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AGU-EP09We return from GrandCon and in doing so we have a lot of ground to cover. We talk about the convention, future cons, feedback and questions. We get into some film making, films and tv show news. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is a major point of the discussion and Agent Coulson. After the episode the guys talk about TV’s in the Bonus section. We hope you continue to enjoy the episodes and please feel free to respond to any and all feedback methods. We will read and reply on the show. Topic suggestions also welcome. So get Unplugged from the web and get Altered with the Altered Geeks.




  1. What’s your favorite new Fall TV Show?
  2. What’s your Ultimate Geek Dream Goal?
  3. Have you snuck in something for yourself under the guise of a family gift?



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  1. My favorite fall show so far has been The Black List. The Shield was decent, hoping it gets better. Also Sleepy Hallow was campy fun.

    Don’t really have a geek dream goal that I can think off. Owning a Batmobile or the Delorean would be all I could think of.

    I convinced my girlfriend that buying a PS3 would be for both of us because we could stream netflix and other services. To my surprise that actually turned about to be true and she uses it more than me sometimes. Karma I guess.

      1. The question is, which one? I’m a big fan of the Batman forever or the 66 Batmobile. I enjoy the cheesiness of them both.

        1. Of those two choices, I’ll take the 66 Batmobile. I cant stand the B&R or BF Batmobiles.

    1. I just checked out the Blacklist last night and I agree it is awesome.

      1. The Blacklist is one of my top 5 new shows this year! Damn awesome pilot! More thoughts to come in tonight’s recording of Fall TV 2013 on GeekCast Radio.

  2. Michael J. Fox’s show so far is my favorite. Hilarous and heartwarming. Can’t believe he is back on TV.

    My ultimate geek goal is to collect all of the X-Men related comics. Right now I’m working on finishing up my Uncanny run. Once Uncanny is done my focus will go to the original X-Men.

    1. Good luck with that run. Some of those UnCanny are hard to find. Good goal though ;).

      1. I’m trying to collect the Jim Lee X-Men run from the 90’s. That art is still so so awesome.

  3. The Crazy Ones is my favorite TV show thus far. Waiting to check out a few, but that is the only one woth anything so far.

    I thought SHIELD was kind of shit. Bland, boring, and looked super cheap. It’s the pilot so who knows. I trust Whedon when it comes to TV, so I’ll still give it a few more episodes.

    1. People are being way too harsh on SHIELD. Were you expecting Avengers 2 or something? I enjoyed it for what it was for sure.

      1. I agree with you Conor about SHIELD. Good to hear about Crazy Ones. I’ll have to check that out now.

    2. I’m with @PlatosLament:disqus on SHIELD. If it wasn’t a Marvel show it would be cancelled by next week. Maybe it can get better…maybe.

      1. You could also argue if it wasn’t a Marvel show it wouldn’t have so many haters as it does

        1. That’s true. Maybe I am being too harsh. Tomorrow nights episode will tell us a lot.

          1. Generally pilot episodes are a mess. Every TV show starts with the 2nd episode IMO.

            Things can change a great deal from the pilot to the second episode. Focus testing is done on the first episode and then they make changes that’ll effect the rest of the series.

            Also, most of the time with the second episode of a new show you will get a smaller reintroduction of the key characters, so it’ll be similiar to episode one, but the story will be different. This happens a lot to. I am not expecting the show to take off until episode 3, and given that it’s a Joss series it probably won’t REALLY take off until episode 6 (seriously, apparently thats a thing he is known for, his series take 6 episodes to find their footing). For example the 6th episode of Firefly is “Out of Gas” and its one of the best episodes of the whole series. Not saying FF wasn’t good before that, but that episode took the show to a whole new level.

          2. Very true I can only think of a handful of shows that have good pilots. I can also think of a lot of shows “Walking Dead” that went down hill after an awesome pilot. So Walking Dead fans dont’ kill be I didn’t hate that show, just the pilot was by far the best episode of that season.

  4. Like @Shawn_Alteria:disqus mentioned my favorite show so far is easily the Michael J. Fox show. I loved how he they treat his condition, and call out people who would try to use it as a ploy to gain ratings. I caught The Crazy ones too, but that wasn’t as good. The main issue was all the funny parts were in the trailer for the new season.

    Ultimate geek goal? Wow…brain…about to…explode with…the amount…of possible…ideas flowing through my head. When it all comes down to it the biggest goal is just being able to be a geek for my entire life. Sure growing old is great and all, but I want to maintain some of that inner geek childhood.

    I never disguised a gift for me as a family gift, but that sounds like a brilliant idea.

  5. The only show I have gotten really into this fall is Breaking Bad. Yes I know it’s not new, and started way before the fall, but it’s been so amazing everything else I’ve watched pales in comparison.

    My ultimate geek goal, which may sound cheesy, is that geeks would get over themselves and not be so god damn negative all the time. That’s the one thing that has attracted me to your network, its full of positivity. No flame wars, pointless arguing, just good discussion about things we love. That’s one reason I stayed away from things like twitter and facebook for so long. They both appeared to be nothing more than excuses to complain about everything. Now I see they can be used for good.

