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On #AlteredGeek this week, the guys discuss Life As A Married Geek. We again cover most of our listener feedback, and more! We even talk a little about Marvel Films. We hope you continue to enjoy the episodes and please feel free to respond to any and all feedback methods. We will read and reply on the show. Topic suggestions also welcome. So get Unplugged from the web and get Altered with the Altered Geeks.



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  1. So you want Marvel films to stand on their own, but you also want them to ‘call up SHIELD” in Iron Man 3 just because they can say “Hey look it’s all connected?” Wow, that’s dumb. Super dumb. Didn’t Star Trek Into Darkness show how calling for backup just creates more problems, and how is it different than any comic book? Iron Man 3 does show the military’s reaction a bunch, not to mention secret service. The people you know that actually protect the president. Don’t get your logic at all with that. By not doing dumb world building you stop yourself from being convoluted. Iron Man 3 was leaps and bounds better than Iron Man 2 because it was Iron Man’s story.This stuff you are talking about has no impact on the overall movie. Smaller stories was the better way to go, smaller means more intimate. Not to mention that gives Robert Downey Jr. the chance to do something interesting with that character for the first time since the 1st movie.

    So suddenly now no one cares about the Marvel movies? That is a shock to me, seeing Avengers was just the biggest movie ever just a summer ago.What world are you living on? lol. I hear tons of people talking about Guardians of the Galaxy. I mean Rocket Racoon has almost already become everyone’s favorite character. Now with Vin Diesel and Bradley Cooper tacked on that cast is crazy good. Not to mention Captain America is doing the Winter Solider story which is awesome, and Ant-Man should be awesome if all things go well with Edgar Wright.

    I guess Superman Batman stole a little bit of its Thunder, but Iron Man 3 still made tons more than Man of Steel. Marvel is letting DC take the headlines why they take the bank.

    1. Realize I seem like a douchebag in this post sorry lol. Just reacted while listening which isn’t a good idea. lol

      I should thank both of you for talking about married geek life. It was an awesome convo with a lot of grant tips. Thanks again.

      1. I cab understand that. However SHIELD should have been mentioned being they are a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And for how much of a big deal they made of them being the main force.

        As for the married geeky life. Thanks! We may touch on this again in the future.

    2. I don’t seem to be able to get my reasons for not liking IM3 across in any way that people can understand. Like Avengers, I thought IM3 good, not great. It’s perfectly watchable. And if you like it that’s awesome, not all movies are for everyone:)

      As for being un interested in the future Marvel line up, that was mainly flame bait to spark discussion:) I’ll still see all the Marvel movies when they are released, I’m looking forward to Cap and Thor 2 and Guardians. I feel like the Batman casting and Avengers 2 announcements have over shadowed them IMO.

      Thanks for the feedback though and glad you are listening. As Steve said we will probably talk more about being married geeks and techies, especially since I am warming my wife to the purchase of a new TV:) we get to document that adventure:)

      1. Looks like I took that bait hook, line, and sinker. Looking
        forward to more episodes for sure.

  2. I’m still excited for the upcoming Marvel movies. Thor is such an under rated character. There is so much to his lour that interests me. Guardians sound different and amazing. I can’t wait for a trailer for Cap 2, and Edgar Wright doing an Ant-Man movie. Need I say more?

  3. Marvel films for me still have a lot of potential. Thor is either or for me. I’ll see it, not super exited. Similar to those who have also replied Guardians of the Galaxy is my most anticipated. Not to mention James Spaddr as Ultron is intriguing.

  4. Risking sounding like a snob here, but I really don’t get excited about comic book movies any more. I think I’m suffering from superhero fatigue. I mean I will still seem them, but I don’t clamor for them like a used to.

    1. You aren’t alone, I think Steve and I agree with you, thats why we brought it up:)

      1. I agree with both of you as comic book movies are running their course, and that course is getting closer and closer to the end. I heard someone say they are this generations Westerns, and I kind of agree. The issue is Westerns have directors that made the genre into an artform. Besides Nolan comics don’t have that.

  5. DC always interests me more than Marvel. Their characters are without any doubt more iconic. Captain America is just a low rent Superman with no powers. Avengers had its time, now Justice League is going to rock the movie world.

    Iron Man 3 made Tony Stark into a whiney pansy. I kept yelling get over it while watching that movie. Avengers 2 needs to give him his balls back.

    1. DC interests me more with their comics versus the films. Films from DC are just Supes and Bats….. for now… I expect that. Marvel I love their main big budget character films.

      Iron Man 3 did not turn Tony into a whiny pansy. HELLO if you went through a wormhole into another dimension you’d have PTSD too…… Tony Stark isn’t like Superman who has been in space before… etc etc. This is just speaking in the film universe that we have so far, not the comics.

      1. In Iron Man Tony Stark was abducted by freaking terrorists
        and he used that as motivation to become a superhero. In Iron Man 2 he was dying and he didn’t sulk as much as Iron Man 3. The dude had already gone through the ringer. I get the PSD ploy, but it was half assed. Captain America wakes up 70 years in the future and he gets over it quickly. Tony Stark goes inside a hole for 30 seconds (insert joke here) and suddenly is distraught with terror. I’m just saying be consistent.

          1. My Problem with iron man 3 is the part where he save people from air force one and Tony wasn’t in the Suit when i saw that i say to myself What the Fuck?

          2. it was remote controlled… that was the point… save ppl and not let himself get injured.

  6. I want an adult Deadpool Show in the future with the guy from the video game voicing deadpool would anyone love that idea?

  7. I want an adult Deadpool Cartoon Show in the future with the guy from the video game voicing deadpool would anyone love that idea?

  8. Steve Phillips and Michael Powers who would you guys Choices to play Ant-man in a Ant-man film?

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