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ATTF – War For Cybertron Book Vs Game Discussion

In this special All Things Transformers join TFG1Mike PecanCtMichael, and Spada as they discuss War For Cybertron and Transformers: Exodus The Unofficial History of The War For Cybertron. Listen to the entire episode there is a surprise at the end!


Mike “TFG1” Blanchard

Michael “PecanCtMichael” Wilson

Matt Spada

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  1. My reactions as I listened:

    Couple mistakes I have to mention. One of the co-hosts mentioned Starscream was an Autobot in the book…Starscream was never on the autobots side in the book. Yes, he was not affiliated on either side at first but he was never ‘autobot’. Autobots did not exist forever. They keep referring to people ‘being autobots and always being autobots’ NO, in the book there were NO autobots until Orion Pax basically created the ‘faction’. (fail)

    Also as far as the book goes, the part where Alpha Trion talked about all the battles was the one part that I couldnt stop reading it at. Loved that part! (fail)

    I agree with TFG1 the Book Cover ROCKS!! (win)

    Mentioning Power Rangers = EPIC FAIL – Mentioning it twice – UNFORGIVEABLE!!!

    Also, loved the nods like Ultra Magnus and the wreckers! (win)

    Why are we spending so much time on toys? again more toy talk! (fail)

    Having two different voice actors for Orion and Optimus is not a bad idea, but Kaye would have been a horrible choice. (win/fail)

    How can you substitute wiki for a novel, thats the worst thing I have ever heard!!! How do you have a podcast comparing the book and the game with one person who NEVER read the book??? (fail)

    “Project Generation One” was one of the worst things they did in the book (FAIL)

    How did you do a whole podcast on the book and never mention “Six Flags over Cybertron”!!!! (fail)

    Dead air and going to TFW2005 for the images instead of BTVA (Fail)

    Overall it was fun listening to the podcast but I was hoping for much more discussion on the book :(

  2. First off thanks for the feedback.

    Secondly PecanCtMichael wanted to be on more for the game than the book.

    Project Generation One was an awesome nod you are nuts!

    The Starscream thing I kinda agree on but in the book it made it out to be that he was kinda an autobot. He was in charge for security of Sentinel Prime who was the leader of the good guys! Then he switched to the Decepticons.

  3. That is some epic feedback. I don’t think that we’ve ever had such great constructive criticism. Although this podcast was meant to compare and contrast the Exodus book (or in my case, what I thought was in the book) with the War For Cybertron game storyline, it might be a good idea for Mike and Spada to do a podcast covering just the book. At any rate, I’m glad that you liked the show.

    One thing: we mention “Six Flags Over Cybertron” all the time. It was originally mentioned in a Beast Wars (season 2) episode, so it comes up occasionally on our Beast Unleashed podcast. Give it a try, would you kindly?


  4. I hope I didnt come across too negative as I really enjoyed hearing people talk about the two things in question! Gotta have some attempts at constructive criticism though right!! Otherwise we can’t improve! :) (shudders at the thought of what could be the next tooncast episode comments

  5. Oh and I forgot to mention that the reason I was so ‘all about the book talk’ was because I had just finished it like the day or week before you guys did that.

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