    1. That Breaking Bad finale was epic. I’m with you on how awesome that show is. There is no doubt its the best on tv, maybe ever.

      1. While I enjoyed Breaking Bad and think it is a phenomenal show it still doesn’t crack my top 2 shows which are Friday Night Lights and Nickelodeons Avatar series. If you haven’t seen either I HIGHLY recommend them.

        I can elaborate more on my Breaking Bad feelings on a future episode, but I did really enjoy the show. No reason to come down on me as a hater because I do not hate the show at all.

          1. Thats why I said Avatar series, I am loving Korra as well.

          2. ahh ok. As long as you don’t count the movie in the ‘series’ we are good.

          3. Am I the only one that doesn’t that movie? It’s a big guilty pleasure for me.

          4. Just wanna make sure we are all on the same page here. @PlatosLament:disqus and I are talking about Nickelodeons Avatar series now referred to as The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra, not James Cameron’s Avatar film series. If you are referring to M. Night’s Last Airbender film based off the Nick property, I can’t agree with you, not even as a guilty pleasure. But if you are talking about James Cameron’s Avatar, sure I can see that being a guilty pleasure. Visually it is stunning.

            Just making sure you are on the same page:)

          5. Sadly we are on the same page. Now don’t get me wrong the movie is quite bad. I just enjoyed some of the visuals. Avatar (James Cameron) I think its a legit good movie. Not great…good.

          6. Visually, sure I can get behind that. It’s treatment of the source material is unforgivable.

        1. I’m watching Breaking Bad now…..I tore through Season 4 and Season 5 Part 1 in the last 2 days.

      2. I’m still catching up with Breaking Bad, but I’m loving it so far. I’m up to mid way through Season 2. I don’t know if its ‘the best ever’. That’s hard to say. I like a lot of classic TV like Gunsmoke, Get Smart, and Dragnet.

        1. I”m catching up as well. Right now I’m almost finished with Season 5. Debating on buying the remaining episodes of season 6 on Amazon or waiting for them to come to Blu Ray.

    2. Agreed about the awesomeness of Breaking Bad. I’m jumped on the bandwagon recently, and I’m not getting off. That finale’…epic…so so epic.

  6. I don’t know what everyone’s issue is cause I love S.H.I.E.L.D. There are so many easter eggs just in that first episode I can’t wait for more.

    My ultimate geek goal would be to own a dragon. As you can see with my avatar I love dragons a great deal. I don’t care if they aren’t real, I want one! lol.

  7. My favorite new fall show has been Brooklyn 99. I love Andy Samberg and that’s the perfect outlet for him. I laughed my ass off at the first episode.

    1. I’ve been debating about that show. Something about it man it seem like it would be cancelled early.

  8. I’m not sure I have a new favorite show. I watched Dads which was okay. Moms was kinda funny but not great. I enjoyed Shield but it’s a Joss Whedon Show, I knew i was going to like it do to my unhealthy obsession with all things Whedon.

    My ultimate Geek Fantasy is to own a movie theater much like the Alamo Drafthouse with a comic book store attached.

    The only gift that I claimed as a family gift was Disney Infinity. I wanted it more than the kids did.

    1. There a vintage 2 screen theater in Manistee that is up for sale, has a great lobby that would make an awesome comic store.

  9. Just to be clear about my post for last episode, I don’t buy 100 movies per year, I set out to just watch 100 movies at least. That way when I’m making my Top 10 I’m picking for the top 10 percent of what I saw.

    I get what you are saying about the potential of S.H.I.E.L.D. bringing in some of the movie actors for episodes or camoes. I just don’t see that happening, but like you said who thought Avenger would happen. I could also see having camoes like that hurting the show, and they could serve as a reminder of what you are missing. If they can make the characters of SHIELD into something special in their own right you could avoid that problem.

    The only other new shows I caught were Michael J. Fox and The Crazy Ones. Both were fine. I didn’t realize the Michael J. Fox show was going to use the mockumentary approach. Though that may have only been for one episode. The Crazy Ones was okay. Robin William was doing his normal thing. Certainly has potential, but having them work for an ad agency just makes we wish I was watching Mad Men.

    Oh, also I want to start watching the new Ricky Gervias series on Netflex soon as well, and Hello Ladies starring Stephen Merchent on HBO. The pilot was solid.

    My ultimate dream goal? Wow…no idea. If you are talking fantasy I wold love to run something like a movie studio. Something independent that tries to make movies into what they once were.

    I’ve tried the sneaking an individual gift as a family gift, but it doesn’t work on my wife. She’ll let me think it does, then eventually tell me she realized what I was doing from the beginning.

    1. Oh wow I forgot about Hello Ladies. I need to check that out. I love Stephen Merchant.

  10. My favorite new show so far has been The Hostages. I love that TV networks are doing shows like this that are only designed to be one season. It’s been really fun so far!

  11. In Episode 40 of Powers of Grayskull I think that Solo was about to mention the cool scene where Skeletor orders Spikor to get the visitors from Earth. The scene’s tone was so different (kinda dark). I guess Solo got side tracked.

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