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Returning with a quick apology for the lack of checking feedback as well as a reading, we jump into the fray. Steve and Mike talk about Star Wars, Wolverine, Arkham Origins, Legendary Pictures, and a ton more of Film related topics. The guys enforce the Bat Embargo (Film News) until a later date. We hope you enjoy this episode and please feel free to respond to any and all feedback. We will read and reply on the show. Topic suggestions also welcome. So get Unplugged from the web and get Altered with the Altered Geeks.



Steve “Megatron” Phillips

Mike “Boothninja” Powers


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Steve "Megatron"

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  1. FYI you need to see Die Hard like yesterday. Why doesn’t he get promoted? Are you joking? Cops don’t get promoted based on heroics there is far more to the system than that. Plus John Mcclain would not fit in that role. He’s not a leader at all, most people can’t stand him, and that’s part of his charm. The entire point of Die Hard is he’s in the wrong place at the wrong time. Is it unbelievable it would happen to the same guy all the time? Sure, but so is every movie series ever then. 24, Mission Impossible, and the list goes on from there. Now don’t get it twisted. Die Hard should have stopped after With a Vengeance.

    Also let me address your issues with Wolverine.

    1-The ninja is established the Black Hand. An organization
    that has protected the family for generations. Is it a comp out? Sure. But they
    do explain where they are coming from.

    2-The healing power is not beaning transferred through the claws,
    but the DNA in Wolverine’s bone marrow. They just use the cutting of the claws
    to get to it. Again barely explained (took two watches to get it) but does kind
    of make sense.

    3-Also Wolverine doesn’t have to die, he is saying he can remove
    it to so he can die. My assumption was he would have healed if it was transferred
    eventually. Similar to what happened to him when Magneto did it in the comics.

    Now I’m not going to lie and say there weren’t issues with
    Wolverine. But the ones you had did have answers. Bad answers, but answers.

    1. I get what was happening with regards to the claws and the marrow, only took me one watch. I totally get that. Did I like it? No. I thought it was really dumb and unnecessary. His healing ability can be transferred. This is established in both the comics and in the cinematic universe, see Deadpool.

      Also, while James’ skeleton is encased in adamantium it is not sealed in admantium. If it was he would die as he would not be able to produce blood. The book Weapon X, an actually novel not a comic, goes in depth into the adamantium bonding process, its an excellent read for any Wolverine fan. The marrow in James’ bones could have been extracted with less evasive measures. Would it have made for as dramatic of a movie? No. But for me that ending and last 1/4 of the movie was garbage.

      They had a cool opportunity to introduce some Japanese mutants like Sunfire and they didn’t. Yea adding more mutants isn’t always the answer but thats who I was expecting the cousin to eventually reveal himself as.

      The movie on a whole is still WORLDS better the X-Men Origins: Wolverine though. That movie makes me cry.

      1. I do agree when you start looking at other X-Men movies their logic seems to contradict themselves. I mean how does Wolverine even remember WWII when the bullet from origins wiped out his memory and in X2 he couldn’t remember anything.

        Now that I have finished your episode I can answer your questions. I am 100% an X-Box person and will remain one until the system, not the hype, proves me wrong. I don’t bother will all the news to something when no one has actually played the system yet.

        With that said I can’t wait for the new GTA. Not original I know. I just love that franchise.

        TV shows this fall I can’t wait for? Well Arrow’s return, SHIELD, return of Walking Dead, Almost Human cause it has Keith Urban, and Cosworld on Sci Fi

  2. So an answer to your question about TV shows in the fall. One that scares me is Community. Love that show, and worried what the next season has to come. With the cast shake up and I know Harmon is coming back but still needed to end last year.

    Xbox 1 is a huge mess of garbage right now. I am playing the sit and wait game before I upgrade next gen. Unless Xbox does something drastic I’m going Playstation.

    1. Thanks for the feedback! Any opinions on the new shows starting this fall? Or what your favorite gaming franchise is?

      Agreed that the Xbox180 is a mess right now. I myself have a launch PS4 preordered and I’m also saving for a gaming PC as well.

      1. New shows? Not 100% sure what is coming out. Well…SHIELD of course. Also saw Michael J. Fox and Robin Williams are coming back to TV so that could be interesting. Don’t know if its this fall but can not wait for Sherlock.

        Favorite gaming franchise would have to be Uncharted. Love every game so far. Maybe Mario after that. I mean it’s Mario. (Yes I sad that in a bad Italian accent)

  3. If you are looking for some constructive criticism I have some. I just found this podcast. So far so good. I do have an issue, some times knowing what story you are talking about though. You tend to comment on the story before you explain exactly what you are talking about. I mean when you were talking about Bruce Willis it came off as random. After some quick research I figured it out there. Other than that, liking what I am hearing.

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