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AGU-PODThe Geekly Trio return this week to discuss GrandCon, Conventions as a whole and the various news articles. So join Steve and Mike who are joined by Mike “The Birdman” Dodd. All this and more on this week’s AGU! We hope you continue to enjoy the episodes and please feel free to respond to any and all feedback methods. We will read and reply on the show. Topic suggestions also welcome. So get Altered, Get Geeky with the Altered Geeks.





 Answer to Boothninja


(NEW) Question of the Night:

  1. What are some interesting things in geek you guys want to chat about?
  2. Is YouTube still relevant?
  3. What are some YouTube channels you like to watch or liked to watch? (Top 5)


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  1. I could not agree more that cosplay has become a problem at Cons. It is overwhelming trying to get around the floor with people constantly taken pictures in the middle of the isle and so many cosplayers have this overblown self-indulgence streak and think the con is all about them and don’t even pay attention to anything else at the cons. My friend works for a comic book store and they tend to go to the cons that usually have the least amount of cosplay cause they get more bang for their buck at those.

    1. Totally agree. While I do like the cosplay community and their creativity I do agree it has more or less taken over from the actual focus of these conventions.

    2. I am there with you yet you do have to also remember that Cosplayers really don’t have many other opportunities to show off their stuff. If I spent as much time as some of those cosplayers do on their costumes I’d probably act the same way.

      1. I get that. Still doesn’t make it less annoying. If Cons would set up regulations on when/where to take photos it would go a long way in making things less congested.

        1. That I could understand. While I do not dislike the cosplay, I do feel that they inadvertantly become the center of attention instead of the vendors, panelists, featured guests and stores. They do already get their own competitive panel. If people stop them then fine but it needs be by their own area. The only thing I see as bad is that people place them on the pedestal. Do I think some do an awesome job and wish I could do it too? Yes, but I wouldn’t try to take attention away from others either. It I think is based on their fans that the cons get the bad raps.

  2. I got the Marvel digital subscription when it first went big like a year and half or maybe even two years by now. It’s actually a pretty solid deal when you look how much you save on trades, and Marvel trades are always overpriced. You don’t get newer stuff but that’s to be expected. You’d kill local comic book shops if you did that, Diamond would hate you, and your own business would suffer. Look what happened to WWE when it added the WWE network for 9.99 a month. They saw huge loses because people didn’t have to pay the normal price for pay per view. Their stocked plummeted and they had major layoffs. They thought the subscription model would bring in new viewers but ti didn’t. I’d love it if for my 10 bucks a month I got all the new stuff too, but I also don’t want Marvel to go bankrupt…again.

    1. I tried digital comics, I just can’t get into them. Comics are that one time I can get away from looking at a screen. For whatever reason I feel more connected to something I’m reading when I can hold the physical copy in my hand.

      1. It depends for me, I can go either way but when it boils down to it, I love having the physical copy to read, look at and take up my space. Digital copies can go away where as the physical you’ll have forever as long as there isn’t some catastrophe.

  3. So I looked at the question and have to ask are people questioning if YouTube is relevant now? Man, I missed that. I watch nearly anything Nerdist puts on and Will Wheaton’s Table Top game show. I tend to mostly just watch random videos though.

    1. the only thing from nerdist I’m remotely interested in is all star celeb bowling….. the rest just doesn’t interest me. I don’t think YT has become irrelevant, I just think it’s over saturated with people making videos with bad quality cameras. NOT everyone can be a YT star you have to have the right equipment and work at whatever it is you wanna put out.

      1. Umm..okay. You may just be interested in that but they have a lot of cool shows like Grammar Slam which is hilarious. COPS: Skyrim has its moments, Just Cos, and they had a lot of great Kids in the Hall commentary videos when they first started that I still watch time to time.

        1. I do see some ingenuitive shows I tend to follow as well. Specifically geek based: Nerdist News, Bat in the Sun’s Superpower Beatdowns, etc. Also the massive archive of tutorials on how to do damn near everything you can think of.

    2. I more or less asked that to see if people think it is no longer a place for the general public and is dominated by publishers of all kinds. It is to some degree. However it is also increasingly difficult to make money on now too so that is a discouraging point. I used to watch a lot of YouTube however as it grows older, I find less on it worth watching unless it’s something I missed or am researching. I too watch Nerdist, mostly the new aspect with Chobot. But again I don’t know whether it’s still relevant or not at this point.

      1. It depends on who you ask. I saw a study not to long ago that pre-teens and teens pay much more attention to internet celebs than people on TV and movies. What does that mean exactly? I don’t know. I’m in the belief
        that internet fame is overblown and not sustainable. People just end up chasing fads that come and go quicker than ever.

        1. I’m of the same opinion. But with successes of people who have gained careers from their videos too, it drives the younger generation to follow and push the envelope of these lesser internet “celebs”.

          For example, I don’t see us as internet celebs but as fellow fans trying to have a voice. I see the voice actors, writers, shows, films and actors themselves as my fandom. Some of this is ok to like but a lot of the time it seems like these get blown out like the whole cosplay thing mentioned elsewhere in the comments and episode.

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