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AGU-PODThis week we bring up some various topics including ToyFare, news of the week which is more lessened, and round out with some King of the Nerds and of course #SNL40. So join Steve Megatron, TFG1 Mike and Mike the Birdman Dodd as we look at this week in geek. We also dive into your comments this week. Thank you again to all who responded last week and we hope you join in the conversation this week as well. All this and more on this week’s AGU! We hope you continue to enjoy the episodes and please feel free to respond to any and all feedback methods. We will read and reply on the show. Topic suggestions also welcome. So get Altered, Get Geeky with the Altered Geeks.

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(NEW) Question of the Night:

  • If you could choose a Top 10 dream team for SNL who would you have? Who would your host and musical guest be?


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  1. If I could create my own SNL cast it starts with Dana Carvey and Mike Myers. No one has created better characters then them. You also need solid females so I pick Kristin Wig, Tina Fey, and Amy Poehler. Seth Myers would be my head writer and behind the Weekend Update Desk with Poehler. I prefer it when its two people honestly. Phil Hartman is a must as well. That guy was a genius and could make anything funny. My host will be Alec Baldwin. One of the best. Musical Performance would be Weird Al.

  2. Chris Farley is probably my favorite. Sandler too. Anyone from the group in the 90’s I would choose. Don’t watch it a ton lately and never watched the older stuff.

  3. No one has love for Gilda Radner? Without her SNL doesn’t reach the age of forty. She was one of the first and still one of the best. Also don’t sleep on Dan Aykroyd. He hasn’t done much recently but in his prime he was SNL as much as Eddie Murphy. What’s great
    about both of them is they were the masters of the one person sketch. They
    could carry one without anyone else even around. There are a select few that can do that. Dana Carvery, Phil Hartman, Mike Myers, Cheri Oteri, and Will Ferrell are the only others I can think of.

    1. Totally agree! Almost all of them were very talented. That original crew had a few greats and each year that tradition continued. I wouldn’t say I didn’t like her but I am not as familiar with her outside of the late 80’s to late 90’s SNL and some on an off again years ranging 2000 to now.

  4. I wish Eddie Murphy did the Cosby impersonation like they wanted. His segment was super weird. Overall my favorite segment was the Celebrity Jeopardy skit. Man do I miss those. It just kept getting better and better.

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