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Talking In Circles – Episode 33 – NFL Preview


Are  you ready for some football? Even if the answer to that question is never don’t fret because on this week’s episode we try to explain why those that despise sports may enjoy the wonder that is Fantasy Football. We also go over what got us into football in the first place, and our predictions for the upcoming season. Before we get into the sports talk we make sure to get plenty of geek talk in, including a discussion of Neil Gaiman’s latest and Jon Favreau newest film Chef.


Dan “Movierevolt” Clark

Greg Beppler

Chuck Davis

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Dan Clark

A fan of all things comics, movies, books, and whatever else I can find that pass the time. Twitter: @DXO_Dan Instagram: Comic_concierge


  1. Nice to hear some sports talk for a change. I myself am a Bears fan so I’m always up for some football talk. Although Greg is a Vikings fan I can still respect him, lol, and I mean it’s the Vikings. Really can’t hate on a team that’s been so bad for so long. I know this is homer talk but I don’t care. The Bears have a legit shot at taking the division and making it to the Super Bowl. They have the best Wide Reciter tandem in the league and some of the OL issues are being fixed. Don’t be surprised if you see them hosting that trophy at the end of the year.

    1. I’m from chicago and listen to sports talk radio daily and unfortunately have to hear comments like this from bears fans all the time ;) – My team has no shot at the super bowl and very slim chances at making the playoffs. The bears might sneak in at 8-8 or 9-7 but they have 0% chance of making it to the Super Bowl much less winning it. They do have great wide outs but their defense is awful and at any minute this season might completely implode on itself. That and I can’t fathom a team with Jay Cutler as the quarterback ever having a legit shot at a trophy. No problem with having high hopes for your team man! Best of luck to you…every week except week 7 :)

      1. Yea I agree I don’t see the Bears making it this year cause of their shaky D. I actually Jay Cutler is a solid QB though. With Marc Trestman’s help last year he came into his own before he got hurt. He wasn’t making the big mistakes he used to in the past. The question is can that line protect him though. That I’m not sure of.

    2. I mentioned the bears as a team I think will be much improved. I’m not sold for them in the big game but I definitely see them in the playoffs. That offense is waiting to explode

  2. I have the Seahawks and Bengals going to the Super Bowl this year. Bengals are just waiting to break out. They had one of the best D’s in the league last and now they are getting Geno Atkins back. Andy Dalton continues to grow and A.J. Green is just as good as anyone in the league, not to mention Giovani Bernard is about to break out. They have been in the thick of it for the last few years and this is when I see them putting it altogether. I know the NFC is tough and going back to the Super Bowl is even tougher but no recent team has a better chance of going back than the Seahawks. They have kept their best players, Percy Harvin is healthy, and Russell Wilson has looked unstoppable in preseason. I agree with you guys that the 49ners take a step back so that division will be a little easier.

    1. That’s a good possibility! I snatched up AJ Green on my fantasy team, he is a monster.

    2. After the game lat night that Seahawks pick is looking good. Don’t know about Cincinnati though. I don’t trust Andy Dalton that much.

  3. Yea I get what you are saying about fantasy football. I can see the comparisons to Dungeon and Dragons and other fantasy games but it just never fully appealed to me. Maybe because I’m more of a College fan than professional

  4. Don’t feel bad about talking about sports. I like it that you aren’t afraid to change things up a bit, and I do think there are a lot of geeks that are into both. I mean both geek fandoms and sport fandoms are very similar in a lot of ways. ,Sporting events any more have become like Sports Cosplay with all the different costumes people are coming up with, and both fandoms can be highly annoying and hostile. Sports Rage and Geek Rage are very similar.

    1. “both fandoms can be highly annoying and hostile. Sports Rage and Geek Rage are very similar.”

      yes yes they are lol

      1. That is too. Geeks and Sport fans are one in the same in a lot of ways.

        1. don’t tell sports fans that!! haha or at least not the meat head sports fans!!!!

    2. Thanks! Yea I know there is some crossover here and there, but I also know some geeks hate anything to do with sports.

  5. I 100% agree with not drafting players in fantasy football off of teams that you hate. I will never ever draft a Dallas Cowboy. I don’t care if I could get Dez Bryant in the 10th round. I refuse to have a Cowboy on my team.

      1. Well a big reason is because the fans are a bunch of d-bags that still think their team is amazing. Not to mention their owner is a tool and they were known for having some of the most hated players in the NFL like Michael Irvin, TO, and Deon Sanders.

    1. Same thing for me with the Patsies and the Jets. I’m guessing you like another NFC East team?

    2. For fantasy baseball I always attempt to have a team that has no WhiteSox or Cardinals on it!

    3. For me it depends on the player. I love the Giants but I would be fine picking up Foldes or McCoy. Now Desean Jackson no way in hell.

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