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Star Trek Online, Body Mod Tech, Ad Blockers and Going LED Lighting

This week on “Altered Geek,” Steve Megatron converses on the content of this week’s geeky news. Steve informs for the lack of episodes over the past two weeks and that there will be more on the way this coming week as well. In addition, he describes his journey with Star Trek Online, the lack of information on Star Trek Discovery, Body Modification Tech that goes in your hand, The new Star Wars The Last Jedi Trailer, James Bond’s distribution rights and more!

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Your Geek Question for the Week

  • Who do you think on Star Trek Discovery?
  • Who has played Star Trek Online and what do you think?
  • What’s something you would like in a future episode?


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  1. I tried Star Trek Online for a short bit. Never saw many people online so it got dull pretty fast for me.

  2. I tried Star Trek Online for a short bit. Never saw many people online so it got dull pretty fast for me.

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