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Talking In Circles – Episode 56 – Differing Dimensions


On this week’s show the TIC crew is down, but not out. With Chuck on special assignment Greg and Dan are left to hold down the fort. They get into their impressions of the Super Bowl and everything it entailed including the Half Time Show, commercials, and of course the game itself. After sports they get back to geek stuff as Dan reviews X-Men: Battle for the Atom and A Man in a High Castle. Inspired by A Man in a High Castle Greg and Dan work on developing their own alternate universe storylines that involve some of your favorite properties including Aladdin, Saved by the Bell, and Star Wars.  Needless to say things get weird in the best ways possible.



Dan “Movierevolt” Clark

Greg Beppler

Chuck Davis

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Dan Clark

A fan of all things comics, movies, books, and whatever else I can find that pass the time. Twitter: @DXO_Dan Instagram: Comic_concierge


  1. This was an awesome episode. (No offense Chuck) Easily one of the more original concepts I heard a podcast due in awhile.

  2. For the Saved by the Bell story I would have added California Dreams so there could have been an ever epicer battle of the bands in history. Overall good stuff guys.

  3. For the Saved by the Bell story I would have added California Dreams so there could have been an ever epicer battle of the bands in history. Overall good stuff guys.

    I’ve actually been enjoying All-New X-Men, despite not being thrilled with the original concept. This cross X-books event exists to address the elephant in the room: shouldn’t the original X-Men be heading back to their own time? Isn’t it dangerous to keep them around? The answer, of course, is yes. But what if they don’t want to go? This needed to be addressed, and quickly, if All New X-Men was going to stick around for more than a few books. And it certainly looks as if it will.

    As a crossover, Battle of the Atom’s greatest strength is in its cohesiveness. Reading it, you’d never know that it’s actually spread across three ongoing series written by three different writers. It feels like one continuous story, which suggests that it was extensively plotted out in advance. I’m impressed, because I really don’t expect to see that in an event like that.

    But the whole thing quickly devolves into a lot of mutants standing around bickering with each other. Page after page after page. And granted, basically 75% of anything X-Men related can be summed up as mutants standing around bickering. But it’s the same argument over and over, across way too many issues. This just needed to be shorter. Maybe even half the length.

    The future X-Men were never really convincing to me. And I didn’t really understand their motivations. Maybe if more of the holes in their stories had been filled in, but we’re not supposed to know too much about the future. That’s the excuse, at least. As a group, they’re such an obvious plot device that I was just bored by them. I know, symmetry of past, present, and future, but maybe the book would have been better off without them.

    But this story had to happen, and no later than it actually did happen. That the past X-Men needed to return to their own time was something that needed to be addressed. And there was definite effort to make this hold together as a coherent whole. I appreciate that, but it still needed a little help

  4. I thought the Daredevil trailer looked awesome. I am more excited for that than Avengers honestly.

      1. That costume really bugs me though. Looks too cheap. I get flashbacks to the TV movie Trial of Hulk when Daredevil was guest star. It was so bad.

        1. I totally remember that movie lol. It does look just like that. Well with any luck it’ll only be for the first episode and then DD gets new duds

  5. This was somewhat of a weird episode but I ended up liking where your all heads where at. I would say the Star Wars story was probably my favorite. The twist though was a little meh. Too on the noise for me. I remember doing creative exercises like this in English Comp class. We would start coming up with stories and the next person who pick up. The goal was just to keep going as long as possible. Things got super weird by the end. Like a deranged version of telephone.

    1. I liked that twist though. Very much in the spirit of the franchise. Good examination on the power of destiny l.

    2. Thanks, there was some miscommunication regarding the idea so if we do it again I think it would turn out better.

  6. The viking story reminded me of that Pathfinder movie that no one remembers. It dealt with Vikings fighting the native tribes in North America. It’s a cool idea executed poorly.

    1. Yea I could see that. I forgot about that movie, but maybe my subconscious was inspired.

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