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Talking in Circles – 69 – On the Fly


Due to some rather large life events our normal crew was unable to get together to record a full episode. It’s okay though, because Greg is here to ensure you will still get your weekly TIC fix. He touches upon a variety of topics including Suicide Squad and the recent uproar with the New England Patriots. Hopefully soon we will be back and fully loaded, but for now enjoy this special micro episode.




Greg Beppler

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Dan Clark

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  1. See I’m glad the Patriots got hit hard for cheating. I mean we all know their history with it but how does Belichick get nothing in all of this. I would have suspended him over Brady. People are saying four games is harsh but Sean Payton gor suspended an entire season for bounty gate so it seems fair to me.

    1. I think Payton got more because his cheating was hurting other people and possibly ending careers. Where as Brady was just kind of named to be involved with something that was in the grand scheme of things harmless. Plus I think there was more proof against Payton as opposed to Brady and Coach Hobo. That said, I despise the Patriots!

    2. Exactly my thoughts. 4 games is very reasonable. If Brady were to do this again, he would get the full 16 games like Sean Payton did. 4 games is usually the norm for a major screw up. Except for Ray Rice which they really screwed up on his 2 game punishment and they are trying to learn from that mistake.

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