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Altered Geek UnPlugged – Broken Bat, Fall TV, Gaming, And Questions


This week on #AlteredGeek Mike and Steve talk listener feedback, Fall TV shows, classic gaming, Batman and more! We briefly talk about the various content types and reveal the shocking news no more than an hour old prior to recording. The Bat Embargo has been dropped and Affleck was to blame. We hope you enjoy this episode and please feel free to respond to any and all feedback. We will read and reply on the show. Topic suggestions also welcome. So get Unplugged from the web and get Altered with the Altered Geeks.

Nicholas Cage Gets Around

Press Release on Affleck Bat



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  1. I don’t get the outrage of casting Ben Affleck as Batman. Maybe geeks just what to keep the tradition alive of them being constantly wrong about casting choices. Michael Keaton as Batman, Heather Ledger as Joker, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, hell even Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man freaked out a good chunk of people. This is why I want geek culture to implode on itself. Bunch of ignorant overgrown children freaking out and losing any grasp on reality. If you look at it rationale it does make sense. Affleck has been on fire lately. Coming off man Oscar winning year, winning an Oscar for what could easily be his third best movie. He is also a career actor. Been acting since his early teens, and has done a trillion different kind of roles. I don’t think he is amazing actor but he is one who can hit all the quadrants. He can be suave, charismatic, brooding, funny, and show command. The truth his Batman is not that dynamic of a character to play. He basically has too emotions. Brooding and depressed. You don’t need a method actor the likes of Daniel Day Lewis or anything even close to that. Is Michael Keaton an amazing actor? No, but he has the needed tools to play Batman. Same thing for Affleck.
    I just wonder how Affleck is going to take direction from Zack Snyder. Seems
    odd Zack Snyder will be directing the person who just one best picture.

    1. Oh I totally agree Dan. I think it was just the initial shock over anything else. I think he has the ability but willing to give him a freebie.

      As for the emotions, Batman himself has a few as well as Bruce Wayne. Wayne has larger than life, stuck up money man, good natured and clumsy in nature. Batman is brooding and depressed but he has great anger and strength as well as intimidation and cause of fear. So all in all it is dynamic but not as much as say Iron Man.

  2. I’m holding my tongue on #BatFleck til monday when Steve and I record TPB 27

    As far as TV Shows for the new season… The Blacklist looks cool, but I’m more interested in returning shows… Like Revenge, White Collar, Dallas, Big Bang Theory, and others… too many to list. Loving the podcast you guys are doing a great job.

  3. Awesome, you listen to my feedback about the news stories. Happy to see I could help. The whole Affleck thing is wonky. If it means he’ll direct Justice League I’m all in.

    Favorite snacks? Well I’m a big Combos guy. Either pizza or cheesed flavor. They reek to high heavens. It’s ok cause they are full of salty deliciousness.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Glad we improved. We will still try and do better in the future. Thanks for the reply and answer!

  4. Love the stages of grief you went through when talking about Batfleck. Rejection, Denial, Anger, Bargaining, and you almost got to acceptance.

    My favorite snack for are Pringles. Just so easy to eat, less of a mess then bag chips, and so many awesome flavors.

    Question for all yuze guys. You both appeared to be two things. Married and geeks. For someone who is about to take that plunge how do you manage those two things. Being a geek can take some time. You have comics to read, video games to play, movies to watch, ect.. Not to mention the cost to all that. How do you all manage that and you know not anger your wife all the time.

    1. EXCELLENT QUESTION! We will definitely talk about this. I was stumped looking for a question to sink our teeth into. Keep them coming!

      Also, I have reached acceptance. I have moved on to who will be the new Joker? It’s coming. New Batman, new Joker.

    2. Thanks! LOL, we were trying to overcome the initial shock. I too have to agree with Mike now that I am more interested to see the new Joker. I am fine with it and now justified in the thought of Affleck playing Batman.

      We’ll definitely cover the snacks this week. Very awesome question. Will also cover that this week,.

  5. For snacks my go to choice has always been the old classic Goldfish. It is one of those snacks you can eat and not feel bad about yourself.

  6. Snack foods huh…. there are way too many to list for me. I used to like Pringles until they went and changed the recipe … ever since like 2000 they taste different then what I remember back in the early 90s. I now love Lays Stax!!!

    Ben & AJerry’s pints of ice cream specifically the Everything But the… and Strawberry Cheesecake Flavors. I do like others, but I’ll limit the choices to that.

    I love White Chocolate Reese Cups!!! A I said there are so many to list, Cheez-It’s would be another one….!!!

  7. I think that Ben Affleck will be a good Batman/Bruce Wayne He was very good in the town and in Argo but i feel he doesn’t have that edge that an Karl Urban or a Josh Brolin would have and all i have to say is Mark Strong for lex Luthor and Bryan Cranston For Jim Gordon

    1. I could get behind Cranston for either Luthor but would rather see him as Gordon. I could see Rosenbaum or Strong for Luthor. I agree on the edginess but on Urban but those guys don’t have the Bruce Wayne look to them where Affleck does. I think he’ll do it justice tho but who knows.

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