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Talking In Circles – Episode 35 – Underappreciated and Underused


We love our Top 5’s! This week we focus on the Top 5 most underappreciated and underused comic book characters. Those characters who simply do not get enough respect.  Before we get into the top 5 Greg and Dan get into some comic book reviews inspired by the recent Baltimore Comic Con. Also we touch upon first week of the NFL season. Let’s just say some of us are already wishing for a restart. All that and more for your audio pleasure!


Dan “Movierevolt” Clark

Greg Beppler

Chuck Davis

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Dan Clark

A fan of all things comics, movies, books, and whatever else I can find that pass the time. Twitter: @DXO_Dan Instagram: Comic_concierge


  1. A lot of good choices you guys had. I really like the Taskmaster one and Mimic. Both have a lot of potential. One I would add from DC is Booster Gold. I love that character and I wish he would get more play than he does. He has his spots here and there, but most people tend to either not know who he is or hate him.

    1. I’m in the hate him category when it comes to booster gold…. best part about his appearance in the jlu cartoon was skeets lol

      1. Disagree. The Booster Gold series that started in 2007 was very good.

        1. I mean I hate the character in the JLU DCAU cartoon he was too much of a dick.

          1. Well yea, that’s the character. He’s meant to be kind of a douche. What makes him standout compared to other characters.

          2. I find him unlikable and annoying. He’s someone I like seeing other characters make fun of and that’s about it.

    2. I don’t know much about Booster Gold, except his basic back story. Any Booster Gold stories you recommend picking up?

  2. Great episode. Always LOVE the top 5’s lol. American Vampire is a fantastic series. Jealous you get to read it for the first time. I need to go back and reread it

  3. 100% agree on Black Panther. He needs his movie. So freaking excited Dr. Strange is getting his own movie now let’s get Panther his. I would add Daredevil to the list too. He is higher profile somewhat but he has some of the best comic book stories ever. If he had better villains maybe people would take notice. I once argued Daredevil is a better character than Batman. Won’t start that here cause that’s just a flame war waiting to happen.

    1. I wouldn’t include Daredevil in a list like this, cuz he has a movie and his run done by Waid is really popular. There are a lot of characters that aren’t even up to this level and need to be.

    2. I never thought about Daredevil needing better villains but I agree now that you mention it. After bullseye no one is that interesting

        1. Yeah I never got too excited by the Kingpin for some reason, but I never read a lot of Daredevil either

          1. Daredevil had some great runs. Sounds like a homework assignment to me!

          2. I’m hopefully planning a 4 ep series for December this year in TPB called Daring December! I have tons of homework to get done lol

          3. Well I just so happened to have purchased a box of Daredevil comics at an auction this summer so I should probably read those instead of letting them sit in a box haha

    3. Well will the new Daredevil series coming hopefully he’ll be done right!

  4. My top 5:

    5. Black Manta- a great villain that people don’t pay attention to because most ignore Aquaman. He looks awesome and is kind of a badass

    4. Ghost Rider – huge in the 90’s, but the Cage movies basically killed him. He needs another reboot badly.

    3. Kyle Rayner – the best Green Lantern hands down

    2. The Order – this was a very short series that Matt Fraction wrote as part of the initiate. Some cool new characters but it went no where.

    1. Agents of Atlas – Old school characters marvel tried to bring back. When your team includes a robot and gorilla how can you go wrong?

    1. agree with rayner but would also put Stewart in there two they are the best human GLs!

    2. Agent of Atlas wow that’s a throw back. I read the series where they tried to bring it back. Was not a fan. It was trying to be golden age and modern at the same time. Did not work for me.

    3. Ahh, good. We needed some DC characters on the list. I believe Ghost Rider has some kind of reboot thing going on in the comics. I love Fraction, but the Order series didn’t do much for me at the time.

    4. Yeah Rayner needs more attention, seems like Jordan has been overused. And I forgot about the order. They had some interesting recruits in that but it seemed like they stopped it before it got to its feet.

    5. My top 5 would be 5. Deathlock, 4.Deadman, 3. Dr. Fate, 2. Rai, 1. The Question

      1. Call me ignorant but I don’t know who Rai is, so he does belong on the list! I like the question a lot as a character as well. Solid choices.

    6. Interesting choices. Don’t know much about Black Manta, but he does look cool. I read The Order as well. I could see some potential there. Was just too dry for me.

  5. Loved the inclusion of Darth Maul. It gets me so annoyed just thinking of how awesome it would have been if he stuck out for longer. One reason I love reading him in comics before his ‘death’. Have not been a fan of the mechanical legs.

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