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On #AlteredGeek this week, the guys discuss the latest DC Cinematic Universe Castings or Rumors, Aftermath of the Affleck, and Geeky Snacks. We again cover listener feedback, and more! We hope you continue to enjoy the episodes and please feel free to respond to any and all feedback methods. We will read and reply on the show. Topic suggestions also welcome. So get Unplugged from the web and get Altered with the Altered Geeks.



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  1. I must say each episode is getting better and better. I do think you are segmenting the stories more, or I could just be more aware of the stories you are covering. I have been scouring the internet to see who can play what DC roles. This is what I came up with:

    Joker-Madds Mikelson (spelling?) the dude from NBC’s

    Hannibal. That guy just scares the #$%$# out of me. I want to see him play a villain. Doesn’t have to be Joker, anything would work.

    Flash-Bradley Cooper. He can be serious or humorous. The
    perfect blend of Wally and Barry.

    Green Lantern- I want them to go the Jon Stewart route personally. I mean not many minority superheroes in movies. If so there are a lot of options. For me Idris Elba would work. He could even be Martian Manhunter. Has the height for it.

    1. Yeah I agree with the John Stewart route and the actor that seems to pop up is Idris Elba so I would say go for that. The Flash idk if I see him but it could work. The Joker I am still unsure of .
      Glad you’re loving the show! We love the feedback and strive to improve.

    2. I think we are unlikely to see either Idris or Cooper appear in a DC movie at this point since Idris is in Thor for Marvel and I believe Cooper is voicing Rocket Raccoon for Marvel in Guardians of the Galaxy. It COULD happen though.

      DC could strike a one two punch if they can get Wonder Woman cast and cast Jon Stewart before Marvel debuts a female or African American SUPER heroes. Then again Marvel has a talking raccoon movie and Scarlet Witch is being added to Age of Ultron, so DC a little behind.

  2. One cartoon I have trouble watching is the 90’s Spiderman. I don’t hate watching it, just the animation appears so poor at times it throws me off. Especially how they reuse stuff so much, and the 3D animation looks so poor when it shows up

    I’d love to see Phillip Seymour Hoffman play the Penguin. He’d do that role justice. I’m sick of Joker by this point. Do something different I say.

    Hal Jordan all the way for me! How do you not go Nathan Fillion

    Flash…Adam Scott from Parks and Rec

    Jake Gyllenhaal as an older Robin or Nightwing.

    1. I can see Fillion play Hal but could work with Stewart too.
      No Robin please. I could see Nightwing but not Gyllenhaal. Don’t much care for him.
      I can agree too much Joker, we need more rogues than the same ones.
      Spidey of the 90’s was good but I can see where it’s grating.

      1. Not a fan of Gyllenhaal? I find that surprising. He is great in so many things.

    2. I love Nathan Fillion, but I think he has gotten very comfortable with Castle. He’s not as fit as he was when he did Firefly or Slither. Nothing a good workout couldn’t fix. I see why people want him to play the part, I just don’t think he would.

      For Flash, I nominate Anton Yelchin. He was rumored for the part in the Justice League movie that Armie Hammer tried out for Batman in a few years ago, and his turn as a modern day Ferris Bueller in Charlie Bartlett leads me to think he could do the role some justice.

      1. yea Nathan Fillion is kind of that fan boy choice. I would still love to see it.

  3. I Herd that Timothy Dalton is Rumored to Play Alfred in Man of Steel 2 I really like this choice for an ex-Mi6 Alfred what do you guys thinks is this a good idea?

  4. Andrew Scott or Tom Hiddlestone Riddler
    Kevin Spacey Mr.Freexe
    Crispin Glover The Joker
    Benedict Cumberbatch Brainaic
    James Earl Jones Voice of Darkseid
    Brad Pitt (Maybe) Or Karl Urban Two-Face
    Mila Kunis Catwoman
    Katie Bell Harley Quinn
    Felicia Day(Maybe) Poision Ivy
    Kelsey Grammer Hugo Strange

  5. I also not a power rangers fan and i watch it as a kid but nowadays i remeber it being really goofy and when i watch as a kid i was half and half some episodes i really like and i watch two episodes that i hated and i never watch that show ever again so that why i not a big fan of it anymore

  6. My cartoon don’t know why i was fan of it Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

  7. Chris Pine as The Flash

    Martian Man Hunter should be all CGI or motion capture. Get the guy from Justice League to do the voice

    Andrew Scott (the guy from Sherlock) as Joker

    Alexander Skarsgård as Aquaman

  8. People think its hard watching 80’s stuff? Try 70’s or earlier. I tried watching some of the old Johnny Question Cartoons and that was garbage with a capital G.

    Green Arrow-Armie Hammer

    The Flash-Jake Johnson

    Aquaman-Alexander Skarsgård

    The Riddler-John Hawkes

  9. People think its hard watching 80’s stuff? Try 70’s or earlier. I tried watching some of the old Johnny Question Cartoons and that was garbage with a capital G.

    Green Arrow-Armie Hammer

    The Flash-Jake Johnson

    Aquaman-Daniel Craig. Offball choice? Maybe. Who else could Aquaman cool rather than James mother fucking Bond.

    The Riddler-John Hawkes

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