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Talking In Circles – Episode 39- Charm City Games


On this week’s show we have a very special episode! We are proud to announce Talking in Circles’s very first interview! We speak with Matt Voss from Charm City Games. We discuss his company and what it was like to create his very first game Cockfight, the trial and tribulations of running a Kickstarter campaign, and what more Charm City Games has in store.

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Dan “Movierevolt” Clark

Greg Beppler

Chuck Davis

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Dan Clark

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  1. Fun first interview guys. Congrats. Matt seems like a cool guy. I am not the biggest card game player but I may have to check out cockfight.

  2. I once created my own board game when I was a kid too. I use cardboard and local paper ads to make a makeshift Monopoly. It was crude to day the least but a lot of fun to play.

    1. Yea we were the same way as kids. Never created a board game like you but we were always coming up with our own weird ideas for games. Most the rules were made up as we went of course. If I remember correctly a lot of proclamations of being having invincibility shields when we were losing.

    2. Nice. I know some people who did a project like that for my high school graphic design class.

  3. I personally don’t have much interest in the Cockfight game but the Runecast looks cool. I’ll keep an eye out for the Kickstarter in November. It’s more down the line of games I like to play and I’m all for supporting independent businesses. I agree that I too am sick of $30 games. The price of games is insane anymore.

    1. I’d say give Cockfight a chance. I’m not the biggest card game player either but its fun. You might be surprised.

  4. I would be interested in hearing what someone like Matt has to say about bigger companies using Kickstarter to make movies like Veronica Mars. I wonder if that type of stuff hurts smaller projects or helps.

    1. You know what I meant to ask him that myself. I’m sure he’ll be on again and I’ll ask him

  5. I love finding cool Kickstarter games. I’ve backed a number projects for different projects. So I’m all for the Runecast idea.

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