All Things Transformers v2.0

ATTF v2.0 – Episode 29 – TF Prime’s Speculation

Steve, Mike and PecanCT Michael sit down and talk Transformers Prime and All Things Transformers in this Hour long discussion. Stay tuned for the next episode coming soon. Transform and Roll Out!


Steve “Megatron” Phillips

Mike “TFG1″ Blanchard

Michael “PecanCT” Wilson

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Steve "Megatron"

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    1. After rewatching the trailer multiple times now, I’ll admit there might be 2 scenes in it that are stock… But at the end when Optimus Says Autobots we can not falter now…. I have never heard him use that line in the entire series yet, and we are coming up on Ep 50 overall….

      1. Faith? bah bumblebug! You are a nostradumbass when it comes to predicting TF Prime! LOL Sad you haven’t taken more of a liking too it, Mr. i can believe in cybertronian toilets in TFA. LOL

  1. While I appreciate Mike Blanchard’s enthusiasm for the show and I am very glad he enjoys it immensely, the show overall is lackluster for me. Michael Wilson summed it up. They move off of story arcs too quickly. It diminishes the drama and any impact that those arcs could have. I stopped watching season 2 after several episodes. I will catch up when it is released to video, but I stopped caring enough to seek it out on YouTube.

    And with Beast Hunters I agree with the assessment that it is going to be over too quickly and again the drama won’t play out long enough to have any lasting effects. Take the zombies from the series opener. I thought that was great. I thought the zombie threat and the Decepticon drones would give the Autobots more enemies to battle on a regular basis, but no. It’s not a bad show, but better shows have been cancelled: ThunderCats and GI Joe Renegades are just two that come to mind.

    1. Tim I’ll give you Renegades, but Thundercats hell no. I liked that show, but it was not better then TF Prime. Every single episode was Lion-O Learn this, Lion-O this is all your fault, Lion-O Tygra would be a better king, “Hey Lion-O I can beat you at everything, plus I hate you for being Claudis’s real son” -Tygra….. etc etc……. Plus the Thundercats staff were victim to Bandai’s shitty handling of the Toyline. It was no fault of the T-Cats creators that the show got axed.

      In Prime that was an epic five parter to start the series, and no NOT EVERYONE cares for lame ass zombies, even if they are Decepticon Zombies. Masters and Students the episode that followed Darkness Rising, you needed a slight break from the action. Plus you had to do something with the humans.

      I guess not everyone reads into Prime’s overall story as I do, and that’s fine. However Prime along with The Clone Wars, GLTAS, YJ, and TMNT 2012 are the BEST cartoons on TV right now. At least when it comes to boys action cartoons.

      1. We can agree to disagree on ThunderCats. Bandai totally screwed the pooch on the toyline, and I will give you that. It wasn’t very good.

        Prime started off really strong. I was very excited after the opener, and the enthusiasm continued for a while, but soon I realized where the show was headed. There are nods to TF continuity, but a lot of stories are 98% filler and 2% meaningful…that’s just my unscientific assessment as a viewer. It seems like there is always a lot of hype for minimal payoff. And as Michael Wilson said, they payoff comes too quick. The tension is gone. The drama is gone. The satisfaction for me wanes in those cases.

        I do own season one on Blu-ray and I plan to buy season two, but as I said, I don’t get excited about the show like I did initially because of being disappointed in the past. It is a good show, but it isn’t living up to my expectations. That’s all I’m saying.

        As for the good action cartoons on TV, I haven’t watching Clone Wars. GLTAS is very good. I was turned off initially, but came back to it and I really enjoyed the series. The season one finale was great. YJ is confusing to me. I still watch it hoping to understand what the hell is going on. And I wish I got Nick so that I could see the new TMNT. It does look amazing. The new toys are very cool, and I may have to pick them up.

        1. GL TAS is still in Season 1 lol 26 ep Season.

          No payouts or the payout comes too quick… hello the whole Unicrron thing was 4 episodes! Plus the three eps that started Season 2! That is a SEVEN episode arc!

          Again as you said we’ll have to agree to disagree, but some people just nitpick Prime wayyy too much…. Embrace it damnit!!!!! It’s a NEW Generation!

          1. I find that the ONLY people who seem to complain about the stories or the plotlines/arcs in TF Prime are those that haven’t seen every episode of the series.

            I think the storylines in Prime are WAY more developed and long lasting then most series these days and there are VERY FEW filler episodes AT ALL. In fact I can’t think of the last one they have had.

            I actually think Prime has gotten better as it has moved on. If they would have stuck with that Zombie line from the beginning of the series I probably would have stopped watching, instead they realized how awful that idea was and that it wasn’t working so they abandoned it. That is the ONLY storyline that has been abandoned though. The whole rest of the series has tied together basically so I am confused as to what people are referencing when they say that each storyline ends too quickly…what other storylines are you talking about?

            That is why I question how closely they have been watching each episode. Also, I think they have failed to read the books that are also tied into this universe since the show is doing a superb job of being inline with that content. I will save the rest of my thoughts for our eventual review show of this series which I for one CANNOT wait for!!

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