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Geeky Passions, New Worlds, Controversial YouTubers and Superhero Films

Steve Megatron is joined by TFG1 Mike as we discuss Nasa’s new Earth-like worlds, Logan, Geeky Passions, The Batman, Matt Reeves directing The Batman, Nascar’s Monster Girls attire, Transformers, YouTuber’s poor taste in comedy, films and more!

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Project: Altered Geek is a new endeavor by Steve “Megatron” to flesh out the current run of the podcast and evolve it. This version of the show will focus on broader topics and be a soapbox of ways we’re altering our geekdom. 

Your Geek Question for the Week

  • What would you like me to do a top 10 list of?
  • Have you ever gone sans-console?
  • What’s something I’ve never covered which you’d like?


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  1. “It’s Science it is not fact”- Please don’t say this. This is idiotic and plainly makes you look both ignorant and naive.

    Science is fact. Part of science using developing hypothesis based on the knowledge you know at the time but all of it is based in fact. Yes we can estimate the age of our planet and galaxy through carbon dating and other methods. No one said the planets they discovered have water they said there is potential for them to have water and life. These are the same type of scientists that were able to launch a rocket from earth and land it on an asteroid traveling millions upon millions miles per hour. They know what they are doing. They have spent decades study this field, are masters of their craft, and to think that you can deny scientist just because you don’t fully understand what they do is ridiculous. Not that is matters. Science is true whether you believe in it or not, unlike religion it actually has to make up its claims with proof beyond hearsay.

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