All Things Transformers v1.0

ATTF – Episode 49.5

The guys talk about what they’d like for ATTF 50 and on TF Prime and TF3.


Steve “Megatron” Phillips

Mike “TFG1” Blanchard

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Steve "Megatron"

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  1. Everyone should be willing to give a show a shot. You should never hate something before you see it (unless its an animated movie sequel of course). I love the looks of ALL of the characters I have seen so far, EVEN Arcee. Also LOVE the voice cast so far and love the storyline that TF has gone to about the whole before Prime became Prime and his first days/years of command. So I have high hopes for this show. But yeah you should never hate something before you see it.

    SPRINGER IS AWESOME!!! By far my favorite TF Movie character! Way better than Wreck-Gar, Arcee, Hot Rod, Kup, Blurr, etc etc!

  2. On a production note, I know you are going to get mad at me, but being able to hear the typing going on in the background on the podcast makes it sound, lets just say, not so professional. Remember its just contructive criticism

  3. Generations Figures that I want/have:

    Dirge, Thrust, Blurr, Red Alert, Tracks For Sure and MAYBE Perceptor, Grimlock, Piranacon, Kup, Jazz, and Scourge

    On a side note – showing each other webcams of figures doesnt do much for us listeners who can’t see them!

    And Movie TF2 was way better than TF1 just for the record!

    Why you yelling at Megatron it made perfect sense for him to tell people to go listen to one of your other podcasts!

    (sorry for the triple post but I accidently kept hitting enter lol)

  4. here’s constructive criticism for you… get your damn thoughts together before you hit submit! lolRevenge of the Fallen sucked just like Springer sucks!!!

    We NEVER said that we are professional!!! And I’ve been a lot better these days on muting when typing. Also remember most times we record ATTF it’s at 5am!

  5. At least I am not alone on the whole ‘sounding more professional’ issue haha. Hey Mike, here is an idea, instead of having to mute when typing during a podcast how about just DONT TYPE or do other things that will take your attention away from the show when you are recording. HAHA. Trust me as a listener you can tell when the host/co-host is distracted or doing other things in the background and it detracts from the show. I don’t mean to be raggin on ya and I KNOW I am far from perfect and have bad habits myself but we all want to get better right??

    I know I am in the minority but I will forever like TF2 more than TF1 and for sure I will listen to ATTF50 to hear more.

  6. I mute because if I have to say go to the rest room I need to tell the others to keep going and that I’ll BRB or I type when I need to give instructions on closing order or whatever… get off my nuts dude. Holy christ, first you complain about my facebook posting, then twitter now podcast stuff just STOP!

  7. I’m not on your nuts trust me! Sorry I was just trying to improve the quality of the shows by giving some constructive criticism…from now on I will let mistakes and things that could be improved continue happening :)

  8. like I said there’s nothing we can do about episodes that are already released…… and I’m tired of repeating everywhere that we generally record ATTF early mornings…. after 2 years of podcasting and improving I think I’m allowed to make a few mistakes.

  9. LOL A few here and again. I must say overall we are doing much better and continuing to do so. So not too bad. AS for criticisms send them to my email :D lol. I don’t mind. I am due to recordings and editing now starting to listen before release 2x to try and clean residual crap out of them. So bad habits on all accounts.

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