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Mike and Steve come in this week with a quick chat on homeownership, internet, The Batman / Batmobile reveal and finally with some of our TV Season Finale favorites. All this and more on this week’s AGU! We hope you continue to enjoy the episodes and please feel free to respond to any and all feedback methods. We will read and reply on the show. Topic suggestions also welcome. So get Altered, Get Geeky with the Altered Geeks.



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  1. great ep guys! Yeah I’m with you mike……….. JUST GIVE US A DAMN TEASER ALREADY!!! the BVS marketing started wayyy too damn early with nothing to really show us… expect to keep dangling the damn carrot.

    That being said I like the look of the Batmobile, and Batman. I’m happy with the suit. I just wanna see Affleck “act” in the suit. In the past Batsuits have limited the actor’s abilities…. So I hope that isn’t the case here. You have to be able to turn your head lol

    1. Bats not being able to turn his head was remedied in 2009. If Affleck can’t turn his head then this new suit is a step back, in functionality at least.

  2. I hope we don’t start a trend of having a trailer for a movie that is not coming out for another two years. A teaser that early feels self indulgent.

    My favorite Season Finale is probably Arrow, although I don’t watch many shows currently so its an easy choice. A lot of the shows I watch are still in mid stream like Game of Thrones and the return of 24, which has been pretty good by the way.

    1. Arrow may have been my favorite finale so far as well. It’s actually pay off for a line that Oliver delivers to Diggle, about where he learned about “the list”. I am rewatching Season 1 with my wife, I was initially confused by the end of season 2, but that one, seemingly throw away, line buried in S1 at least shows some forward thinking by the writers and producers.

      1. That’s a great point. I didn’t even realize that. Now I like that finale even more.

        I too like the finale of Tomorrow People and I’m sad to see it go. It had so much potential and with Arrow and Flash coming I think they could have even got more fans. I know its not a DC property but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t connect those universes. That would have been cool.

        1. I loved the shows I watched but will talk more on this week’s show. The Tomorrow People was ramping up to be awesome in Season 2. Arrow is a smash hit hands down.

      2. I agree that Arrow has been the best so far. It is really the only show I keep up with currently besides GOT.

    2. I never watch TV as it airs so I can’t say what the best finale is I saw so far, but I do agree 24 has been great to have back.

      1. I usually try to catch it as it releases but if I don’t get the station or miss an episode I usually torrent the episodes to get them and blitz through. It can get difficult to keep up with a dozen shows a week.

    3. I wouldn’t mind to see a trailer this early if its just a quick tease. I would just like to hear Affleck’s voice as Batman.

      1. I’m with @Conor on this one. I see your point about wanting to hear the voice of Batman. I okay waiting though. I agree something this early is just self indulgent.

        1. All marketing in some shape or size is self indulgent. The purpose of it is to sell your product to another person. How could it not be. How is an image like the one they released any less self indulgent then a quick teaser trailer.

    4. Arrow has amazed me so far. Best Comic Book based TV show ever. No question.

  3. The Bat Suit appears to be what once thought it would look like since they announced the movie with the except for Dark Knight Rises. Is it me or does the cockpit for the Batmobile look a little Star Wars esc. Hard to tell with the small glimpse.

    1. That is funny. From the angel of that picture it does look very Star Warish.

  4. The idea of the cowl being cloth is interesting to me. I could see that, I just wonder if that will work in context. I do hope its dark blue though. I’d like to see another color besides black on the costume.

  5. My favorite season finale so far this year has been House of Cards. Maybe that does not count since it didn’t happen recently, but it was the most satisfying so far for me. Sherlock number 2 I think.

    1. That’s a good point. Bottom line with superhero movies is to make good movies. Yes there is a lot of stuff out there, way too much stuff if you ask me. I’ll not get sick of it as long as enough of it is good. And I think the good out weights the bad for the most part.

      With that said I thought Flash looked awful. The special effects have not improved all that much since Smallville. I do not see it being the hit that Arrow is.

  6. My favorite season finale so far this year has been House of Cards. Maybe that does not count since it didn’t happen recently, but it was the most satisfying so far for me. Sherlock number 2 I think.

    I could say I’m going through super hero fatigue in some ways. Yet I super excited for X-Men this weekend so who knows what that means. As long as the movie looks good I’ll want to see it no matter what the subject matter I guess.

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