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Talking In Circles – Episode 54 – Making Marvel Mine


On this week’s show we react to the recent news of the Marvel comic book universe reboot. We give our opinions on the big news, what we feel cannot change in this brand new world, and how Marvel can make this reboot work. Before we get into the comic book talk we discuss sports by giving picks on who will win the big game between Seattle and New England. Chuck and Greg also review Taken 3 and Dan gives his opinion on the movie setting box office records American Sniper.



Dan “Movierevolt” Clark

Greg Beppler

Chuck Davis

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Dan Clark

A fan of all things comics, movies, books, and whatever else I can find that pass the time. Twitter: @DXO_Dan Instagram: Comic_concierge


  1. You all are much more optimistic about this reboot than I am. Wish I was not cynical as I am about this but I see this nothing more than a ploy to reconfigure the universe to better match the tone and storylines of the movies. They have already been doing that in small doses but here is the big shebang. They are hurting stories just to sell more comics and this is the type of stuff that nearly killed comics in the 90’s.

  2. I would be shocked if Marvel goes full “Crisis” on this; in contrast to DC, which was in bad need of the Sales Boost when it chose to commit to the New 52, Marvel’s big books have been consistently strong sellers, and nothing in the current trajectory of, like, 90% of their books seems at all like it is aware of some coming Reboot. I have to wonder, in fact, if Marvel isn’t deliberately playing with expectations here, teasing at a Reboot because they all know we’ll smell the blood in the water…only to go another way with it. Because otherwise, I do not see them having a strong enough motive to go That Way right now.

    1. Maybe they won’t but for me I’ve basically ignored the last 20 years of Marvel comics in some regard since they went off the rails in the 90’s the first with heroes reborn trying to pump new blood into sagging non xmen titles – but right around then the “alterna verse” stuff like age of apocalypse (Which I do like but led to less than stellar rip off) got popular and eventually gave rise to the ultimate line which is basically the movie verse at this point- the whole earth 616 crap and new writers totally blowing years of characterizations and confusing continuity etc etc makes me just think the real marvel universe with consistent characterization (for the most part) fun crossovers and only a limited amount of titles is 1961-1995. Granted I know there are great stories and things I’m missing out on, but for me I can still read 80’s marvel and it feels like s very tight universe where if thor guest stars in an xmen title it’s referenced and kindof a big deal. And mini series like xmen vs fantastic four or vs avengers felt big and xmen really were fringe within the universe.
      ‘Twas a simpler time with great writers and John buscema and John Byrne were pumping out awesome stuff. This secret wars only adds to the confusion of the last 2 decades.

      1. Couldn’t agree more. You hit the nail on the head. I feel the stories have greatly diminished in the last few years so the MU was already sort of dead to me. Civil War was an exception, as well as Winter Soldier story and maybe even Annihilation was decent. Other than that it went downhill in the late 90s. Maybe this makes it a good idea. Better 15 years late than never.

        1. Yea they got so caught up with selling comics they forgot about writing them. Fans a partially to blame mind you. We reinforced many of their worst tendencies by buying awful comics just because they were supposed collectors or limited editions. People bought comics not because the stories were good but because they characters looked cool like Spawn.

          1. Yeah and crossovers got out of hand. Some of the tie-in issues they were peddling for the bigger events were worthless. A new character appears on the last page so that makes it a tie-in gimme a break.

  3. I had major issues with American Sniper. Clint Eastwood’s embellishments of the movie drove me crazy. The entire enemy sniper angle that was basically made up for the movie was so cartoonist at times. Is outfit was like a bad G.I. Joe rip off. You did not need that. The phone calls to home in the midst of battle come on. Finding out you are having a boy then getting into firefight while you are on the phone why the wife listens in literary has she has just stepped out from getting an ultra sound? Why do that? The book and this story have so much drama already. Why manufacture awful cliches like this. I do agree Cooper was fantastic and some of the action sequences were well shot. Those issues just bothered me a great deal.

    1. I think you are being super harsh. Some of Eastwood’s choices were strange I grant you. You have to give it to him for those battle sequences though. They were some intense scenes for sure. I thought he did the story justice and Cooper deserved his Oscar. The movie has its flaw but its still great

      1. Some of the battle sequences were fine. You have to admit the end was super clunky. How they glossed over the entire PTSD issue and how he got better. Oh and that last scene, oh that last scene. What an awkward way to end.

    2. Yea I don’t disagree with a lot of the negatives you point out. AMerican Sniper is really clunky in spots. Some heads scratching decisions my Eastwood for sure. I still think Cooper, the direction during the battle sequences make it worth a watch. Like I said in the podcast I would put Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty far above American Sniper.

      1. I’m surprised, I’m the total opposite. I would have American sniper above zero dark thirty. I think zdt was good if you’re super into the details of that endeavor, but it was a bit drawn out on the politics end. I still enjoyed it a great deal but I absolutely loved Eastwood’s style in sniper.

  4. It’s comics and nothing lasts forever, but I still hate the idea of trying to erase whole character histories.

    Just leave it in the past and keep going forward. I don’t need to see the 2015 version of classic/wacky/outdated story-lines.

  5. Thank god I am not the only one that does not see this Marvel reboot as the sky is falling. So many of my friends are freaking out about it, and acting like they are never going to read Marvel again. I am so on your guys side and think there are a lot of positives. Don’t get the Bendis hate. I tend to like his writing quite a bit but I agree things are a tad crazy
    in the X-Men world. A reboot can bring things back to normal.

    1. I’m just not a fan of Bendis’ writing. I’ll admit I haven’t read everything he’s done but I was especially disappointed with things like Secret Invasion and also the avengers team-up with guardians, I think it was called Avengers assemble. I’m sure he does have a couple good stories out there though.

    2. It helps that none of us are super invested in current comics. Maybe if we were it would have a greater impact to us. For me right now it just gives me a better jumping in point.

  6. So much hate for the Patriots. They aren’t that bad are they? Points for the opening though, that was fantastic. This is like the first time the Patriots are entering the Super Bowl as an underdog since they played the Rams back in ’02. They won then and they will win again! Brady will make Richard Sherman look like nothing, I see Gronk running right through him. I also predict this is the 1st Super Bowl to go to Overtime. Mark it down!

    1. Haha sorry I’m obligated to hate them becuase I am a division rival with the Dolphins. Overtime would be sweet though.

      1. Yea I’m a Bengals fan so I hate the Ravens and Steelers. Sometimes the Browns but they stink to often to really hate. I excited cause I picked the Seahawks to go back this year and got that right for once.I get why the Patriots get so much hate. They kind of deserve most of not all the time.

    2. You have to admit the Pats make it easy to hate them. I do agree that Gronk is the key to this game. He is the one person who does matchup well with Seattle’s D. If you can go off I can see the Pats pulling it out.

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