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Altered Geek UnPlugged – The Batman Superman Battles

In the debut episode of the Unplugged edition of Altered Geek, Steve is joined by Mike Powers of Off The Cuff. We sit and discuss our thoughts of the new Batman vs Superman film, our thoughts of some DC Comics Film programming and what we’re watching on TV. It’s a fun unscripted ride of randomness and great discussions. So get Unplugged from the web and get Altered with the Altered Geeks.


Steve “Megatron” Phillips

Mike “Boothninja” Powers


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Steve "Megatron"

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  1. Great first ep guys… enjoyed listening to the conversation. Yeah Brandon Routh was no Superman, and he’d be an even shittier Batman then George Clooney… if that’s even possible. Now if you’ll excuse me I gotta go extract these bullet wounds, from the potshots…. LOL

  2. How about John Hamm for Batman. If they go for an older character he’d be awesome. He’d also be great as an old school superman

    For Wonder Woman what about Jessica Biel or Oliva Wilde. Both look great and have done action in the past

    1. I think Hamm wouldn’t do the role justice either. You need someone known for a little action to show he has the capabilities to perform. Wilde would be an interesting Wonder Woman but again I don’t see the names popping for me.

      1. In today’s day and age you can make anyone into an action star with the right director. Matt Damon didn’t do any type of action before Bourne, Liam Neeson has become an action star in his late 50’s, Gerald Butler was on Broadway singing Phantom of the Opera before he became an action star. The action part is the easiest. Get a good actor first. Ham is a great actor that knows how to play a damage character. The rest can fall into place.

          1. Makes sense. But my question is what is the look of Batman? Well besides the obvious cape and cowl. Hamm has the chiseled jaw that would look awesome under the mask. Plus he oozes that charisma Bruce Wayne needs. Bruce Wayne has never really had a distinctive look like Clark Kent IMO. Which is why so many actors that look nothing alike can play him.

          2. Thing I usually look for is the jawline (10%), the acting chops including some kind of action(75%) and the face under the cowl (15%). To me Hamm has the ability of the 1st two but the last part, his head doesn’t fit the usual rounded style of the head of Wayne. I am not saying he couldn’t do it but I think there maybe another option hidden in the winds.

            Also as for my video show, I will be bringing that back and that is on my personal channel as well as the GCRN one. But right now doing the audio version until I get a few more things setup for my videos.

  3. Bale is done man…you got to move on. LOL You sound like a jilted lover who can’t let go. You know who can do Batman…Sam Rockwell because that man can do anything. Now for Wonder Woman don’t laught but Elizabeth Olsen. She’s got the body for it. An a little extra for you Ed Harris as Lex Luthor.

    Are the video episodes available on iTunes? Or only YouTube

    1. no the vids are on Steve’s YT Channel only.

      SAM ROCKWELL….JUSTIN HAMMER from Iron Man 2…. eewwwwwwww he’d be even worse as Batman than Brandon Routh… LOL BATMAN DOES NOT DANCE!!!!!!

      1. Sam Rockwell has done sooooo much more than Iron Man 2. If
        anything that may be his worse role. Anyways Batman doesn’t dance? Have you not see Adam West? That man can get DOWN! Haha

        1. THE REAL non campy BATMAN DOES NOT DANCE!

          Unless there is pale moonlight and Devils involved

        2. I just can’t see Rockwell AS Batman or Bruce Wayne. I can also moreso see a off the radar as Wonder Woman. Olsen maybe but I still think an unknown would be best.

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