel free to respond to any and all feedback methods. We will read and reply on the show. Topic suggestions also welcome. So get Altered, Get Geeky with the Altered Geeks.





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  1. Great episode guys. Congrats on getting to 50 eps also by the way. I did take issue with one thing that was said.

    To think Josh Whedon should just walk away from Avengers 2 to show solidarity with Edgar Wright is a great deal ridiculous. That’s not putting your money with your mouth is. That’s acting childish and unprofessional, and not realizing your actions have ramifications. If Joss Whedon where to just stop on Avengers 2 that’s going to impact a lot of people. Shooting schedules would change, people would lose their jobs, and you literally screw over tons of people who have maliciously planned their schedule around your movie. And as a professional adult he has a duty to the company that hired him.

    You are also assuming Marvel was wrong in this choice or the decision wasn’t mutual. Whedon showing his support for Wright is not the same thing as Whedon denouncing Marvel. It was him showing appreciation for his work and respect for his choice.

    And if Whedon were to walk away, besides costing people jobs and negatively impacting the lives of people who had nothing to do with the decision, you know what would happen? Nothing. So the internet will go crazy. Like how the internet goes crazy about how much they hate the Transformers movies? We can see how much that impacts the box office. Marvel and Disney will still make billions. You asking him or anyone else to cut their nose to spite their face. Even James Gunn admitted it was a better choice for both parties. I hate that it happened, its probably nothing going to be as good as it would have been. But I’m not going to demand other directors follow suit just because.

    1. Good point sir! I can get that stance too. Myself I don’t care really who directs as long as the film is good. I have my reservations about Snyder in BvS and dislike MoS. But Whedon although I am not a huge fan of his, I did really enjoy Avengers. So I would hate to see him go. I think I remember somewhere reading it was a mutual split on Wright and Marvel for Antman. So again thanks for that end of the spectrum we left out!

    2. I agree with what you are saying, and I realize this all myself. I got caught in my Marvel movie rant. Sorry that came out:)

    3. I do blame Marvel with this entire Ant-Man chaos. People keep leaving, and they knew what they were getting when they hired him. I think what happened was when Wright was hired Marvel needed him more then he needed Marvel. Now that’s not the case any more. So Marvel demanded more and Wright wouldn’t put up with it. And now more actors are leaving. Something about this movie just make me think Marvel is worried about it.

  2. I tend to buy my music on Amazon. Yes that includes CD’s, which lets you get both the physical and digital copy at the same time. And unlike some places like Best Buy its easy to find whatever you want.

    1. Id bought a few mp3s from amazon years ago…. sadly they weren’t as good as iTunes quality.

    2. I agree, Amazon and iTunes are easier. So when you buy the physical CD on Amazon you get a digital copy too?

      1. I agree with King of Kongs. They do the same for some movies as well. If you buy a Blu Ray you get the digital copy on Amazon Prime Instant. And all the music I have bought is available the moment you purchase on the Amazon Music Player. The quality is the same from what I can tell I have no idea what TFG1 Mike is talking about.

        1. I had bought 2 songs from Amazon back in 2008-2009. Compared to buying songs in iTunes these were VERY low volume. It might have just been Amazon’s copies, and no it wasn’t my volume settings. When I put them into itunes, they sounded lower even when I used iTunes soundcheck feature.

          I’m not dissing on amazon, I’m just saying the experience I had with them wasn’t that great when it comes to mp3s. Hence why I prefer iTunes. Just a personal preference is all.

          1. true as I said I checked into it again and they were fine… I dunno.

    3. Usually I like to have the box art of the cd/dvd/blu ray. However in some cases like music I’d rather have the instant gratification of listening to it from a digital store. I am not a fan of iTunes but I would use it if I had to but there are so many other places to gain that media from that I don’t have to resort to it.

  3. I enjoyed the episode but I feel every time something new comes around like “Guardians of The Galaxy” TFG1 Mike seems to take the ostrich approach to things. Something new comes along and he puts his head into the sand screaming “It’s new. I don’t want to like it. And if I don’t see it I can blindly shame it instead of creating an educated opinion of it.” and then follow up with making references to dated 80’s cartoons as he wraps himself in a blanket of nostalgia. I mean it even sounds like he is resistant to “Arrow” and I’m sorry but it may be the best “Comic” based live action series I’ve ever seen. I don’t care what else is on Wednesday night that your DVR is recording, but I doubt it holds a candle in the wind to Arrow…….I’m sorry about the rant…….But Booth and Steven shying away from Musical episodes of things is weak. I understand musicals aren’t for everyone. And not everyone can be raised on musical theater like I was. But i enjoy musical episodes when there done right i.e. Buffy the Vampire Slayer or when they are done wrong i.e. Grey’s Anatomy. I think Supernatural will make it fun. I enjoy the funny throw away episodes they do because the tension on the show builds so much through the season that you have to cut the tension down at some point. But just generally shitting on all musicals I have to call shame on you two………Really enjoyed the episode.

    1. Now I NEVER blindly judged GOTG, I just said I finally saw the trailers and it’s not something I’m interested in seeing in theaters. you’re right though I prefer established franchise characters more than stuff I know nothing about. And there is nothing wrong with that. As far as my DVR recordings…. I can’t remember WHAT was on Wednesday nights at the time, but there was something more important to me than Arrow, and it was like 6 eps into season 2, I’d only seen the first 2 episodes…. so I said to myself I’d watch it when it hits streaming. That way I can watch it all in one go.

      I’m with Booth and Steve I’m not into live action musicals either. Whether they be TV episodes or films. They just aren’t my cup of hot chocolate. Glad ya liked the episode. Would love one night for all four of us to do an ep together!

      1. You all don’t know a good thing. Broadway and music themed movies/tv shows can be soooo good at times!

        1. the only musical I ever really wanted to see was Wicked. The rest are just not my thing.

        2. The key is “At Times”. I am fine with them within reason but for instance, I hate American Idol, and Glee. But I can get behind a Animaniacs or Who’s Line is it Anyway musicals. I could even see Supernatural but as I stated in my comment above that is why I don’t see it working this late in the game.

      2. I guess I have to ask you what do you me by established characters? Isn’t the point of making a movie about them to establish them? If all they did was make movies about established characters wouldn’t’ that just leave like Wolverine and Spider-Man?

        1. maybe I should rephrase… I meant characters I already know…. not that I have anything against new stuff, it’s just I prefer the more mainstram marvel characters. YES I know GOTG are not sub characters, but I’m not interested in seeing them or even Ant-Man in theaters. I’ll see the films eventually, but they aren’t high on my list.

        2. I don’t tend to shy away. I will admit I am gun shy about seeing new characters or changes to beloved characters. However with GOTG, I find it really looks interesting and seems to capture something the Marvel films have lacked to a lesser degree which is the true diversity of characters we really don’t know. I love the previous ones but this just has a different vibe to it making it intriguing for a comic fan who knows nothing of this series.

    2. Well I think my issue isn’t the musicals per say. I think my issue is that Supernatural has gotten so dark and with what happened in the previous season finale, I can’t find it plausible in the final season of the series. It just doesn’t fit in my mind. Now a few seasons back or during the trickster times, I could have seen that happening easily and been fine with it. But to have it with as dark as this season is going to be just throws it for me.

  4. I saw the Flash trailer and I was not the biggest fan. Just felt cheap to me. Hoping it gets better.

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