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AGU-POD We apologize for the lack of an episode last week. This week it really is all kinds of random. We go from Wrestling, Han Solo crashing, Video Games (Arkham Knight, Unreal), Acting, Dark Power Rangers, and Dragon Ball Z. It really goes all over this week. So join Steve Megatron, TFG1 Mike and Mike the Birdman Dodd as we look at this week in geek. We also dive into your comments this week. Thank you again to all who responded last week and we hope you join in the conversation this week as well. All this and more on this week’s AGU! We hope you continue to enjoy the episodes and please feel free to respond to any and all feedback methods. We will read and reply on the show. Topic suggestions also welcome. So get Altered, Get Geeky with the Altered Geeks.

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  • If you could choose a Top 10 dream team for SNL who would you have? Who would your host and musical guest be?


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Steve "Megatron"

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  1. Hi guys another great episode. With the fan made film section, I can’t be leave no one mentioned the beast wars fan poster with king gong v he tyrannosaur. A 15 minute expansion of that with the original beast wars voice case. Incredible.
    And I’d love to see a dragon ball z adaption. Yes the US film wasn’t that good but a 20 episode run on Netflix or something. The fans know all the back story, just get straight into the action with the cell games or one of the big tournaments.

    1. Thanks! I totally forgot about the Beast Wars fan film poster and fake trailer. That would be epic if done that way and the original voice cast.

      That DBZ Adaptation looked great. Yeah we could do more seasonal ideas with that. This week I plan to bring up something in that Netflix or 13 episode vein for a topic. Should be interesting.

      1. Nice. Since we don’t have Netflix here when ever you guys start going down that road I tend to glaze over lol. I remember back in the day I had about 10 geekcastradio radio podcasts subed on my iPod. Times change shows end. Content changes. I think there’s still 4 feeds I’m subscribed to. But a lot of e old stuff is soo replayable so it’s always a fun time.
        Ps if refer the longer altered geek eps but know editing times etc are a pain

        1. Well editing doesn’t take too long as I do them right after the record and have the show ready for it’s scheduled 10am slot. I am curious what streaming methods you may have over there. I wouldn’t be opposed to trying to accommodate on that end if I can find out. I just know Netflix has a lot of the deals going at present such as custom shows or films that the others do not.

          As for longer AGU, do you prefer the 1 hour, 1 1/2 hour or 2 hour length? Or would you prefer 2x shows a week at :45-1:00 times? I am playing with the idea is why I ask.

          Glad to hear some of our old content is still relevant. I periodically go back and listen. I did for this show and wow has it changed. I enjoy aspects of both to be honest.

          1. Streaming service? Here in oz? Ha ha ha ha. We have one cable company that is overly expensive. Most of the free to air stations have a streaming service for their content on their web sites. But it’s only repeats of current shows etc. Apparently Netflix have worked out the licensing issues and will go live here this year, but they have already sold the rights to most of thier a list shows to the cable company for a three year deal so I don’t know what other content TV show wise they can stream. Base cable package with 25 channels is $30 but half of them are news channels. You need to pay $120 to get the good stuff, but I couldn’t keep paying for it
            As for agu, I have the time to listen to to long eps but I know most don’t, plus I’m keeping my podcast to 1-2hrs for editing time etc. As least I can look forward to the show each week. There aren’t too many left now with mike and yourself on it with guest.

          2. Curious – What 10 shows were you subscribed to and which 4 are left?

          3. Might be more then 10 actually.
            Gcrn, beyond the knight, attf, from the command centre, headshot, mwire, mwire weekly, optibotimus variety hr, tooncast, tooncast beyond, Toycast, tap, beast unleashed, gcrn warz, agu.
            All are still on my iPod today, most of the eps I’ve listened to more than once. Today in the line up there’s only agu, gcrn, mwire, mwire weekly was there on my weekly download roster also, but been turned off after the hosts tore apart tmnt 2014. You guys are too artsy and not geeky enough with your reviews but that’s only my opinion

          4. I’m as far from artsy as you can possibly get for the most part. Tearing apart a movie that is universally seen as awful and has a ton of problems with it does not make me more or less geeky….I am as geeky as it gets. I just don’t rave about a movie just because it’s based on one of my favorite franchises. I look past that and judge it based on its merits or lack there of. Glad you are such an avid listener though!!

          5. I’m sorry Optimus solo please don’t take it the wrong way I was only using tmnt as a example. Plus you gave guardians a pass. What I meant by artsy was doing Oscar nominated films etc. It’s only me that has no interest in those types of films but I listen to the rest of the podcast none the less as you guys are great. It dosent matter which show I listen to he banter between all the hosts is great which is why I can listen even if I don’t like the topic for the most part. But like tfg1 mike of two years ago I’m not a comic fan and never will be lol. Please get tf prime time up I miss the transformers talk from you guys

          6. Thanks again for listening! I look forward to hearing more feedback from you in the future!!

          7. Yeah I understand that mike. There was also mention a while back about a possible mcguyver podcast. Has any more thoug been put to that?
            I’ll try and be more active, I don’t do forums. Also just seen the new agu cover art, nice Steve

          8. I’m all about the MacGyver podcast! Just haven’t had the chance or time to start it unfortunately :(

          9. Thanks on the art, you’ll see all of our shows have had a facelift in iTunes for the show arts. Thinking of making some into shirts and some I already have.

          10. THANK YOU FOR BEING A HUGE FAN!!!!!!

            LOL We will get TFPT soonish….. Gotta wrap Powers of Grayskull Tales of Eternia first, then start production on She-Ra with Myths of Etheria, and launch ShowTime Synergy. Plus bring back ToonCast Beyond. So TF podcasts are kinda the furthest thing from my mind at this point. I kinda am burnt out on TF right now. I need to expand my podcasting horizons. But TFPT will happen maybe…. mid 2016… MAYBE…

          11. Steve has me on AGU, and he’s on GCR when the topic interests him, We also do some MWIRE together still…. ToonCast Beyond will have him randomly show up this year as well. Glad you are liking the shows.

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