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Talking In Circles – Episode 55 – Supervillain Draft


On this week’s show we are embracing our dark side as we attempt to create the best Supervillain team possible. Yes, we are bringing back one of our most popular segments and doing another draft. This time the bad guys are up. Before we get to that we also get into the new Fantastic Four Trailer, reaction to the Ghostbusters casting, Chuck review’s History Channel’s latest miniseries, and Dan explains why Frank Sinatra may be a better actor than you realize.

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Dan Clark

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  1. I am shocked, shocked I say! That Magneto and Joker did not make it on anyone’s team. Not even Deathstroke. I do like the explanation angle though. Makes those error a little less egregious. I voted for Chuck’s team because I like the diversity. A range of powers and love the idea of taking Absorbing Man’s power on the cosmic cube.

      1. I think that’s a smart choice though. The Joker works best when he is solo or at least not a part of a big team. He’s never really even in the Legion of Doom. I guess him in Batman are the same in that way. Best when working alone or at least when everyone else is below their level.

      1. I’ll give you points for not going for the obvious pick, but I think there is little doubt Deathstroke is the better character.

    1. I never really considered Joker honestly Didn’t fit with what I was trying to do. But I played with the idea of taking Magneto, but went Doom instead.

  2. See the choice is hard because it depends on what way you want to go. If you are asking what team I like better I would go with Chuck cause Apocalypse and Juggernaut are two of my favorite villains. If you asking best concept I am leaning towards Dan’s idea. Choices are hard!

    1. That’s a good point. I figure the best way to go is to look at the hole package.

    1. I hope not. That’s been fun. I do like the mail things though. I liked the last one more. This one was still good.

  3. I voted for Gregs team because they flow the best imo. Except for maybe Brianiac I could see it being an actual team in a comic. No one is too powerful and Mystique is an underrated leader

  4. I love the story angle with this draft idea. Makes it more interesting than just picking random people or the most popular or powerful. So if you told me all the concepts and teams I would go with Dan’s team since either sounded the most original and thought out and the team fits the idea.

    1. Thanks! Yea we figured we had to add something so it wasn’t just pick the most popular or powerful teams.

  5. I love these episodes. Gives me an excuse to do these:

    Dan’s Draft: Having the first pick is a make or break moment. You have everyone in the world to choose from which can make it even harder. Picking a strong recruit the likes of Doom is a safe bet. He has the intangibles you look for in a villain. The second round choice of Doomsday was a little on the nose. The double Doom as some…mainly me…have been calling themwork together well in name but what about in practice? Can Doom tame that beast? In the third round the biggest leap was made. Kang has the resume for sure, but does he have the popularity? Is he still relevant? Was he ever? Considering the team’s need for time travel his skills will be essential. With the fourth pick Dan got the steal of the draft. A character many put as a first round choice for sure. Some wondered if his constant desire to destroy earth would bother some, but it appears a workaround has been based on Dark Reigns story. Finishing the draft Dan went off the drat board and picked what could be a sleeper. Maestro Hulk is no slouch
    and the one two punch of him and Doomsday packs quite the wallop. The biggest
    slight though has to be why Dan did not pick up the notorious Red Skull? With a
    team controlling different parts of time the Red Skull would be an ideal choice
    considering his time during WWII. Alas we will never know if that would work.

    Overall grade A- Despite some misses the combo of Doom, Doomsday, and Darkseid is impressive.

    Chuck: After Chuck’s first pick was taken his draft room was in a tizzy. Trying to scramble and readjust their entire strategy before the clock ran out. Maybe more time could of helped because instead of readjusting they held true to the original plan and just went with their next pick on the board Apocalypse. Now Apocalypse is no dud. As one of the X-Men’s greatest foes you can argue he is a first round pick. But does he serve the game plan nearly as well? Would this have been a time to go Lex Luther who gives you similar skills to that of Doom? Maybe trade down to add more draft picks? A lot of choices could have been made. Chuck makes a small rebound in the second round picking up Juggernaut. A formidable foe indeed. Taskmaster was a bold choice. With such powerful characters is he out of his league? With the choice of Ultron Chuck got a character that will only gain in popularity with the upcoming Avengers movie,
    and will that popularity go to Ultron’s head? A noted diva that does not get
    along with mortal beings of flesh he may become a headache for team captain
    Apocalypse. Some may overlook the last choice of Absorbing Man, but not I! This
    character will become the lynchpin in making this team work. If Apocalypse can cypher
    that skill well enough he will become a unstoppable machine.

    Overall grade B+ (was not able to fully recover from the loss of Doom)

    Greg: Clearly Greg went into this draft with a distinct plan. It was not about power levels or popularity for him it was about getting a team that fit his vision. Even when keeping that mind Mystique does come off as a reach for the first pick. Maybe she was too vital to pass up, but she does not have the splash you usually get when a first rounder. Telling drafts boards to be damned his next picks only went more obscure. Lady Mastermind was a projected last rounder by most and The Vanisher was unanimously considered undraftable. Not all choices were controversial however. Brianiac does bring some name recognition and Mysterio is a cult favorite and extremely versatile. When all said and done though what this team lacks in big names it makes up for on cohesion. The one wildcard though is Brianiac. Similar to Ultron he is not usually a team player. He could throw a giant reach in the team chemistry angle. Ironically the one time Greg went with a popular choice could be the one person who bites him the hardest.

    Overall grade B+ (Points for being bold, but being bold can bite you)

    1. My dear god man, you put some serious thought into this lmfao. I picked Chuck cause I like Apocalypse and Juggernaut.

    2. Excellent! You do a great job at these. The prodigy of Mel Kiper jr. haha I can’t deny, losing Doom in the first round was a big blow to my team.

    3. It’s worth doing the drafts just for these write ups! Great stuff as always

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